Create a six-word memoir that describes your experience during COVID-19. Along those lines, perhaps I should also be asking a second question: “What do you think you’ll learn from this?”.

Discuss a time when your individual values have conflicted with the values of a group or community that you are a part of.

I remember thinking, I just want to feel normal again. Something I find really special about my high school is that we are really focused on student-centered learning. (See activity 3 for more guidance.

Why write at a time like this? Keeping a journal is just one of 12 writing projects we suggest for students. Who inspires you and why do they inspire you? When future historians look to write the story of life during coronavirus, these first-person accounts may prove useful. Think of a person you are close to (for example, a family member, friend, teacher, or neighbor). The university system is heavily weighted toward task proficiency.

Theater, which depends on crowds gathering to watch performers at close quarters, is experiencing significant loss and upheaval, with many stagings either delayed indefinitely or canceled outright.

If that’s the case, try writing an editorial about something you have a strong opinion about related to the coronavirus. How does it inspire you? How can your students use their journals to document “history in-the-making” during the coronavirus for future generations? During the coronavirus pandemic, journals provide students a space for private reflection, which can help them process their thoughts, feelings, and uncertainties during these difficult times. A Letter to My Students as We Face the Pandemic.

Don't keep it to yourself! You can use the following questions and resources to help students set up journals before the summer break. Examine how Saunders fosters feelings—and even laughter—without feeling inappropriate in the face of adversity. Offering advice? Are they keeping you up-to-date on the news? A Letter to My Students as We Face the Pandemic.

You can write in your journal every day or as often as you like.

Great photo, Abbas! I've always liked Rawls's "veil of ignorance" principle, namely, that the ideal society would be the one we would choose if we didn't know who we... "As usual, Rawls said it best: "The conclusion, then, is that while an intolerant sect does not itself have title to complain of intolerance, its... Did not receive 3 Quarks Daily this morning - I seem to have been unintentionally unsubscribed. The thought ended almost before it started: “This is so overwhelming.” It was all one teacher managed to type before she stopped short, vexed into silence, perhaps, by the sheer size of the problem. Describe the ways you are seeing and keeping in touch with your friends and families during this pandemic.

You can sketch and color your comic with paper and pen, or use an online tool like

What are the benefits? Related Resource: Writing Curriculum | Unit 1: Teach Narrative Writing With The New York Times. We’re all doing the best we can with the situation we find ourselves in. From left, Justin Lubin/NBC; ABC Kids; Claire Folger/Lionsgate, Illustration by Tracy Ma/The New York Times. It might not be perfect, but that's normal. Try Google quizzes using Forms, a reading log, some short live sessions with teachers and classmates, maybe vocabulary extension, maths and geometry problems (but not too many).

Read the rest of Dr. Mitchell’s poem and note the lines, images and metaphors that speak to you. There should be a sharp distinction between public policy and what occurs on private property. Students might consider why Saunders’s letter is … Then, tap into your creative side by writing a poem inspired by your own experience of the pandemic. What do you miss the most from your life before COVID-19? I appreciated seeing this article because many younger people seem to feel invincible.

Share your opinions by writing a review of a piece of art or culture for other teenagers who are stuck at home. What artifacts can you save to help you remember this time?

I was making it work until the coronavirus shut down my college town. As you get older, your responsibilities are likely to accumulate. Some people act like Trump is some kind of misogynist, white supremacist,... Nice piece, Tim, good analysis.

Ask students to look closely at the sentence structure and word choice that makes Gay’s work feel conversational. As I watch another dire day recounted on the nightly news, I wonder how to extract meaning from this experience. The pandemic has affected over 114 countries, killing over 4,000 and shows no sign of abating, leading to chaos in university administration and among students.

For my middle school English and humanities classes, I’m offering the same lessons I would normally do live, but in smaller doses.”. My dad is a project manager for a mattress company. Humans are social animals. Students with no internet or no computer will need support, as will those with learning differences or other circumstances that make distance learning especially difficult. Write a letter to yourself during the coronavirus pandemic.

Not sure what to write about? When students study how he conjures a sense of hope and delight while still recognizing darkness, they can develop a better understanding of how writing can straddle both worlds, much in the way that Hendrick’s “Lockdown” melds seriousness with optimism.

And we’re not ready. At the time, it was hitting me that my daughter starts high school in the fall, and my son will be a senior. Students might consider why Saunders’s letter is so effective. It’s a messy sandbox where you get to make and explore.”1 Students can express themselves in their journals through a combination of art, narrative, and poetry. The energy that once crackled along the concrete has eased.

In Málaga, Spain, Marcos Moreno Maldonado makes drawings that weave around his words, keeping a diary that is botanical, beautiful and strange. What will convince that future kid is what you are able to write about this, and what you’re able to write about it will depend on how much sharp attention you are paying now, and what records you keep.4.

13-hour time difference.

How is it relevant to her life and the world?

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