Coconut is a very delicious and amazing fruit. I usually use it a lot in dessert, it gives a special flavor to anything you make it with! For example, this cream of coconut cake! Check out the recipe!

Coconut Cream Cake Tips

After filling, it’s important to allow the cake to cool completely before frosting.  I frost this cake with a cream cheese frosting but, if you prefer a shortcut you can use fresh whipped cream or frozen whipped topping that’s been thawed, instead. The very first version of this cake that I tasted was many years ago when my Mom made it to take to a church dinner.  One bite and from that day on, I was a lover of all things coconut.  The ease of being able to prepare this in advance makes it an all-time favorite in my Southern kitchen.



To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:



You’ll Need:

1 box of yellow butter cake mix.
1 can of cream of coconut.
1 can of Eagle Brand milk.
8 oz of cool whip.
1 package of frozen thawed coconut.

How to:

In a 13x9x2 pan bake the yellow butter cake mix according to the directions on the package.
Pierce the cake with a fork while it’s still hot.
In a bowl, mix together the cream of coconut and can of Eagle brand milk and pour over the cake.
Refrigerate covered. Once cooled, top with 8 ounces of cool whip and a package of frozen coconut and store in the refrigerator.

Easy, peasy and refreshing! This cool white dessert is very simple and easy to make and it’s perfect for dessert! Just give it a try, you will fall in love!



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