Chile Rellenos Breakfast Casserole

Cook time: 1 Hr Prep time: 15 Min Serves: 6 – 8


3 can(s) whole green chiles, mild or hot, 10 oz
2 can(s) diced green chiles, 4 oz
1 lb block colby jack cheese, cut into finger-size strips
12 oz shredded colby jack cheese
1 lb breakfast sausage, regular or spicy
5 large eggs
1/3 c baking mix (bisquick)
1-1 1/4 c milk
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp ground cumin



sliced black olives
chopped cilantro


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a large rectangular glass baking dish (9×13) with cooking spray.
2. In a non-stick skillet, crumble and brown the breakfast sausage. Drain and set aside.
3. Open and drain each can of whole chiles. Gently stuff each chili with the finger-sized pieces of Colby Jack cheese and arrange in the bottom of the baking dish.
4. Spread one can of the chopped chiles over the whole chiles.
5. Sprinkle half of shredded cheddar/Colby Jack over chiles.
6. Spread the breakfast sausage over the cheese.
7. Spread the other can of chopped chiles over the sausage layer.
8. In a separate medium-sized bowl, combine eggs, garlic salt, cumin, baking mix, and milk. Whisk until most of the clumps are gone (some may remain).
9. Pour egg mixture over chiles.
10. Bake covered for 40-45 minutes.
11. Remove cover and add remaining cheese to the top of the casserole and return to 350-degree oven, uncovered, for an additional 10 – 20 minutes or cheese starts to turn light brown.
12. Remove and allow to sit for 5 minutes before serving.

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