The iconic singer and musician David Bowie played Jareth, The Goblin King in Labyrinth. Life moves pretty fast.

However, this particular quote was from Madmartigan, played by Val Kilmer. The fact that it grossed more money than any film in history at the time proved how on target our approach was. As said by Mr Miyagi, who was played by Pat Morita in The Karate Kid. Matt Wilson, the colorist, has this great palate [in Paper Girls] that brings up all these emotions and this feel of the '80s without being actually as kind of as bright and primary as it could have been. So what if you were born in the era when they still used rotary phones and cassette tapes?

Josh Baskin (played by Tom Hanks) innocently brings down his rival, Paul, in Big. The fantasy field was growing by leaps and bounds, and I was right in the middle of it, working with authors I'd worshiped as a teen, and finding new ones to encourage and publish.”, “Apparently, during the ‘80s, nobody really dressed like Madonna except for Madonna.”, “Ricky was a young boy, he had a heart of stone./Tequila in his heartbeat, his veins burned gasoline./18 and life you got it.”, “In a lot of places, of course, the '80s had never really come to an end.”, “I mean, my age is just a number. Best 80s quotes selected by thousands of our users! I started out doing voice overs in the mid 80s when I was in grad school. Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing.

If you think the ’80s were dumber than the ’70s, either you weren’t there or you weren’t paying attention. And all so that millionaires and billionaires can have a huge tax cut. It’s Bill Murray as Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters, of course! There were a lot of great things you could go and hear for very little money at the time [ '80s]. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. Remember, it was a period of ultraconservatism, and so you needed brave people to push ahead like that. It was the 80s, and there wasn't the stigma about bankruptcy that you might think. First said by Kyle Reese played by Michael Biehn in Terminator, but later used in the sequels too. As an actor I kind of do. Everybody agrees that the 80s was a great decade for movies. This was Johnny 5’s plea to Stephanie after he squashes a grass hopper in Short Circuit. On one level, going bust didn't bother me. 80s Love Quotes & Sayings. The '80s were a time of technical wonder in filmmaking; unfortunately, some colleges didn't integrate their film and theater departments - so you had actors who were afraid of the camera, and directors who couldn't talk to the actors. "Rt Interview: Joan Cusack On War, Inc., The Unofficial Sequel to Grosse Point Blank". The '80s was a really creative and brave period. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that. “If the festivities at Christmas and the New Year take the form of an in creasingly conventional hullabaloo - since we no longer have the winter solstice as our excuse in the electronic age, nor, in the age of Jesus Christ Superstar, that of the Nativity, nor even that of the snow and ice isolating each person in their own inner space and numbing the blood in the veins - if the end-of-year revels make people so anxious, it is because they are taking the measure of the twelve months that are to come, which they will slowly have to plough through one by one. Or the little kid you're babysitting who attaches himself to your leg kind of hold. Apr 21, 2018 - Explore Sara Conner's board "80s quotes" on Pinterest. He shouted this line whilst trying to escape El Guapo’s trap. Ellen Ripley from Aliens was played by Sigourney Weaver, who uttered this line whilst trying to save Newt (Carrie Henn). “By the power of Phil Collins, who knows that you coming back to me is against all odds, in his name I command you to leave this servant of Genesis alone... “There may be a lot of kids in this world, but the stupid ones are always stupid in the same way.”, “Screws fall out all the time. The world's an imperfect place.”, “Most days Florence would proudly sport a halter top sans a brassiere and briskly march across her yard in crudely trimmed cut-off-jeans —her cheap flip flops flailing off her feet and her sagging breasts bouncing in cadence to her determination to find escape through a good time.”. Interview with Jen Yamato, Mass hysteria! From Terminator to The Lost Boys to Dirty Dancing, there was something for everyone in the era of epic sci-fi movies and Brat Pack high school comedies. This was the voice of Paul Reubens as Trimaxion “Max” in Flight of the Navigator. It’s Leslie Nielsen as Dr Rumack in Airplane! “When Harry Met Sally. The celebrations of the millennium really are going to have to be brilliant to overcome the boredom we feel when we think of the next century. See which ones you can remember quoting weeks and months after you had first been to the cinema….

“Don't you forget about me: contemporary writers on the films of John Hughes”, Gallery, William Goldman (2013). Tom Cruise from Jan 24, 2013, Graeme Simsion (2014). Welcome back. And who could blame them, Alex thought, after watching three generations of flaccid tattoos droop like moth-eaten upholstery over poorly stuffed biceps and saggy asses?”, “We have work to do if you are not to be a total failure like high-waisted, acid-wash jeans.”, “The Government set the stage economically by informing everyone that we were in a depression period, with very pointed allusions to the 1930s. February 9, 2006. To me, it was kind of a dark, depressing time. . I remember the '80s being about the Cold War and Reagan and the homeless problem and AIDS. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There is a fearlessness about him. Think how impatient we are for the year 2000, this whole millennium to get through, while we are already madly curious about the year 2020 and, no doubt, perfectly disenchanted as to what awaits us in '86. May 15, 2006. Far out! Watching him at Wembley Stadium with 70,000 people, he looks as comfortable as if he were in his own living room.”, “If you think the ’80s were dumber than the ’70s, either you weren’t there or you weren’t paying attention.”. 26 Best Beauty Quotes And Sayings; 32 Best Retirement Quotes; List of 40 Gold Quotes & Sayings; 27 Inspirational Quotes on HIV AIDS Awareness; 80 Catchy Go Green Sayings; Top 10 Save Money Quotes that will help you to control your expenditures; 17 Motivational Quotes that will Energize You; Top 150 Greatest Leadership Quotes And Sayings These words were uttered by the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. 80s (504 quotes) Today, fashion is really about sensuality-how a woman feels on the inside. “The Princess Bride: An Illustrated Edition of S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure”, p.351, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Nora Ephron (2011).

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