All Rights Reserved. It’s a simple set, one that catches thousands and thousands of raccoons each year. If you bait a ground set, you WILL get dead cats and dogs. I take a stick and place a fish on one end, and stick the other end in the water about 2 feet away from bank.

Does anybody else use this set for bobcats? ", Terrierman featured in HSUS cover story on pedigree dogs. The smaller 160 is more forgiving than a bigger 220. Keep me posted. Heartland Outdoors is a registered trademark. I bend the trigger up and in so that the fisher and raccoon set it off with the top of their neck after they take a step in (I use to have a lot of sprung 220’s when I set them straight). I learned how to release the leg-hold and the snares, but the conibear defeated me. Sullivan's maybe that is why coonass is so unique in his own way of trapping! I now have a tag this year in Wisconsin. Two years ago, when the WMR was first being worked on (former cropland), I spent a very useful 40 minutes at a trapper supply outfit where the counter man showed me a variety of sizes of leg hold traps, snares, and the conibear. Don’t forget to undo the keepers if they are still in place and slide them down to the coils on each spring. A full-time freelance writer since 2008, he has written for numerous national hunting magazines. I get made fun of sometimes by Dad or Uncle Dick for doing this but I’m used to it and deserve the harassment. Atrapper is shooting you straight- I really think the farther north you go the more viable this set is. The fact that so many people have not been exposed to it leads to these kind of bad stereotypes. Burris Optics- Even a Blizzard can’t Stop Them, Ralph & Vickie Introduce New Crossbow Book, Turn Your Deer Hunting Around with Food Plots, How to Call Elk Early in the Season [VIDEO], 3 Tips for Taking Coyotes While Hunting Turkeys, The Benefits of Processing Your Own Deer Meat This Fall, Deer Startled by Snapping Coyote Trap [VIDEO]. Burris Optics- Even a Blizzard can’t Stop Them, Ralph & Vickie Introduce New Crossbow Book, Turn Your Deer Hunting Around with Food Plots, How to Call Elk Early in the Season [VIDEO], 3 Tips for Taking Coyotes While Hunting Turkeys, The Benefits of Processing Your Own Deer Meat This Fall, Delicious Catch: Garlic Butter Trout in Foil, Florida Keys Fishing: Don’t Pet the Barracuda, Start Counting Fawns Now for Better Herd Management. I mix bucket sets with blind sets that tend to freeze over so I have something working for me … There is no trap season open and there is no home or livestock to be protected by the traps in that location.While I respect ethical trappers I can not use the words that I feel for the person that set the trap Ike was caught it and killed. It resluted in a coon the first night. The coons come to these piles of rotting corn which stay warm all winter to feed on the silage, and tear the crap out of the tarps the farmers put on them. If there was one set that shouldn’t be revealed for free, this is it. A good hunting dog should be hunting, not investigating fish guts. I’ve caught unwanted species as well from ducks to cats and dogs. Plenty of drama and screaming, though -- and some from the dog, too. i would not be! Tell us what you think in the comments section below. But they do not consider non-target catches. It seems each individual cat has different preferences and personalities and some completely ignore boxes while others are more interested or at least more desperate for food. I tend to agree with pbpete.

I'm using a shock collar to train my dogs to stay out of the bordering tree line. Maybe Troy traps in a dog free county…. My JRT, Bandit, got caught in a Conibear trap in the WMA behind our house last summer.Someone had set it up in a bucket with a dead rabbit inside to bait coyotes and, being a JRT, he had to check it out.SNAP!It came down right onto his head. What’s up with thinking that a conibear is only a water set?...since when? We’ve used various thicknesses of plywood but I’d guess most are half inch. The biggest trap is the coyote set that got my boot, which was stiff leather and protected me well from all but the surprise and anger.I live in fear of a conibear on the ground (they are only legal for water sets in PA, though legal obviously doesn't figure into a lot of these guys' practices) or a dog working the water's edge on a search or training getting caught.I bought a couple different styles of leghold and conibear, and periodically give short hands-on classes in releasing them. "Production of the first 50 traps were financed by the "Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals" which is now, I believe, this organization >> It is opposed to all trapping.After inventing the trap, Conibear was given an award by American Humane ( ) Where animal rights starts and animal welfare stops, I will let others debate. NOTHING gives trapprs a worse name than the fools who get Conibears and do not know how to set them. Even using both hands and feet, sitting on the ground, I could not muster the strength to compress the spring and get the safety catch on. Throw some bait in the box taking care to get it towards the back. Either way, it’s certainly time and effort well spent and I would highly recommend giving it a shot should you wish to try your hand at trapping. Coyote urine. You won’t find these props at the local portrait studio as they smell kind of funny. Somehow I think that qualifies as the start of the animal rights movement, but I will allow that there is a lot of wobble in the language,In any case, the story of the Conibear trap remains a classic tale of unintended consequence.Fewer and fewer people are trapping at all, of course, as wild fur prices have fallen through the floor, and doing almost anything else pays better and is far easier (including begging on the sidewalk).P. Contact maddog47 I watched a demo he did on just this subject and he was full of good information maybe because it’s a real passion for him, . For years I used nothing but the #220 conibear when making a bucket set, but I have learned over the years that the #160 is the way to go. I've left a lot of money on that Kickapoo reservation over time. This is one of those polarized issues were you either like em or hate em. must be a mountain man from big city, good dogs or bad dogs will investigate the stinky stuff!!! The smaller #120 does not have the power and the #220 has a tad too much for my preference. I’m accomplishing goal #2 just the same with a feral dog or cat as I am with a coon, coyote, skunk, etc. why would anyone set a boxtrap on dry ground, when they know they cant catch a coon 100 percent of the time!!! Cover traps with wet leaves. cornfed is cornfused, i am not against hunting or trapping!! I have never used wooden pans on my 220 conibear bucket sets. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), ‘Woodstock with guns’: Waterfowl blind draw at Rice Lake SFWA, Thousands of Dead Asian Carp Left After Flood Water Recedes.

I have caught a dog before and I wasnt proud, but it is what it is. Wire the trap to a nearby object such as a sapling, fence, tree root, etc (preferably something immovable).

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