Why Your Windshield Wipers Should Wear Socks– And 8 Other Helpful Winter Hacks!


Let’s face it, winter is rough! Between navigating icy roads during rush hour traffic and dealing with sky high heating bills, I think it’s safe to say that most of us would rather hibernate than live with all of that cold weather drama! So, in honor of these freezing temperatures outside, we’ve got some hacks for you that will save you some grief – and dough! – this season!

Our tips today are brought to you by those sensible geniuses over at Little Things. Seriously, those guys think of everything!

So, let’s dive in and start with some of our absolute favorite wintertime hacks.

  1. The Windshield Wiper “De-Icer”

    Have you ever walked out to your car after a particular frigid night, only to find that dreaded big block of ice surrounding your windshield wipers? Anyone who’s spent time in cold weather knows that this is one of the more annoying parts of driving in freezing temperatures.

    So, instead of using your scraper to hack away at the cube, simply do this trick first. It literally stops ice in its tracks! All you need to do is slip a pair of knee-high socks onto your car’s wipers when you park, and remove whenever you are getting ready to head out. It may look a little funny, but it works!

  2. Get the Most Out of Your Heat!

    One of the worst parts about enduring the cold is having to pay those heating bills! None of us want to be shivering – or broke, for that matter! – during this time of year, so just follow this simple solution. If your space comes equipped with a wall-mounted radiator, then this is the tip for you!

    Just grab a sheet of heavy duty tin foil and slide it into the small space between your wall and your radiator. By doing this, the heat will actually reflect off of the foil and back into the room! If you’ve got a bit of extra cash, you can also purchase special radiator foil, which is conveniently self-adhesive.

  3. Unfreeze Your Locks (and Wipe Away Germs!)

    Anyone who has a couple of kiddos running around probably already has hand sanitizer on-hand at all times! But did you know that this heaven-sent gel also works to heat up frozen locks? During particularly cold temperatures, some door locks just won’t budge.

    If this happens to you, hold off on calling that locksmith—simply coat your keys with hand sanitizing gel first! The magic liquid’s active ingredient is alcohol, which acts as a natural de-icer. Cool!

We’ve only shared a THIRD of the tips from this super helpful video, so click on the LittleThings clip below to see the rest. We promise, these will most certainly make your winter a whole lot easier!

What do you think of these cold weather hacks? Have you ever tried any of the ones featured in the video? Do you have any special tips that you follow during freezing temperatures? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!