Slim waistline is what everyone desires. However, this is a very hard task. You will need to spend many hours at the gym before any results show up. In case you want to obtain it easily and achieve amazing 6 pack you need to try this stomach vacuum. It is a great exercise that you can perform each day at home and work.

This is a simple abdominal move which targets the reansversus abdominis (TA) which are the deep-seated abdominal muscles which lie under the rectus abdominis. The group acts like a corset which assists in keeping the waistline tight.

The TA can be targeted with planking, however, if you cannot do them, then the stomach vacuum is a great alternative.

What are the health benefits of strong TA muscles?

They will help you strengthen your TA muscles and your posture will improve, gaining more strength and your back pain will go away. Moreover, it will help you “pull-in” the internal organs which will provide you with a slimmer and flat stomach.

Additional tips:

  • Do them in the morning while your stomach is empty for optimal results;
  • Complete 3 sets of 10 seconds, 3 times a day if you are a beginner.