The Place Of The Pain Discovers The Type Of a Headache, Its Cause and a Permanent Solution!


If your headache appears early in the morning, you should certainly check that with your doctor because it can be a sign that maybe it’s a brain tumor, apnea, very high blood pressure etc.

Your doctor should also advise you to check if your headache is followed by vision changes, digestion or mood, you feel intensity in your neck, you’re irritated or if your pain appears after bumping your head.

Headaches also differ by the place of the pain too and these are the most common:

  1. It’s only appearing in one half of your head – it’s a type of migraine which isn’t a dangerous headache, but it’s very painful for the ones who’re suffering from it because it can last up to 72 hours. You’ll recognize it by the pulsating pain from moderate to high intensity and the following symptoms are sometimes sickness, sensitivity to noise and light. It’s important to take a pill against the pain right after the first symptoms appear and rest in a dark and silent room.
  1. You feel like your head is tightened with a band – it’s a tension headache which appears gradually up to a medium intensity of the pain. It can mostly appear in stressful situations and it’s good to sleep a while because of it.
  1. Pain on one side of the face, swollen eyelid – it’s a “Cluster” headache which is very strong and lasts in cycles from two weeks up to a month. It appears in a certain period of the year and years can pass between two attacks. In the time when it lasts, the pain appears almost every day, in the same time of the day or night and lasts between about half an hour and three hours. People who suffer from this type of a headache noticed that they’re getting better when they move, unlike people with migraine who must rest. The pain appears only on one side of the head and on that side of the face, the nostril is usually shut or you have runny nose, the eyelid becomes swollen or the eye is red, the face and the forehead sweat. This type of a headache is five times more often in men.
  1. Pain in the forehead – in this case, it’s a headache caused by sinus inflammation. The pain can be also felt on the cheek bones. Inhalations and showering with hot water may help (because of the steam you breathe in).
  1. On the back side of the head (near the neck) and on the scalp – this type of a headache appear because of problems with the spine or neck. For example, it can appear with long term sitting. Stretch a little bit, breathe in some fresh air…
  1. Temple bone – it appears if someone has a disorder in the jaw joints and leads towards tension headaches. Besides the temple bone, people can also feel ear and face pain, difficulties when they open or close their mouth and they can also hear a “click” when they move their jaws. It’s good to visit a doctor.

Leading a headache diary

Experts say that it’s good to lead a headache diary, for example, how often does it appear, when does it appear, where does it hurt, how much does it last, which were the activities, food and drink that preceded the headache etc. Based on those notes, the doctor can easily diagnose the type of headache.

Headaches can also appear because of dehydration, so be careful and drink lots of water during the day.