I will never forget the way that man looked and smiled at me. In the 1990's, he played blues harmonica with Satan & Adam, which recorded three albums. Then I tried the traditional grip that you showed, and a clear, almost vocal wha emitted from the harp. I am so excited that I have found your website, your lesson was by far the best learning tool, I am thoroughly impressed. Or let’s just say somewhere, as I think we both prefer life on the road. I’m writing this post to honor him for inspiring and teaching us for so many years! Must admit the blue third is really hard. Then I kept moving on to your other videos. I want to put the message out that Mr. Satan is in love with this person, and that I don’t give a damn about all that stuff.” —New York Times in 2019, "You can't buy friendship, but you can damn sure make payments on it. I am sitting in with Bruce Andrews next Saturday for a slow Blues song in the key of "E" so we will see how it goes. I have been really studying your videos and after last night it tremendously showed. This page offers a sampling of those testimonials. You're a brilliant "pedadogue" (i'm not sure if you'll get it). In 2008, after a decade-long hiatus, Satan and Adam came back on line, and they've played occasional festival and club gigs ever since.

A few weeks ago I was on the job and it was a boring day. I played a song last night at Gip's [a juke joint in Bessemer, Alabama] with the Erin Mitchell Band. The video showed two guys on stage playing a song I'd never heard, and while the guitarist was, indeed, brilliant, it was the harmonica player that blew me away. I could never get that wha sound, no matter what I did. Then I stopped playing put the harp away and everyone was looking at me. Anyway, keep up the awesome work……. THe music was to bland for my taste. You both have made the harmonica so much fun for me. would not be near as expensive as iPads – wouldn’t that be something! An award-winning scholar and memoirist, Gussow is the author of five blues-themed books:  Mister Satan's Apprentice:  A Blues Memoir (1998; reissued in 2009); Seems Like Murder Here:  Southern Violence and the Blues Tradition (2002); Journeyman's Road:  Modern Blues Lives From Faulkner's Mississippi to Post-9/11 New York (2007); Busker's Holiday (2015), a novel; and Beyond the Crossroads:  The Devil and the Blues Tradition (2017), which was voted "Best Blues Book of 2017" by the readers of Living Blues.

Harp-playing man, that is. That video nailed it for me; it answered many of the questions no one could. The couple met 18 months ago, shortly after Mr. Gussow moved from New York to Oxford. Thanks for the email. What a hoot! Sherrie Denise Gardner and Adam Stefan Gussow were married yesterday at Riverside Church in New York by the Rev. In that time I have learned so much from you and my playing has improved greatly. Thanks Guys! RW, Thanks for the tip, I did a youtube search but didn’t find him, but I’ll keep an eye out for him. all the best.

Such a great music! In 2009, Gussow transformed himself into a one-man band, blowing amplified harp and stomping out some thump-and-metal grooves. When I first got the idea to pick up a harp, I thought, "well, it only has 10 holes, how hard can it be?" I'm sure all the future great harmonicists in 10 years will owe you because they would have start, like me, with you.

We are both Israeli musicians working in Israel and Blues harmonica teachers are impossible to find anywhere around. Gussow's other musical credits include five months with the bus-and-truck tour of Big River; commercials for Coca-Cola, Nestea, and Swatch; and two decades as a harmonica instructor at the Guitar Study Center in New York and Jon Gindick's harmonica jam camps. Man! Hi JP. All this yelling just few minutes ago, a little harp, and now everything is calm and the man is coming without a fight. It performance would have been much better if the background of the beat and chat were absent. Y todo esto profesor Allen se lo debo a UD. She graduated from Amber University in Garland, Tex. So I got one of my mates to play guitar and sing some blues tunes. Posted in Blog: Harmonica Articles, Learn About the Harmonica. — Adam Gussow (@AdamGussow) September 21, 2020. At the same time today I ordered on line a Hohner 1896/20 C.  I think this just might be a slightly better harp than Old Standy?? Play Adam's music (with Satan and Adam) at LastFM:  www.last.fm/music/Satan+and+Adam, Here's a long interview in which I speak about my life-journey as a blues harmonica player and how my destiny intertwined with Sterling Magee's over a period of many years:    http://willyoumissme.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/satan-and-adam-bring-it-back-home-tomorrow-night/. The lessons are great and I have learnt heaps from them. Today I downloaded Floyd's Hotel mov and tune sheet. My most sincere appreciation to you and your loved ones.

He’s a fabulous harp player, and he can sing pretty good too.

I’d love to see you and everybody else in NYC on July 30: https://www.harmonica.com/go/harmonica-madness.html jp, I did a Short with some borrowed music and my own words….hope you like this…I have been playing for yrs. I live in Santiago, Chile. And then i would like to thank you for your YouTube lessons. Cheers. jp, I want to add tht I am a MISSISSIAN , too..We have a lot of Blues-famous from Mississippi,, Thanks again for sharing. I think i’ll also be putting a harmonica mike on my Christmas list.

Modern Blues Harmonica channel at YouTube, Gussow's Classic Blues Harmonica Videos channel, http://willyoumissme.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/satan-and-adam-bring-it-back-home-tomorrow-night/. The $5.00 video and chart did it, man THANK YOU!! Your explanations are fluid, we can learn very fast. It offers a comprehensive look at my own journey on the harp, at the outlines of the craft (positions, techniques, wisdom), and at the future of blues harmonica in the 21st Century--including the ever-present YouTube videos that we've all come to depend on for information about the contemporary scene. They played on the U2 “Rattle and Hum” album and documentary, performed at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and recorded albums. Hi Adam, Nat Riddles honed his playing by teaching him the ins and outs of blues harmonica and transformed him into a true blues man. They were an unusual pair, a streetwise black blues player and a much younger white Ivy-League-educated harpist. I’m sure god’s got a place for those who bring happiness into others life. As I practiced for a few days, and reviewed the things I was exposed to in your videos, I actually put some things together. I'm 19, french and I've been learning harmonica for a year and a half. We talk about other things for we had 45 minutes ride to the closed hospital. Right now I'm feeling so grand it seems unreal.

After 5 years of playing harp, I now finally have that Chicago sound! I probably watched about 15 more that very day. Damn this virus. It's kinda both bluesy and funky, but neither of them at the same time !! Great inspiration to keep practicing ! You guys are the greatest. Adam you rock!!! Wow that’s what I will sound like one day, reminds me of when I saw Sonny Boy play in Watford England years ago. Thanks, Jimdave, Hey JP, You and your friends are role models……you like to give and aren’t inspired by just money.Thanks Wayne. He’s a constant source of inspiration for me, and for countless harmonica players all over the world. The bridegroom, 46, is an assistant professor of English and Southern literature, history and cultural studies at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. I am new to this stuff and it is rather mind-boggling!

Can’t wait for our next gig in a week. I could probably ramble on for a while, but won't take up too much of your time. This would not have happened without you. Al Sharpton, journalist Peter Noel, and others, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2018[6] and is currently (as of April 2020) streaming on Netflix. When I watched the trailer to your documentary (the first video in this blog), and saw the deep challenges that Satan was going through, I imagined how heart wrenching that must have been for you. I liked Adam most, but they both are great! In addition to his career with Magee, Gussow has worked in duo, band, and studio settings with guitarists Charlie Hilbert, Irving Louis Lattin, Wild Jimmy Spruill, Robert Ross, Bill Perry, Bill Abel, Andrew "Shine" Turner, Bill Sims, Jr., and Brian Kramer. The video was Adam and Satan playing "Mother Mojo," and I think it's safe to assume you don't have to guess who the musicians were. I have watched many of your youtube videos and have just purchased the MP3 collection of your first 100+ lessons. Sparks will fly!!! but after I watch some of your vids and the all the guests like Adam…it got me playin again and now I front for a blues band…Thanx for the inspiration and the knowledge. I just wanted to send an email to thenk you for all the wonderful instructional videos you have posted on youtube. We featured 2 harmonica songs last night and our crowd absolutely ate it up. Here’s what Amazon has to say: Busker’s Holiday by Adam Gussow, “a taut, sexy first novel about the summer busking scene in Europe and a pair of wild-hearted young men who make a pitch for fame and glory, finding a girl or two along the way.

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