Coconut oil, water, coconut butter, cream, milk, flour, shreds, the internet is overwhelmed with information about the benefits of the coconut products. We cannot see the end of the list. If you count it there is a high number of the good reasons for the popularity of coconut oil. A variety of coconut-derived ingredients—from coconut oil to coconut flour and coconut milk—are increasingly being used in home kitchens, restaurants, and packaged foods. But can a food so rich in calories and laden with saturated fat be healthy?

The coconut tree is a member of the family Arecaceae( palm family) and the only accepted species in the genus Cocos.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil and Cooking Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains a mixture of saturated fatty acids, some of which don’t adversely affect cholesterol levels,” says Joy Dubost, Ph.D., R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “But while its predominant saturated fat —lauric acid—does raise beneficial HDL cholesterol, it also raises harmful LDL cholesterol, which can increase the risk of heart disease.”

Furthermore, the coconut oil prevents and helps numerous health issues such as diabetes by reducing food cravings and balances blood sugar levels, therefore controls weight gain. It helps to treat asthma, chronic and adrenal fatigue, bronchial infections, cancer, allergies, Alzheimer’s/ dementia, gas, cholesterol, stomach ulcers, malnutrition, pancreatitis. The MCFA’s of coconut oil do not need the pancreatic enzymes to be broken down, so taking coconut oil eases the strain on the pancreas.

Additionally, this super fat is so easy to digest that it has been known to improve the symptoms of gallbladder disease as well. Replace other long-chain fats with coconut oil to improve gallbladder and total body health.

By the way, candida is a disease caused by excessive yeast growth in the stomach. To help stop Candida, the yeast build up in the stomach must be eliminated; coconut oil helps to eliminate the excessive yeast. The healthy acids found naturally in coconut oil help to kill Candida. Coconut oil also helps to give relief from Candida symptoms and discomfort.

The topical use of coconut oil  relieves, treats and helps in the case of the following health conditions:

  1. Athletes Foot
  2. Cellulite
  3. Acne – The skin which is susceptible to acne, is often excessively dry, meaning that your glands produce much oil and clog the pores.
  4. Sore Muscles and Back Pain
  5. Toenail Fungus
  6. Gingivitis, Gum Disease, Canker Sores – You can rub it directly on the gums, or use it as a toothpaste
  7. Circumcision healing – Coconut oil are helpful in the healing
  8. Genital Warts – In most cases, genital warts vanish on their own after 2 years of the initial infection, but if you use coconut oil topically, you will cure them after 6-month treatment
  9. Decongestant – If you are congested due to an allergy or a cold, you should rub some coconut oil on the chest and under your nose
  10. Pink eye – You should apply coconut oil to the eye and around it
  11. Allergies/Hay Fever – For fast relief, you should rub a little coconut oil inside the nostrils, and the pollen will cling to the oil.
  12. Head Lice – Apply it topically
  13. Herpes – You should take it orally and apply it topically
  14. Ear infection – It fights the infection, and in order to reduce the pain, you should pour several drops of coconut and garlic oil inside the ear two times during the day
  15. Cysts and boils
  16. Hives – Coconut oil lessens the swelling and itching


Coconut oil helps the body absorb calcium and magnesium. Both calcium and magnesium are essential in developing and maintaining strong bones. Coconut oil can help to prevent and possibly cure osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that makes bones fragile and prone to breaks and fractures. Osteoporosis is a very common disease in North America as an estimated one in three women, and one in five men will suffer from it sometime during their lifetime. In women, fractures and breaks caused by osteoporosis are more frequent than heart attacks, breast cancer, and strokes combined. Osteoporosis is most commonly seen in seniors. It is recommended that three tablespoons of coconut oil be taken daily to help prevent osteoporosis and five tablespoons be taken daily to help reverse it.

Combating eczema and acne are two of the most popular skin care uses for coconut oil; however, the uses of it for the skin are almost endless. Coconut oil is one of the very best things to use on skin to help prevent premature aging, wrinkles, and dry skin. It can also be used as a shaving lotion, all over body moisturizer, makeup remover, and is excellent for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. In addition, coconut oil is great for decreasing the look of scars and stretch marks, is great for diaper rash, and helps to block damaging UV rays.