Cancer is a disease represented by unrestrained cell separation and the ability of cancer cells to invade other tissues by direct growth or migration of cells to distant locations. The most familiar cancers are lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

Cancer is caused by damaged genes. Cells genes can be damaged by many factors that surround us in everyday life such as, more than enough sunlight, cigarette smoking, or what we eat. Sometimes damaged genes are passed from parents.
Normal genes inform cells when to multiply and when to die. This is happening in the human body. But sometimes, damaged genes tell cells not to multiply too much or do not allow them to die when they should. These additional cells continue to grow and may create a lump, called a tumor. Some tumors are benign, that means they are not cancer. Some tumors are malignant tumors, which mean they are cancer.

How Does Cancer Spread?

Firstly, the cancer grows only in the place where it originated. It is called a primary cancer. The primary cancer can grow large enough to cause symptoms. Later, some cancer cells may leave the primary cancer and go to other parts of the body. They travel and are transferred through the bloodstream or lymphatic system. These cells can make new cancers in other parts of the body. These are called secondary cancers or metastases. Sometimes, a person is not acquainted he has cancer until it does get symptoms of secondary cancer.

Cancer Treatment Recipe

This recipe is successfully delivered throughout the world, in spite of the pressure and lobby power of the pharmaceutical industry since the monk wrote in his book “From the air you can heal.”


50 decagram of natural honey
35 decagram of fresh aloe leaves
6 tablespoons of alcohol (run, whiskey)
How to Prepare:

First of all, take the aloe leaves and clean them from the needles. Then rip them into pieces without peeling them and put them in a blender with the honey and alcohol too. Combine the ingredients well until you get homogeneous mixture. The remedy is ready.


Take one tablespoon of the remedy three times a day (it is recommended to use wooden or plastic, not metal) half an hour before a meal. Consume as much as you want.

Note: Remember to keep it in the refrigerator.