In this case the powder was measured by weight, 33 grains, and it was loaded by Black Dawge Cartridges, makers of blackpowder ammunition. There is a maximum limit of 50 lbs. And some shooting was done with Olde Eynsford 3F powder in a couple of .45 Colt revolvers. Rated 4.00 out of 5 $ 187.00 – $ 648.00 Add to Cart. What those differences actually are I don’t know. While I don’t have any data to compare it with while using FFg, I can tell you that 75 grains of KIK 1.5Fg powder (again measured by volume) produces an average velocity of 1,316 while using the same paper patched bullet out of this rifle. For now I’ll continue to clean my brass but I am enjoying the easier task of it. I don’t have any data on hand to compare this too but I will say that any load with speeds greater than 1,200 fps in the .50/70 is giving excellent performance.

Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 141.50 – $ 413.00 Add to Cart. Black Dawge loaded the 33 grains of 3F under a 235-grain flat nosed bullet for the .45 and that is actually a rather hot load. I believe Olde Eynsford is the “higher grade” of American made blackpowder that a lot of us have been waiting for and from what I see, it was worth the wait.

Cartridge: Bullet Weight : Barrel Length-Velocity in Feet per Second : 5.5 in: 18 in: 20 in: 24 in. Your email address will not be published. For this rifle, the stubby .50/70s were loaded with 70 grains of the new powder (by volume) under a 480-grain paper patched bullet. You may mix grades and brands within the 5, 10, or 25-lb. We provide importing of firearms parts.

Even so, the performance I’ve seen with Olde Eynsford is outstanding enough that I want to get the word out as soon as possible. To answer any questions about it being a blackpowder or not, GOEX sent out a statement verifying that Olde Eynsford is truly a blackpowder. BLACK POWDERS & SUBSTITUTES BLACK POWDER COMPANY POLICY A current & valid firearms license (PAL) is required to purchase all smokeless powder from our company.Please provide your PAL # along with your date of birth. Black Dawge Cartridges loaded .45 Colt ammo with “Olde E” 3F. The chronograph, however, showed much slower results, so slow that I doubt them and won’t include that data at this time. When comparing this new powder to other blackpowders, such as the red can GOEX, remember to compare it volume to volume because Olde Eynsford does seem to be a “hotter” powder. The grade of Olde Eynsford that I did most of my shooting with is of the 2F granulation. The price per pound will change depending on how many pounds you purchase.

This load produced 1,214 fps average out of the rifle’s 30-inch barrel. Perhaps a report shall follow. It is produced from each tested components of the highest quality. My father’s old .45 with a 5½-inch barrel was also tried and the loads felt just as hot in that gun as they did with the 71/2-inch barrel. When using 75 grains (by volume) of the Olde Eynsford 2F under a 400-grain paperpatched bullet the average velocity from the Sharps’ 28-inch long barrel was 1,358 fps. The powder in the right tube was dumped in then vibrated with the engraving tool. There is a maximum limit of 50 lbs per order. Goex Cowboy: 820 : 1125: 1275: 32-20 Rusty Wood Trading Co. is a licenced gunsmith and firearms business. Olde Eynsford is a brand new match grade blackpowder introduced by GOEX and this powder can really be blazing new trails for old blackpowder shooters. Add To Wishlist.

Those .45 Colt empties might get reloaded without cleaning them. Olde Eynsford burns so cleanly and with a reduced amount of smoke, enough that some shooters trying this new powder suspected it to be a blackpowder substitute.

Skirmish #3. Add To Wishlist. The leading distributor of quality reloading components and ammunition. (That is also why I tried it in a flintlock first, if it wasn’t blackpowder it probably wouldn’t work.) Recommended for .45 caliber rifles and greater. Velocity was checked over the chronograph and the average speed for the five shots I tested was 1,342 feet per second (fps) with an extreme spread in the velocities of 51 fps. Weight: N/A: Related products . Olde Eynsford is a new blackpowder that we’ll be hearing a lot more about in what should be a rather short time. So, when I mention powder charges with Olde Eynsford I will specify either “by volume” or “by weight.” In general, my powder charges with Olde Eynsford will use the same volumes as with the F series powders and that simply means a pound of Olde Eynsford will go a bit farther by offering just a couple of more shots. Please notice that it is not identified as an “Fg” powder which should mean that Olde Eynsford is not graphite coated. Hence, 2FG black powder is not the same size as 2FA. WANO has produced black powder since 1682 and has a long history of producing quality black powder that today is sold around the world.

The That compares favorably to some shooting I had done with this same rifle using 60 grains of GOEX FFg which had an average velocity of 1,218 feet per second with an extreme spread of 50 fps. Like with the rifles, the cleanliness of the new powder was easily noticed and highly appreciated. Canadian Gunsmith, Firearms & Reloading Components.

The finished product is also subject to strict laboratory tests and ballistic missile programs. Five shots were fired at a bullseye target which was posted at 25 yards. Whether it’s traditional gunpowder for increased accuracy or pellets for faster loading speed, Powder Valley is your complete source for the high quality propellant your weapon requires. But I do know that when compared volume to volume the Olde Eynsford is noticeably lighter in weight than with corresponding F-series powders. We enjoy talking to our customers, call us with any questions you may have about our products.

Additional information Powder is sold in 5, 10, and 25 lbs lots. (two 25-lb.

That’s $1.10 per pound more than the “red can” GOEX. We are the proud master distributor for Swiss Black Powder, Schuetzen Black Powder and Goex Black Powder. This is so we can verify your age and address for shipping of these controlled goods. Powder is sold in 5, 10, and 25-lb. Orders can be placed online or by phone. But no, it is a genuine blackpowder and statements from GOEX bear that out. The price for Olde Eynsford powder really isn’t too bad. Powder, Inc. ( is advertising it at $16 per pound when purchased in a case of 25 pounds. From the 7½-inch barrel of my old .45 (which I’ve had for over 50 years!) lots) per order. When the hunt is calling, your Black Powder Rifle demands you answer with the best supplies in the field. Next the Olde Eynsford 2F was tried in a new rifle (one that I do believe you’ll be seeing again on these pages), a custom .44/77 by C. Sharps Arms. Black powder’s easy ignition makes it an ideal component for pyrotechnics. In this case the powder was measured by weight, 33 grains, and it was loaded by Black Dawge Cartridges, makers of blackpowder ammunition. A current & valid firearms license (PAL) is required to purchase all smokeless powder from our company.Please provide your PAL # along with your date of birth. So far I’ve done only a little shooting with this new powder, so an introduction is just about all I can give you at this time. BLACK POWDER. 32-20: 115 gr. Shooting the shorter barreled .45 did help me make a conclusion to recommend future loadings of 28 grains with the Olde Eynsford 3F powder. BLACK POWDER COMPANY POLICY And is truly a real blackpowder, not a substitute. The group on that target was a bit high and the velocity was also higher than what my rifle is used to, so the higher impact of the .526” ball did not surprise me.

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