Cleaning The Lungs Of Nicotine And Tar


Various foods can help you in cleaning your lungs of tar and prevent the adverse effects of smoking.

Smoking leaves various unpleasant traces on your body, and one of the most dangerous is in the lungs, where nicotine and tar are deposited.

Among the various foods that clean the lungs the strongest is selenium. It is an extremely powerful antioxidant that is found in tuna and salmon, but also in eggs and cereal.

Consumption of eggs and cereals is recommended.

The ginger should be consumed as tea from a grated root. It facilitates breathing and discarding of toxins from the lungs.

White and red onions contain several compounds with anticancer effects, but they are extremely useful for people who have cancer, because in some cases they could prevent growth of new cancer cells.

Home remedies often include tea from pine needles that is used for mouth and throat washing, but it also helps in removing the toxins from the lungs. The lungs can be disinfected also with hives, which can be used as a salad or tea. The best ally from fruits is the orange which acts preventive.