The best Top Ten for me is: 1-Beatles, 2-Rolling Stones, 3-The Who, 4-Led Zeppelin, 5-Pink Floyd, 6-The Kinks, 7-Deep Purple, 8-David Bowie, 9-The Doors, 10-Bob Dylan. 27) Nirvana The floyd are the best band that i have ever heard, but have no qualms with the beatles being top as their hit making was undeniable. [1] New British groups such as Suede and Blur launched the movement by positioning themselves as opposing musical forces, referencing British guitar music of the past and writing about uniquely British topics and concerns. Even with the anthology set I found myself deleting ALOT of tunes that just didn’t hold up..The Sex Pistols one album is far better as a whole then any Clash record..Coldplay and Radiohead always struck me as well pretentious rock for folks who want to appear to way too ” hip ” when it comes to music..but they have had a pop appeal that eludes me to this day… Queen was GIANT.. maybe should have been a little higher on the list as well.. My first rock album was Queen Live Killers.. so I am biased on that one..I guess I will be the one that says it..Zeppelin were GODS.. the 9 original albums were the blue print for all these hardrock to come.

[36] "Angels" by Robbie Williams, "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia, and "Wonderwall" by Oasis all sold over one million copies but failed to get to number one. 30) Parliament And as for the American band list, CSN&Y can’t be included because Nash is British and Young is Canadian. I might move some things around. More importantly, T. Rex (along with Gary Glitter) personified the entire glam-rock movement. If Prince and Parliament count as rock then so do Commodores and Michael Jackson. Knowing your personal tastes somewhat, I’m surprised the New Romantics aren’t really represented. To claim that Stone Roses were influenced by Pixies is so shockingly wrong that I wonder if you’ve really heard both bands. Who- Sadly, I think you’re right to put them this far down on the list. See also band, rock, alternative rock, popular music, heavy metal, grunge, psychedelic rock, punk, and country music. There are more websites hosting Queen bootlegs – in 2001, 12,225 such sites – than any other band. @Peter Wooldridg Hey Pete, how do you know when a plane load of Pommies touchdown at Kingsford Smith airport? Plus, I would like to nominate Ocean Colour Scene for a top 50 UK spot! Marion: In the mid-90s Macclesfield’s Marion made lots of new friends touring with Radiohead, and their album ‘This World and Body’ was a classic for sensitive bedroom-dwelling eyelinered types with an aversion to sunlight.

Knocking” anywhere is enough to have put them in the top 25. You need more than three albums and one in the case of the Sex Pistols.

44) Jerry Lee Lewis Obviously Genesis should be in the top 3 or 4 but facts are wrong too – example, Genesis were heavily influenced by King Crimson and a bit by Yes, not vice versa… What about ELP (and the NIce),.

I guess I will not bring up our attendance of a Phil Collins show . The Dutch former model clearly thought she could do better and so formed Salad with some other musicians. Any drummer worth his sticks sites Bonzo as a influence..and as far as vocals..

When you’re talking about British songwriting duos, the first one you talk about is, of course, Lennon and McCartney. DM are probably the most successful electronic band ever, eclipsing even New Order for the title. …..Slade are at 1 point, 3rd behind the Beatles & Stones of the most number 1’s by any british band in the Uk !!

But I agree. Prince may deserve higher. Although mainly an instrumental group these guys made records right up to the end of the 20th century and didn’t officially break up till a few years into the 21st century. So they started playing with noise and feedback and created something new… just like how Asobi Seksu mixed the Cocteau Twins and The Jesus and Mary Chain to get their sound. Kiss, Twisted Sister, Mötley Crüe, Japan, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Flock of Seagulls, Prince and Marilyn Manson were all heavily influenced the the band’s style, if not their music, too. You rock. Genesis- I don’t like either version of this band. They started as a glam rock knock-off, moved in to disco for an album, then settled into art pop. All artists; New arrivals; Music genres; Music eras; Photographers. 2. DEEP PURPLE???? A good read! New Order *are* on the list, at #14.

No, you didn’t. Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake is remembered as a classic album, and rightfully so. Curve: Back in the dark ages (ie the early 90s), Toni Halliday of Curve probably got more attention for her pulchritude than for her considerable talent in the music press, but she was a hero and an inspiration to many and without her the likes of Garbage and The Kills would sound very different indeed. And then the same thing happened in Spain, then New Zealand, then Scandinavia, and in San Francisco, where a DJ at KITS fell in love with the song, too. But here goes my opinion…

The criteria given (record sales, chart performance) are essentially financial, not artistic or cultural. 37: Moody Blues HOWEVER, it also saw some of the outright worst music, fashion and creative direction of the 20th century. Where is Babyshambles and The Libertines? London Calling was a huge album, and a great one, but compared to zeppelin, queen, the beatles???

And the list of other musicians who are fans – Peter Gabriel, Rufus Wainwright and John Lydon – is impressive, too. I’ll get back to you next week after i’ve had a chance to read it all the way thru . Not a bad thing, just an observation. And as previously mentioned, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, and Deep Purple also belong on this list. Here on this list of the alleged 50 greatest British artists of all time I notice the absence of greatness, and not so much what’s included because it appears you have to be a freak and an iconoclast and look like a freak to be considered. I might be too impatient for this post.

But they kicked SO much ass! What century do you live in? Your review of the best 50 British bands falls short in so many ways that I don’t know where to start. 6) Queen: You can’t think of 1970s music without thinking of Queen. 41) The Human League – Sure, they might be “Three Hit Wonders” in the United States, and many in the UK would probably prefer to forget they ever existed. Of course, the band’s lineup has changed considerably over the years, and this affected the quality and frequency of their output.

48. Deep Purple? Thank you for this. [37], By the latter half of the decade, British music was declining in popularity in the United States. But regardless of this, I am sure keen have topped SPAR radio several times over the years and provide a heartwarming sound to the daily lives of the working British proletariat.

And also Chris, Maysoon, Alissa, Allan and Jay. As of today, it is the eighth best-selling album of all-time. Terrific parallel with The Who being Wake Forest while the Stones and The Beatles are UNC and Duke. Jimi Hendrix Experience (that was a British band)…and I could go on. 10. [2] The 4AD record label is the one most associated with dream pop, though others such as Creation, Projekt, Fontana, Bedazzled, Vernon Yard, and Slumberland also released significant records in the genre. Of course, that all started to change on Revolver, and yes, Sgt.

Catherine Wheel. Not bad overall. Those early days were lean ones for the band, but when singles like “Lazy Sunday” and “Itchycoo Park” hit the shelves, the band finally got the recognition they deserved.

Pink Floyd on 13th place.

Despite the fact that you are done with The Beatles they are the No. [31] Other metal oriented media that originated in the United Kingdom included magazines such as Terrorizer which have a reputation worldwide. The Who should be no.1 though – the greatest live band ever (studio probably as well). [8] Wet Wet Wet and Whitney Houston also had runs of 10 or more weeks at number one during the 1990s. Big Audio Dynamite.

As a Brit who grew up in the 70’s I found this to be an interesting but flawed list.

When I was younger, I recall hearing how big band was the music of choice in old folks homes.

After the holiday festivities died down, I went to my room and put my headphones on and had a listen. Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton Maybe I just have a cultural blind spot for The Who… but it just seemed like, growing up, they were everyone’s fifth or sixth favorite band, never anyone’s favorite band. But the Buzzcocks created some of the best tunes of the era, hell… the best songs of any era. Category:British boy bands.

There’s nothing you can do about it. The rest are ok with me. 15) Elvis Costello: If punk rock had a crooner, it was Elvis Costello.

It’s obvious the author is a fan of 80’s alternative / new wave / punk. Had the band stayed together and released a few more awesome albums, they might have held the spot in pop culture that U2 holds today (By the way, U2 being an Irish band, are not British, which is why they’re not on this chart).

Their early work – the “Love Me Dos” and ” I Want To Hold Your Hands” – were solid bubblegum pop of their day, but they’re all but unlistenable to me now, cheesier than a cave in Leicestershire. Singer Nick Sanderson played in late period Jesus and Mary Chain, and when he tragically died from lung cancer aged 47, the Reid brothers put their differences aside to play together at his funeral. 27) The Stone Roses: Why? Which is fitting in a way.

First supergroup, the cream of the crop musicians? Oh, and what about ELO? I think next you should compile a list of your top 50 British bands ( we all should, and we could compare)!! At some point they got rid of their ace drunken bass player Bob, headed off in a new bland REM b-sides direction and everyone yawned and forgot about them. It did suck that they were considered just a bunch of “pretty boys” and did not get the credit that they deserved. 13: Smiths best liveband. I loved Style Council.

Someone knows why don’t appear The Electric Light Orchestra?, I think than this list it’s not complete. And without going into to much detail, Joy Division should be number 1.

Their “Ghosts” single hit the Top 5 in 1982, and is one of the most… unique records to ever chart that high. They weren’t even the best punk band. There will always be opinions on who should or shouldn’t be on the list.

We Will Rock You, a musical based on Queen, opened in London in 2002, and is the longest-running musical in West End history, eclipsing even Mamma Mia and Grease. “Abacab” was arty and modern postpunk. REally? The band were Ground Zero of the “Madchester” scene, and although they didn’t have the chart success of other bands, their tunes rocked enough Ecstasy-fueled raves for the band to become legendary.

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