The whites aren't white at all, just kind of a dull white with a yellow tinge. First need to remove the stand which is held with one screw. Sign up for an Acer ID and get exclusive access to deals and the Predator Den community, where you can ask and answer questions about gaming and gear.

Ultimately, Monitor drivers are .inf file which are just fancy text files that Windows can understand. To keep the price low, manufacturers build their products from cheap components. I was going to take my power box and cords, too. I got the monitor back today. it runs a little cooler than the OEM 2 Amp switchmode. Acer Community User Agreement. And if you see a good deal there don’t hesitate … Phone: 1300 854 089 (Overseas +61 3 8388 7427) Email: [email protected] . My fault is, the power button flashes blue / yellow constantly , and wont come out of stand by, I'm 45 years old and this is the first time in my life I've ever bothered to have warranty work done on anything. The Acer s271hl is 27” all screen with a thin glossy bezel. I didn’t have more time to take the monitor apart, so I left it for a few days. £15.00.

© 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I have completed the repair on my S271HL, It requires Java, which does not work in Edge or Chrome. 10" Touchscreen Monitor. I can look at it, hopefully be able to identify the problem. On the bottom layer, I heated the connection on one side meanwhile pulled the capacitor towards to the opposite side and vice versa. This is actually very irritating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I sent it to them in the original box it came in from the store, complete with the styrofoam braces, and I put that box inside a larger box that had five inches of padding (bubble wrap on the top and bottom, in addition to crumpled craft paper on the ends).

IT WORKED! If you have the time and feel like taking the drive, I'd say go for it. Acer's National Spare Parts Reseller (New Zealand) Dove Electronics Limited. I know this is irrelevant, but what's also irritating is the fact that my previous monitor was a CRT (NEC MultiSync FP2141SB 22") and it worked flawlessly for ten years before it went kaplooey. Where? Soon, this stopped and the right part of the screen blanked out leaving the left part bright white, which then changed to a white and black strip. I have an Acer S271HL that I bought in 2013 (just now outside of the 3-year warranty) that appears to have crapped out last night. I thought “YES”, they’ve made a mistake and sent me a functional one.

or Best Offer . I’ve sent you a private message with my email where you can send the pictures to. Find information about warranties and more. Repair My Acer Repair Case Status Warranty Information Contact Support Get help for your Acer! So I borrowed his power supply to test my monitor and I had the same issue: a flashing amber power button.So the question is: Has anybody else ever encountered this with Acer? It looks like you're new here. I found that the flickering is a common issue due to the cheap and not reliable components, specifically the capacitors. The power button just keeps flickering without any image. Acer S271HL Monitor Flickering Screen Repair. I turned it off just before going to bed and when I started work this morning it wouldn't power on again. I'm guessing you mean HDMI port, HTML is the language of web pages... What does a Windows-P key combo show you when the cable is connected to the monitor and laptop? It fixed the black & white screen issue, however the flickering stayed. FAST & FREE.

Shopping Acer S271HL bid 27-Inch Screen LCD Monitor with us, We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. 2015 Newest Dell S2240L 21.5-Inch. i used higher voltage caps IE 35v, instead of 25v, on the LVDS board, Soon, this stopped and the right part of the screen blanked out leaving the left part bright white, which then changed to a white and black strip. I'm fairly technically apt so I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but haven't tried fixing a monitor before. The monitor arrived on the next day and I connected it to my laptop then switched it on. back to replacing the caps again.

Monitor passed intensive system burnin testing over weekend, in excess of 63 hours, with no observed issues.

I'm thinking about taking it in personally if they can look at it again and show me themselves that it works. start from the base of the lcd, where the stand fits. I did find your unit in our repair center and I've messaged the team asking for a bit of visiblity to my end and I'll follow up on it. LG IPS277 Monitor Power supply adapter ADS-40SG-19-3. Register a Product. Connected it to the power supply and to my laptop. Sign up for an Acer ID and get exclusive access to deals and the Predator Den community, where you can ask and answer questions about gaming and gear.

Make copies off everything you got from them to take with you. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. I am on Windows Surface Pro connecting to my monitor through Dynex Display adapter to HDMI port. Fast & Free shipping on many items! I've been a mechanic all my life, in many fields and I have seen this same scenario many times.

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