Try This Incredible Natural Cure For Hemorrhoids! Even The Doctors Are Thrilled !!


This medicine is intended for those who have tried with various creams, teas and tablets, or none of the above did not produce lasting results.

Messy way of life without movement, improper diet with inherited tendencies, pregnancy and constipation caused by increased pressure on the veins in the rectum, where there is a build-up of blood and painful swelling. This phenomenon is known as hemorrhoids.

Itching, inner feeling of pressure, painful Islands, nodes palpable to the touch and bleeding are the first symptoms that indicate the occurrence of hemorrhoids. When frequent problems it is necessary to seek professional help, and preventive when the problem is withdrawn, helping change of lifestyle, especially diet.

A diet rich in fiber is one of the main facilitators of good digestion. Eat legumes, whole grain cereals, dry and fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid too spicy, and spicy foods. Increased intake of fluids in the body, where it is recommended water or freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables make it easy chair. Especially effective is the daily consumption of juice of prunes.

Prolonged sitting should be avoided because it creates pressure in the rectal area. Occasionally getting up and moving can help to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids and to improve circulation, which reduces the problem. In addition, regular physical exercise stimulates circulation, metabolism and digestion, and thus stimulates intestinal function that decreases the occurrence of diarrhea and constipation.

Types of hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids – are located along the edge of the anus and are covered by very sensitive skin. When one of them develops a clot, creating the island at the exit of the anal canal, and touch are present as hard and painful bumps. Bleed only if they give i tend to retire after treatment for which it is best to seek professional help.

Internal hemorrhoids develop within the anus, and this type of identifiable through bleeding and bumps that occur during discharge. Accident station if the squeeze and can not return to the anal canal, which causes severe pain and bleeding.

Those who suffer from hemorrhoids, know how the symptoms are unpleasant and that this situation requires impeccable hygiene of intimate parts, it is sometimes not possible. But luckily, there is a solution – a traditional Russian medicine!

This medicine is intended for those who have tried with various creams, teas and tablets, or none of the above did not produce lasting results.


  • All you need is raw, peeled potatoes and freezer!
  • Potatoes must be quality, not to be green or germinated.


Peeled, raw potatoes cut into thin sticks and leave in the freezer. First chop the potatoes into slices, and one reel make stick, or tear off a piece of the left and right sides, and what remains in the center should look like a wand.

Frozen sticks (only one in one application) into the anus first 4 days to just 30 seconds. Next 3-4 days each time you leave the wand works even after half a minute longer.

This is apparently a very efficient tool which is cured in Russia a large number of people.