0000003530 00000 n may have sounded something like this: Costello calls a computer store to ask about a computer.

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What makes you think the war is over? stream

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Abbott: Mac? Hilarious stuff! 0000001588 00000 n In 1940, Bud and Lou worked their magic on a summer replacement show for Fred Allen followed by The Chase and Sanborn Hour with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. I never heard the radio shows, I can’t wait to listen. 0000001145 00000 n BUD: Look Never mind that Lou. 0000003780 00000 n

�ɦ�`tN�KO����y¸�_�g9e�w����Nn����D��5�#������I� �緜P���d�[email protected]�x�rV|aED��l^�����@u�'p5x � In their film “Who Done It?”, Lou was calling up a radio station to accept the award for a contest he had just won. Bud Abbott … LOU: I heard the lady next door talking back to her maid!

Showbiz veterans Bud Abbott and Lou Costello hit the big time with the huge success of their second film, Buck Privates in 1941 launching the duo into the stratosphere of popularity few could achieve in the 1940s.Landing their own weekly radio stint, The Abbott and Costello Program in 1942 was another way they could deliver their brand of entertainment to an eager audience. BOX 248 • CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA 52406 TOLL FREE (800.) Before going any further take a look at their skits, the first showing how 25 divided by 5 is 14, and the second how 7 x 13 = 28. "�(

���,;&��� SCp�F��I��g{�Yo��4 PUBLISHED BY HEUER PUBLISHING LLC P.O. Scripts are listed by the first noun in the title. xref endstream endobj 52 0 obj <. Will a large group of people recognize that name and come see your show? Showbiz veterans Bud Abbott and Lou Costello hit the big time with the huge success of their second film, Buck Privates in 1941 launching the duo into the stratosphere of popularity few could achieve in the 1940s. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Marie Dressler, the Grandest Old Trouper of Them All, #TCMFF 2020: Special Home Edition, My Picks, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/Abbott%20and%20Costello%2042-10-15%20Bank%20Robbery%20with%20Marlene%20Dietrich.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/Abbott%20and%20Costello%2042-11-19%20Knights%20in%20Shining%20Armor%20with%20Merle%20Oberon.mp3, https://ia600705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/Abbott%20and%20Costello%2043-01-14%20Hunting%20Guide%20with%20Claire%20Trevor.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/Abbott%20and%20Costello%2043-11-04%20Guest%20Lana%20Turner.mp3, https://ia600705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/Abbott%20and%20Costello%2043-11-18%20Nylon%20Stockings%20with%20Lucille%20Ball.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/Abbott%20and%20Costello%2043-12-02%20Trip%20to%20Palm%20Springs%20with%20Veronica%20Lake.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello45-05-03SpanishActingSchool.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello44-01-13AVisitToPeterLorresSanitarium.mp3, https://ia600705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello44-02-10RobinsonCrusoeWithCharlesLaughton.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello44-02-17MakingAMovieWithDorothyLamour.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello46-05-30PreparingForElsaMaxwellsParty.mp3, https://ia600705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello44-03-16AtTheCircusWithAlanHale.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello44-03-23APsychiatristForCostelloWithLindaDarnell.mp3, https://ia600705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello48-01-21LouInheritsEightHundredThousandDollars.mp3, https://ia600705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello44-03-30RadioStationWithAlanLadd.mp3, https://ia600705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello44-04-06Guest-CaryGrant.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello47-02-27DrivingLessonsWithMarilynMaxwell.mp3, https://ia600705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello45-03-01Guest-FrankSinatra.mp3, https://ia800705.us.archive.org/21/items/OTRR_Abbott_Costello_Singles/AbbottAndCostello45-04-05TryingToHireTheAndrewsSisters.mp3, Follow Once upon a screen… on WordPress.com.

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