The message has now become: “If you see an alien/ufo, run away!”. The tour company he works for said he would not speak to reporters. Jeff K talk’s in Riddles.

London bureau chief. There were, however, reports by the weather service of the severe thunderstorms in the area. Don’t you find it odd that you cannot find one news article on these “missing” gents? This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Adam Goldsack’s comment is a perfectly acceptable suggestion. Then it roared into the canyon. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. Note: This is the general location where they were last known or expected to be at the time of their disappearance. "This was a bad thing, a very sad thing," Gorman said. Quintane was taken to the hospital here in critical condition, but later released. He compared the effect to taking water gushing from a fire hose and blasting it into a pipe a quarter-inch around.

These sightings are known as The Phoenix Lights (This is an IMDB link to the movie about the lights.) One of the videos from the series known as The Lauder Files (YouTube link.) It represents the delusional nut job thinking that gives the field of ufology a bad name. Close. The fragments led some people to believe the 4 men were attacked and killed by a bear but many experienced people think a bear attack is not a plausible explanation. The Native Americans say they do not have the resources. At one point some bone fragments were found but they could not be conclusively identified as belonging to Mitch Adams or the other men. Which clearly it isnt. Tuesday's short day hike, which led to the death of 11 and the almost miraculous survival of a lone man, was one of the worst accidents in the western wilderness in recent memory. Or videos of clouds, that they claim are UFOs using there cloud cloaking technology. It’s hard for the kettle (open minds) to call the pot (this story?) Often, hikers encounter standing pools during their walks. Become an OpenMindsTV YouTube Member for access to exclusive content. In the tweet, Collins writes: “James Patrick Stuart is a fantastic host for American Crimes, and portrays me in the series.”. I love Adam Goldsack’s comment. She says the movie being about aliens battling the US Military is in stark contrast to the data, which indicates that the Phoenix Lights Events were benevolent. Searching “mitch adams missing” does show other articles though. This is an interesting article being that Mr. Rojas is now included in the film that uses the actor and the footage listed above. Mitch Adams, age 29, along with 3 of his friends went missing in 1997 in the Estrella Mountain Regional Park area of Arizona. ", The name they give the slot canyon where the hikers are thought to have died is "spiritual rock arches.". This campaign appears to be on par with Universal’s campaign for The Fourth Kind.

and have led some to speculate that Glenn and the other men may have been abducted by something or someone. They did not realize they were descending into their tomb. William Booth is The Washington Post’s London bureau chief. This is, people now agree, something that visitors from other places should know and understand. Theories vary as to how Adams and his friends could have vanished in the desert the way these men went missing.

The prior is set up to appear to be put together by friends and family of the murdered men from the “Lauder Case,” and the latter is setup to look like an official missing persons site from the county of Maricopa in Arizona.

There are enough real mysteries and research to be done that we dont need to waste time going to crackpot land. Universal Pictures was sued by the Alaska Press Club over their use of the names of real Alaskan news organizations in their fake stories promoting The Fourth Kind. Interesting take on the case, that never crossed my mind. She was a witness herself. Two other websites that appear to be part of the campaign are and As the tour group admired the canyon's sculpted walls, the cathedral silence and the twisting snake of blue sky above, the gullies and washes a few miles away were filling quickly with rain. sixteen Further anyone trying to discredit this or call it out should watch this.

Main Area: Members of the Navajo Nation, the Young family, have held grazing rights around the canyon for years, and they have often clashed, in the quiet Indian way, with elders who did not want them to take admissions and keep the proceeds. This series examines Arizona’s longest running missing person’s case, The “Lauder Case”, and the most infamous killer in Arizona State history, Walton Samuel Gayson. Actually, the problems with the credibility of the video do not stop with the fake news channel. Today, some tribal elders said there should be. Missing Person Mitch Adams – Estrella Mountain California. LOL how much did you pay the actors who are in the photos? Her clothes were filled with heavy silt. Region: The Arizona Missing Database". Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Inside the canyon, the floodwaters quickly swelled from a height of 10 feet to 20 feet or 30 feet or more. "Can you? It was careering down into the open creek bed just above the hikers, Candelaria said. His name is James Patrick Stuart. "In all my years out here, we've had no report of a flood like this in the canyon.". Some people believe a man arrested as a suspect at the time of their disappearance may have been involved in the case but the suspect was later released for lack of evidence. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM. Posted by 6 years ago. If this is a viral campaign, we have not heard the end of it. But he was alive. What is more likely, its a UFO that looks like a cloud, or its just a cloud. Two more bodies were recovered today. On a sunny blue afternoon, a dozen men and women parked their cars Tuesday, paid a few dollars in admission to the Navajo Indians sitting in the shade under a shed, walked a hundred yards across a bone-dry wash and entered a stony labyrinth known as Lower Antelope Canyon. Detail: December 2, 2014 Ryan Stone along with 3 of his friends went missing in 1997 in the Estrella Mountain Regional Park area of Arizona. Maricopa County Sheriff Roberts said he is not prepared to file charges against anyone. Status: Mitch Adams

We received a tweet from the same twitter account that sent out the alleged classified video. Mitch Adams, age 29, along with 3 of his friends went missing in 1997 in the Estrella Mountain Regional Park area of Arizona. Date Missing: Somebody was on his side.". Clarence Gorman, a Navajo and director of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department, visited the scene today and expressed sadness. You cant do anything with that. The video purports to be from the same day and in the same area as a famous mass UFO sighting in Phoenix in March of 1997. I’m quite sure that this is all part of a viral campaign for the movie “The Phoenix Incident”. But Lower Antelope Canyon offers a warning, to those who know how to read the signs. The same month as the Phoenix Lights UFO incident. Even if they do have such technology and that is the case, so what. Which is pretty interesting in – and of – itself. Greenewald responded that he would be more than happy to post a retort from Collins, but has not yet received a response to this offer. At the Navajo Nation's Tribal Park, which includes the entrance to Lower Antelope Canyon, there are no signs warning hikers of the dangers of flash floods. The only mention I could find in a Google search of either was the Maricopa Missing site.

On March 13, 1997, mysterious lights flying in a V-formation pierced the sky over Phoenix, Arizona.

"I don't see that there is blame," he said. Clues to that answer may be found in yet another fake website called American Crimes.  = 

What the hikers -- all but two were foreign tourists -- apparently did not know was that over a mesa some 15 miles away, a severe thunderstorm was saturating the watershed with torrential rain and pebble-sized hail. Phoenix Required fields are marked *.

If you look at the photos of the missing men, and match against the cast of the movie on their IMDB page, you will see that they are the same people. Missing. Coconino County Sheriff Joe Richards has worked these lands as a lawman for 24 years, and today he stood at the spot where the floodwaters entered the canyon. But during August monsoons in Arizona those warnings are common, and many people, even locals, do not pay much attention. It looks like the Seinfeld Farbman sales guy is the same actor who is now portraying David Collins. The canyon was carved by raging waters.

Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. Desktop notifications are on   | Turn off, Get breaking news alerts from The Washington Post. }. She says that a group making a movie about the Phoenix Lights approached her asking if she would like to be involved. Note: The information in the video was current at the time the video was created. 3/13/1997 CAPTION: The entrance to narrow Lower Antelope Canyon, where tour groups can admire walls sculpted by earlier flash floods, cathedral silence and the twisting snake of the blue sky above. 29 display: none !important; Known as the “Alien Killer” Gayson was indicted for the murder of four Phoenix men in 1997. Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as

The video was posted on a YouTube channel using the name David Collins.

There are also stories about the “longest running missing person’s case,” and “the most infamous killer in Arizona State history.” Neither the missing persons case nor the killer appear to be real. No one is calling any pots or kettles black.

However, the web was still pretty new in 1997 so few newspapers were posting articles, and Google didn’t exist when they disappeared. ", Greg Adair, who works for the Navajo Nation as a criminal investigator, said, "It was like being stuck in a crazy washing machine filled with rocks.

Known as the “Alien Killer” Gayson was indicted for the murder of four Phoenix men in 1997. "He could not see. That especially gives me piece of mind, since that is the county I live in. Sub Area:

William Booth. This sounds like an exciting movie plot. This series examines Arizona’s longest running missing person’s case, The “Lauder Case”, and the most infamous killer in Arizona State history, Walton Samuel Gayson. If you want to watch more of the series and learn more about this story then click this YouTube link: The Lauder Files. His deputy, Sam Whitted, said, "Imagine the force, the pounds per square inch of pressure." The body of one female hiker, in her twenties, was found Wednesday, in a branching creek of Lower Antelope Canyon. However, there doesn’t seem to really be a journalist named David Collins as described. They said it was the guy who sold the Karl Farbman furniture.

The horror?". 144. What is real and what is fake? "They had their arms wrapped around each other," Sheriff's Deputy Whitted said. hmmm, just promo stuff for the movies. "And he pressed them against the side of the canyon. In the last two years, a more formal policy of admittance has evolved. Two others, a husband and wife, left their children in another hotel. One by one, the tourists squeezed into a fissure in the earth, wriggling through the golden brown sandstone walls, down 50 feet, 100 feet, by creaking wooden ladder, until they reached the sandy floor of the famous slot canyon. Gayson blamed the men’s disappearance on extra-terrestrial beings, however the case was seized by US Air Force officials, and Gayson never served trial for the murders. George Wesley, 54, was reported missing after entering Telegraph Pass and not returning at his approximated time.

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