Similar to the previously mentioned Giant Fish Island, this one will also spawn only the biggest fish - but its river spawns from a cliff in the top right that diverges to the left and below around a small island before merging together on the left and flowing out to sea. These small deserted islands are full of trees, flowers, and other items. Because of this, you'll want to be sure to progress things by getting Blathers into your town so you'll have the Shovel and Vaulting Pole, and keep taking on tasks for Tom Nook until you get the Ladder as well - otherwise you stand to lose out on materials out of reach. Please review the rules before posting. You never know what kind of island you're going to or what to expect!

Another island that you're likely to visit on your first time, it's almost identical to the other island - including a river flowing from an upper elevation off to the right - but lacks a pond. The most frequent mystery island to appear is a “normal” island that boasts all of the … Aux fins de nos tests, nous avons dépensé 200 000 miles au total, mais si vous voulez vraiment obtenir un villageois spécifique, vous devrez probablement dépenser 2 à 3 fois ce montant, selon votre chance. Island characteristics will be drastically different from the usual Mystery Tour islands as listed above. Another extremely rare and lucrative find, this simple island is devoid of most trees, and instead has a small inner island surrounded by a large lake. Another rare island - this one is devoid of rivers or ponds, and instead has a very dense interior with hardwood trees everywhere, and many more coconut trees on the beach.

C'est une île remplie de tarentules! Si vous avez visité des îles que nous n'avons pas répertoriées ici, veuillez poster un commentaire (et une capture d'écran si vous le pouvez) ci-dessous! Player Birthday Party | What Happens on Your Birthday? Insect list; Fish list; Event-Calendar; Register; Mystery Islands: Mountain Island Mountain Island has no rivers and contains a mountain with 5 rocks on top of it. Au cours de nos tests, nous avons remarqué que le même personnage peut apparaître plusieurs fois. Quel que soit le cas, assurez-vous de toujours économiser des miles! An incredibly lucrative island if you can get to it, this island is easily identified by a large lake with a small island comprised of 5 rocks - all of which hold Bells. Il engendrera de nombreux papillons empereurs la nuit. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Si vous avez le nombre maximum de personnages sur votre île, cela peut arriver, alors essayez d'en éliminer un! Not sure if it’s worth mentioning but the waterfall one on the bottom row second from the right i’ve had pretty good luck catching rare river fish. The bamboo island is a highly sought after location - as its the only place to find fully grown bamboo and dig up bamboo shoots to grow more in your town. An island with a large pond on it. But on Mystery Islands, you can catch them even when it's sunny! ※ 3 Vous n'avez pas besoin d'un nouveau terrain si vous n'avez pas encore invité les 3 villageois sur votre île. Check out how to get to islands on Mystery Island Tours in Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH)!

Please also use this as a reference when you arrive on a new island! Trees: Hardwood, Fruit, Coconut?Fruits: Native?

I'm trying to find an inland with cherries apples and peaches? Il y a de nombreux cas où vous visitez une île mystère où il n'y aura personne. Ceux-ci valent la peine d'être ramassés, rapportés et plantés sur votre île! ※ Cette marque signifie que les informations n'ont pas été confirmées par nous personnellement et ont plutôt été soumises par les lecteurs dans la section des commentaires! Parlez à Orville à l'aéroport pour participer à une visite mystère.

*Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. It is not possible to bring your friends along with you! ★ ・ ・ – Rien de particulièrement spécial sur cette île. Découvrez ce guide Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH) sur la façon d'obtenir les villageois Mystery Tour que vous voulez. The famous "Spider Island" isn't just something you can create by tearing down insect spawning points - this island is identified by a small circular river ring around an interior that's likely swarming with aggressive critters. Watch this video guide to learn the best mystery tour islands to visit! This island is configured with a large rectangular inner island with a river moat - but the big draw is out at sea, where only finned fish will spawn that can include massive and lucrative sharks! Would you like me to try mailing you fruit? The Fruit is guaranteed to be different from your local or native Fruit. Liste des personnages que nous avons rencontrés. i see oranges the most. When you've come across one of these rare islands, be sure to post in the comments with a picture to help keep us up to date on the latest and greatest info! I have oranges (native), cherries (got it from Nintendo in a letter), and pears (from a mystery island). Includes mystery island maps, types, all mystery islands list, & villagers! These special islands could potentially have special fruits & plants such as Coconuts & Bamboo! They will often impede your way, meaning you might be unable to proceed if you don't have the Vaulting Pole!

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