That's small. Now, this is based on observations made shortly after it was discovered in 2018. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. By submitting your information, you agree to our, … and I feel fine. 2018 VP1 is an asteroid that orbits the Sun, probably a chunk of rock (or, less likely, metal; those kinds of asteroids are much more rare). READ MORE: Space travel: Nex-gen fusion drive concept unveiled.

The small space rock will make a so-called "close approach" that will bring it within 0.02 Lunar Distances (LD) or 3,634 miles (5,849km) of Earth at is absolute closest. Due to the asteroid's chances of hitting the planet, it has been added to the two agencies' watch lists for dangerous space rocks. One is that we can calculate the chance of it hitting. In this case, NASA estimates the chances to be about 0.41 percent. This is kinda crappy news for astronomers who might want to study it, but good news for people worried about an apocalyptic impact. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, It has an estimated diameter of approximately 2.3 meters and is flying across space at an average speed of over 51,000 kilometers per hour. ", Typically, astronomers expect anything measuring up to 82ft (25m) to burn up before reaching the ground. Don't panic! That's happened with minor impacts like this before. I can also refer you to an article I wrote about this rock (and another, called 2011 ES4) back in August. Most of these objects will steer clear of our planet and NASA can chart out their orbits for hundreds of years in advance. Yeah, nope. And at a maximum estimated size of 3.9 metres, VP1 would be expected to do the same. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. "About once a year, an automobile-sized asteroid hits Earth's atmosphere, creates an impressive fireball, and burns up before reaching the surface.". In fact, there's one point in its orbit that intersects Earth's, meaning it can potentially hit us. The US space agency confirmed this back in August, tweeting: "Asteroid VP1 is very small, approx. Asteroid news: Neil DeGrasse Tyson said a small asteroid could hit on November 2, Asteroid news: The astrophysicist shared his warning to Instagram, Astronomer snaps asteroid on 'extremely close' approach to Earth, Asteroid news: Many space rocks make close but safe approaches to the planet, Asteroid news: The space rock is listed on NASA's close approach list, UFO hunter claims aliens are 'gathering information' on the Vatican. Finding more goofiness like this isn't hard, either. We can only make statistical predictions. Why Rae Sloane and other women of color deserve better from Star Wars, See you on the Otherside: Everything you didn't know about Silent Hill, Why Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is still the most influential comic, Catch up and rock out with our Back to the Future franchise rap-up, The Haunting of Bly Manor offers a subversive love story against the backdrop of a Gothic romance, Why Hulu's Ana Helstrom still matters in the Marvel Universe, Share No, an asteroid is not likely to hit Earth the day before the election on Facebook, Share No, an asteroid is not likely to hit Earth the day before the election on Twitter, Share No, an asteroid is not likely to hit Earth the day before the election on Reddit, you could ask a dinosaur if any were still around. Like Comic-Con. Asteroid 2018 VP1 is expected to swing past our planet on November 2, according to the latest NASA data. This means it follows a very wide orbit inside the Solar System. According to the ESA, 2018 VP1 has a chance of colliding with Earth next year.

The farther in the future we try to make that prediction, the less certain we can be of its exact position. Potential Impact Date. But the good news is, he noted the asteroid is far too small to spell the end of mankind just yet. Asteroids like VP1 frequently visit the planet, zipping by within distances considered "close", at least on an astronomical scale. in font that increased in size with each line until it got so big I literally had to scroll down to read it all. In addition to the ESA, NASA is also monitoring the asteroid through Sentry, which is the agency's automated system that tracks space rocks with non-zero Earth impact probabilities. In this case, a few days ago, seemingly out of the blue people were asking me if it's true that an asteroid might hit Earth the day before the elections, on 2 November, 2020. But when we do, we find that the chance of an impact is only 0.41%. It's just too dinky to survive the immense pressure and heat of ramming our air. Look, big impacts are something to be concerned about — you could ask a dinosaur if any were still around* — but small ones like this happen all the time, and seriously aren't a big deal. The asteroid, dubbed 2018 LA or ZLAF9B2, created a bright fireball over the border of Botswana and South Africa some eight hours after being discovered by the Mt Lemmon Survey in Arizona, US.

After it breaks up it might drop some small meteorites that fall much more slowly to the ground, which would be nifty. You can monitor and track the distance of “Asteroid 2018 VP1” from Earth using this live 3D tracker.

During this time, the asteroid is expected to approach the planet from a distance of 0.00280 astronomical units or roughly 419,000 kilometers away. But, we can't measure the position perfectly accurately, so there's some fuzziness to the predicted orbit. The agency estimated that the odds of the space rock hitting the planet are 1 out of 250. Currently, this asteroid holds the number 2 spot on the list, which means it is the second most dangerous asteroid detected by ESA's monitoring system.

It reaches that point on or about 2 November, 2020, at the same time Earth is nearby in its own orbit. It will most likely burn up and disintegrate in Earth's atmosphere. Put it this way: There's a 99.59% chance it'll miss! 2018 VP1 has been included in ESA's Risk List, which identifies all asteroids that are in danger of colliding with Earth in the future. Theory of EVERYTHING: Has double slit experiment finally been solved? It crosses Earth's orbit, and can get close enough to qualify being called a Near-Earth Asteroid, or NEO. The impact risk of this next close approach is estimated at a probability of about 0.4%, even though this is a pretty low probability, you might want to stay on the lookout for this asteroid. DON'T MISS...UFO sighting: 'Best close up' ever of flying saucer is '100% proof [INSIGHT]SpaceX snub: Russia's new Amur rocket sparks claims of 'stolen' design [REPORT]Milky Way: Mysterious space 'halo' offers 'clue to galaxy's past' [STUDY]. The last recorded asteroid impact took place on June 2, 2018, when a 16ft rock crashed into the atmosphere. ... though I wonder if their greatest value is to media who produce clickbait.

And that's because even if it does hit it's way too small to make it down Earth's surface. Dr Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natual History in New York, shared his warning on Instagram alongside an artist's impression of an asteroid flying towards Earth. NASA said: "Every day, Earth is bombarded with more than 100 tons of dust and sand-sized particles. Although this seems like a safe distance, NASA and the ESA are aware that certain factors in space, such as a nearby planet's gravitational pull, could cause the asteroid to collide with Earth. The best guess is that it will miss us by 420,000 km, farther away than the Moon. Both NASA and the ESA predicted that 2018 VP1's potential Earth impact could take place on Nov. 2, 2020. The astrophysicist wrote: "Asteroid 2018 VP1, a refrigerator-sized space-rock, is hurtling towards us at more than 25,000 mi/hr. As I've written before, when an asteroid is first discovered, the orbit calculated for it is pretty fuzzy, because we don't have a long enough arc to really be able to predict where it will be in the future. Express. Like other Apollo asteroids, 2018 VP1's orbit occasionally intersects Earth's path as it goes around the Sun. It crosses Earth's orbit, and can get close enough to qualify being called a Near-Earth Asteroid, or NEO. The more observations we make, the better we can calculate the orbit. Credit: Not an Exact Science Show, used by permission. Plus DC's new speedster, Crossover arrives & more! Ah, that brings us to the second reason not to panic: 2018 VP1 is tiny. The answer is no, for two reasons. "It may buzz-cut Earth on November 2, the day before the Presidential Election. So we can know it'll be near the Earth on 2 November. This photo is commonly mistaken for a meteor — they do appear very similar — though natural space rocks don't usually have bright bits flying off them like this. Its orbit is elliptical, and stretches from between the orbits of Venus and Earth to out past Mars. Credit: Dean Reeves, used by permission, No, an asteroid is not likely to hit Earth the day before the election, Star Wars goes full Avengers: Endgame in first time-hopping trailer for Lego holiday special, Elsa Raven, Back to the Future's 'Save the Clock Tower' lady, dies at 91, Screenwriter Olivia Dufault reveals how The True Adventures of Wolfboy guided her journey of self-acceptance, Yes, Baby Yoda is even cuter in this 'Cowboy Bebop'-inspired animated opening for The Mandalorian, Study suggests Game of Thrones books are engaging because they mimic real life (well, minus the dragons), Honey, I'm home! Still, they're interesting, and may even be of scientific value. Will NASA's Upcoming Moon Mission Change Course Under Biden-Harris Administration? Some calcul… And check this one out for those of you who prefer their tweets to be entirely fact-free: [Cue me screaming into my meteorite collection.]. But why haven't more observations been made since 2018? But since it's come up again, and the election is in just a couple of weeks, let's give this one another go. Astronaut Alexander Gerst took this spectacular photo of an Orbital Sciences Corporation Cygnus spacecraft burning up as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere on 17 August, 2014. There’s also no report of a bolide anywhere, so 2018 VP1 is probably just hurtling through space, all alone. The orbit of an asteroid can be calculated mathematically by measuring its position in the sky over many days or even years. 6.5 feet, and poses no threat to Earth!

Asteroid 2018 VP1 is expected to swing past our planet on November 2, according to the latest NASA data. Now, predict where the ball will be when it lands. Now, right away I should note that Neil mentions the name of the asteroid — 2018 VP1 — so simply typing that bit of alphanumeric salad into a search engine will yield lots of info.

UFO sighting: Did NASA photograph an alien space station near Saturn? That's very roughly the size of a small car (up to about the size of a somewhat less small car). "It currently has a 0.41 percent chance of entering our planet's atmosphere, but if it did, it would disintegrate due to its extremely small size. Small uncertainties in the position early on add up to big ones later. Fangrrls is about kicking down doors, breaking boundaries and celebrating female fans with fun, witty and entertaining content. *Yes, I know, non-avian dinosaurs, I know, but that messes up the joke. After seeing enough of those, I sometimes pray for a good impact. 2018 VP1 is an asteroid that orbits the Sun, probably a chunk of rock (or, less likely, metal; those kinds of asteroids are much more rare). So if the World ends in 2020, it won't be the fault of the Universe.". Its orbit is elliptical, and stretches from between the orbits of Venus and Earth to out past Mars.

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