She purchased an EverStart Maxx for $104 and received a 3-year warranty with an additional 2 years of prorated coverage. I purchased a battery from Wal-Mart in December of 2017…got home last night, shut it off…went to crank it appx 10 min later and it would not crank. I would escallate your concerns to the manager of the automotive department, then the manager of the store. She decided to take her dad’s advice and go to Walmart. Insurance companies base their annual rates, in part, on their losses in each zip code they serve.

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Help is just a phone call away! I need a new battery for 2004 Honda Civic. But you could save money every month by quoting your auto insurance. This is why we love Walmart Car Batteries and specifically, the Walmart Everstart Maxx Car Battery Warranty. We researched and purchased a new car battery for our 1997 Honda Accord. Did not pro rate it. This 12 volt automotive battery is optimized to give you maximum all-weather starting power in even the most extreme weather conditions.

However, when it's time to, you'll want to replace it quickly, especially since your vehicle can't operate without it.

While car batteries have a variety of uses, this also means that there are plenty of things that can drain the power from a car battery.

I have been buying Walmart stuff for years because of their customer satisfaction policy. My plan now is to take advantage of the prorated warranty and head right back to Walmart to get a new battery, considering all brands last an average of 3-4 yrs. We also try to relate to the service person or manager as a “Real Person with Feelings”. Free replacement for the first 3 years. We’ve had them last as long as 5 years.

Get Details Here! When i drive long distance & stop, the Battery will start the vehicle but when i go short distance, it won’t start. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Delivery unavailable. then i determined when i drove long distance the battery gets charged up & would have enough power to start the vehicle but at short distance , there is not enough power. The manager will often resolve the issue and help you out.

In fact I will replace that battery with a different brand and bring Wal-Marts battery back, I’ve been using their everstart batteries for years.. Need help?

regardless of brand. We’ve found the top-rated battery chargers at Walmart to be a good deal. it has a 5 year warranty but i can’t get a CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER. Most people who work at Walmart have good hearts and know the policy – there are a few that may be uninformed, but for those, we either need to be super patient, appeal to a manager or just go to a different store to do the exchange.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Fees may apply for recycling, environmental disposal, and/or labor/installation. It costs about the same as all the other garage door openers out there. Click here to see a larger more readable version of the manager’s notes. If you buy their low end, cheaper battery, then you not only get fewer CCA but also a shorter warranty. Had to keep jump starting so I went bought a new battery on Saturday and replace it in the jeep. BE CAREFUL BUYING WALMART BATTERY. Note: this is an affiliate link and we do receive a small commission – your price remains the same. The battery's Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is an essential measure for good cranking ability in cars, trucks and boats.

College Savings: 10 Out of the Box Ways Cut the Cost of Education, Fun Family Tradition Examples: For the Holidays and The Whole Year, How to Get The Most FAFSA Money and Pell Grant Awards, Homemade Halloween Party Games, Crafts and Food for a Harvest Festival Party, 3 years free replacement warranty plus two years prorated replacement warranty. Then the following formula would be the following: 68.33$ Would then be the price of your new battery. If you tried the nice approach and they didnt help you out then call on their manager. The full retail price (at that time) was supposed to be $73.48.

Log In or Register. I took the old battery to Walmart’s customer service counter. All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Walmarts Everystart batteries include a 5-year warranty, the first years you will receive a free battery if anything happens with your first one. i replied, well this is a waltmart battery and fail, is under warranty , he said, do you have the original receipt ?

3 months after purchasing the battery it wouldn’t work. Audio Files This is why you won’t find warranty info on Wal-Mart page. AND.. Here’s a note (click on the image) that the automotive service manager wrote on my battery warranty envelope. Check out’s Best Selling Car Battery Listing (especially if you’re a Prime Member with Free Shipping).

You’ll find that Walmart employees will respond the same way. Robert, thanks for sharing your experience with Walmart Car Batteries.

They gave me a $30 credit for the remaining 20 months so I can’t complain. I have used Walmart for both installation and supplier for my ford since its life existence, and I must say I have not had any unpleasant experiences with them what so ever. They offer free flat repair and will fill your tires with air for free. The Optima Brand has some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any battery. We discovered it had a bad cell, but it continued to work fairly well. The employee clearly doesn’t understand the warranty (unless it’s different in Canada).

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I’m curious as to what Walmart’s pro-rated schedule actually is — what the discount percentages are year-by-year (or months) for the remaining 24 months — want to compare it w/ Honda’s, which also has 3-year free replacement, but Honda’s pro-rated schedule after the initial 3 yrs. We do know that they employ people who are human, some are wonderful, some are average and some are … well, let’s just say that some are in need of help. Now we’ve had batteries with replacement warranties before, but they’ve never been this generous! A car battery is also responsible for providing power to many electrical accessories in the vehicle, such as headlights, tail lights, interior lights, radios and infotainment systems, and much more. There have been times that we’ve quoted our insurance and saved $100 per month and other times we’ve saved $180. If you have experienced bad customer service and not gotten your warranty as promised you can file a complaint on the bottom of this page you can contact them (here) as well. My son in law bought it for me and I am not sure if he kept the receipt. Walmart EverStart Maxx Car Battery Warranty – History, A Walmart Everstart Car Battery Warranty Story, List of Walmart Batteries with Warranties, Manager Interview: Walmart Battery Warranty Specifics, Get a Price on a New Battery for your Car, How to Make Sure You Can Afford Car Repairs, A Chronology of a Walmart Battery Warranties,’s Best Selling Car Battery Listing, Infinite innovations Felt Terminal Protector Pads. We wish we’d switched from Sears to Liftmaster sooner!

0. Wish I made $93.00 an hour!! My local Walmart tire and battery department inspected the battery, saw that it was unmistakably defective but refused to keep their doors open long enough to replace the battery for me. . The problem was the Battery. Thanks for sharing your battery story. But it should be mentioned during your second battery purchase, sadly this is often skipped or forgotten. I have seen a lot of complaints at Walmarts warranty, service and all that, but I think it’s essential you do your part as well before you file a complaint.

We’ve been buying Everstart Batteries since 1997 and have learned a lot about how the warranty works. My son has been working at Walmart for two years now, so for this article he will be my primary source of information backed up by reading on their website. Roadside guy suggested I get a new battery, but when I researched battery lifespan I found they all typically last 3-4 yrs. The warranty period for walmart batteries depends on which one you buy, very much like the different warranty length based on the model selected at any other store.

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You can see if you need a new battery by testing the voltage of your current battery, this can easily be done with a multimeter. This will differ for each battery, so read on the description before you purchase or on your current battery. Duralast PlatinumAGM Duralast Platinum Battery 24F-AGM Group Size 24F 710 CCA + $18.00 Refundable.

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