But for being a pistol-caliber carbine, AR fans should find the JR Carbine Gen 3 very familiar to use. You can decide if you want to fire a few rounds, or if you want to switch to a much bigger mag to put thirty or more rounds downrange. [16][17][18] While high capacity firearms are available in .45 ACP, the greater length and diameter of the .45 ACP means that the grip of the pistol must be longer and wider than the grip of a comparable pistol of a smaller caliber; this increase in grip size can make the pistol difficult to use for shooters with smaller hands.

Along with its simple bolt mechanism, this semi-auto carbine should be straightforward to use. His work has appeared on large publications like The Armory Life, Daily Caller, American Shooting Journal, and more. With standard (not extended) single-stack magazines, pistols based on the 1911 design commonly hold 8 rounds or less.

The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm)[1] is a rimless straight-walled handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol. .300 Blackout (AR-15) .308 Win (LR-308/AR-10).350 Legend (AR-15).45 ACP (AR-15).450 Bushmaster (AR-15).458 SOCOM (AR-15) 5.56 NATO .223 Wylde .223 Rem (AR-15) 6.5 Creedmoor (LR-308/AR-10) 6.5 Grendel (AR-15) 6.8 SPC (Ar-15) 7.62x39 (AR-15) 9mm (AR-15) 9x39mm (AR-15) 12.7x42 (.50 Beowulf) (AR-15) 12 Gauge (LR-308/AR-10) Calibers.223 Rem DWM, which submitted two Parabellums chambered in .45 ACP, withdrew from testing after the first round of tests, for unspecified reasons.[8]. The SAAMI pressure limit for the .45 ACP is set at 21,000 psi (144.79 MPa) piezo pressure,[13] while The Takedown model doesn’t have these rails, but you can twist off the forend without tools for quicker disassembly. The resulting .45-caliber cartridge, named the .45 ACP, was similar in performance to the .45 Schofield cartridge, is only slightly less powerful and significantly shorter than the .45 Colt cartridge that the United States Cavalry was using at the time. The first production, at Frankford Arsenal, was marked "F A 8 11", for the August 1911 date. Standard 9mm NATO ammunition has limited armor penetration capability − a deficiency with .45 ACP whose large, slow bullet does not penetrate armor to any great extent. Buy Online at Brownells. Stern Defense; View All; Info 20780 Suite A State Route JJ Summersville, MO. Today, most NATO militaries use sidearms chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge, but the effectiveness of the .45 ACP cartridge has ensured its continued popularity with large caliber sport shooters, especially in the United States. It’s a ton of fun to shoot, light on recoil, and accurate. Another nice thing about this carbine is its look. The version that caught my eye uses S&W M&P .45 ACP mags. Today, most NATO militaries use sidearms chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge, but the effectiveness of the .45 ACP cartridge has ensured its continued popularity with large caliber sport shooters, especially in the United States. A gun that isn't easy to take apart isn't going to be easy to clean. And you probably do want to add at least a sight, since the JRC does not come with any kind of sights or optics included.

There is also a reduced likelihood of overpenetration, meaning that it is more likely that the projectile will transfer all of its kinetic energy to the intended target, thus more reliably incapacitating them. .45 Automatic Pistol Ball Cartridge, Model of 1911", a 1.273 in (32.3 mm) long round with a bullet weight of 230 grains (15 g). The Super provides approximately 20% greater velocity than the .45 ACP +P; the Rowland approximately 40% greater velocity than the .45 ACP +P. It even works for left-handed folks.

Those who already have a suppressor in .45 ACP and want the AR styling. Tracer ammunition for the .45 ACP was manufactured by Frankford Arsenal and by Remington Arms. Because standard pressure .45 ACP rounds fired from handguns and submachine guns are inherently subsonic, it is one of the most powerful pistol calibers available for use in suppressed weapons since subsonic rounds are quieter than supersonic rounds. Recent testing of the three major police and military calibers by the Federal Bureau of Investigation found that the .45 ACP was no more effective with regard to terminal ballistics than either 9 x 19mm Parabellum or .40 S&W. The cartridge/pistol combination was quite successful but not satisfactory for U.S. military purposes. It amounts to slower semi-auto operation than an AR, but the JR carbine makes up for this with decent accuracy and less recoil. After the example of the Cavalry, the Army in turn had fielded versions of double-action revolvers in .38 Long Colt.

Listen-up before you blow a gasket! The cartridge was designed by John Browning for Colt, but the most influential person in selecting the cartridge was Army Ordnance member Gen. John T. Thompson. This reloading system works best for handguns and pistol-caliber carbines like the JRC. The forend can start loosening while using the gun, though you can fix this using a threadlocking adhesive (like Loctite). LWRC SMG-45 Pistol - Folding Arm Brace - 8.5" View Details. This is convenient and fun for customization of your JR .45 ACP. Some makers of pistols chambered in .45 ACP do not certify them to use Plus P ammunition. The legality of larger magazines depends on your state’s laws and regulations, though. the SAAMI pressure limit for the .45 ACP +P is set at 23,000 psi (158.58 MPa), piezo pressure. cartridge dimensions. [5], Loads offered were similar to the standard military loads for the .45ACP, but with fully lead bullets rather than the full metal jacket bullets used for .45ACP. On right: Two Peters Cartridge Auto Rim Factory Loads, "The .45 Colt sucks! The cartridge headspaces on the mouth of the case at the L3 datum reference. Well, if you like to shoot AR-15s but want it in .45 ACP form—then get a JRC. regulated countries are currently (2016) proof tested at 170.30 MPa (24,700 psi) PE piezo pressure.[10]. Brass cases for each of these cartridges carry the applicable name within the headstamp. The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) or .45 Auto (11.43×23mm) is a rimless straight-walled handgun cartridge designed by John Moses Browning in 1904, for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic pistol.After successful military trials, it was adopted as the standard chambering for Colt's M1911 pistol. The JR .45 ACP weighs about 6.5 pounds, which is none too heavy. The original round that passed the testing fired a 200 grain (13 g) bullet at 900 ft/s (275 m/s), but after a number of rounds of revisions between Winchester Repeating Arms, Frankford Arsenal, and Union Metallic Cartridge, it ended up using a 230 grain (14.9 g) bullet fired at a nominal velocity of 850 ft/s (260 m/s). This was done to reduce barrel wear in the shallow rifled revolvers in which it was to be used.Mike Venturino, "The .45 Colt sucks! In the second round of evaluations in 1910, the Colt design passed the extensive testing with no failures, while the Savage design suffered 37 stoppages or parts failures.

[14] A factor rated by the recent FBI testing was accuracy and time to recover.

[2] The round was developed due to a lack of stopping power experienced in the Moro Rebellion using the .38 Long Colt. The standard issue military .45 ACP round has a 230-grain bullet that travels at approximately 830 feet per second when fired from the government issue M1911A1 pistol.

[4]But if half-moon or moon clips are not used when firing a rimless cartridge in a revolver, the spent cases must be ejected by hand—either by shaking the revolver and its swing-out cylinder or by poking the cases with a rod or field-expedient tool, like a pencil—as the revolver's extractor cannot grab them. In tests against ballistic gelatin, a 185 grain hollow point traveling at 1,050 feet per second expanded to about .76 inches. When the bullet is shot out the barrel, the force of the bullet’s motion pushes the bolt mechanism backwards.

For those who follow the energy dump and/or hydrostatic shock theories of wounding ballistics, this is ideal. Additionally, the JR Carbine is an ambidextrous-style weapon. In revolver cylinders not engineered to allow .45 ACP to headspace properly, as in early production Colt M1917s, the cartridges could slip forward, stopping them from firing. [3], Two issues related to the use of .45 ACP ammunition in the M1917 revolver led to the development of the .45 Auto Rim. Due to standard pressure .45 ACP rounds being inherently subsonic when fired from handguns and submachine guns, it is a useful caliber for suppressed weapons to eliminate the sonic boom. You have to remove the forend and unscrew three Allen screws to take apart the upper from the lower.

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