The Aerolite 103 is available as a professionally built, ready-to-fly, legal Part 103 single-seat ultralight aircraft, or as a Quick-Build Kit that you can assemble yourself in Less Than 50 Hours! Several engines may be used with the Aerolite 103, including the Hirth F33, and F23, the Kawasaki 340 and 440, and the Rotax 377, 447 and 503. All engine packages include the engine, carburetor, engine mount, pre-welded exhaust, exhaust mount, mounting hardware, reduction drive, throttle cable(s), choke cable(s), electric starter, lightweight lithium battery, and complete instrument package with flight and engine instrument (airspeed, altimeter, slip indicator, tachometer, EGT, CHT). The Backyard Flyer is available in both a taildragger and tri-gear version. The airframe is very durable and low maintenance. Gallery. It also very stable and easy to fly making training or transition quick and easy. Performance has to be seen to be believed! A unique feature of the Backyard Flyer is that wing is designed to swing 90 degrees, which makes for easier storage. They are sold as ready to fly, you can have a very fun flying machine right away, for a cost nearly anyone can afford. 's Sun N Fun, E.A.A. Although the Aerolite can easily be built and flown with an empty weight well below those specified in FAR Part 103, certain engine configurations and/or the addition of various upgrades and options may result in the aircraft having an empty weight above those specified in Part 103. It easily makes weight with a 28 HP engine, and even with features rarely found on true ultralights such as electric start, electric flaps and brakes. The Aerolite 103 originated in 1996 by designer Terry Raber, in Ohio. Now, once again, Aerolite 103 is a major player in the part 103 ultralight market.

Dan Johnson talks to Alaina Lewis and Gene Smith from Culver Props about their 50 HP, Hirth F23 powered legal part 103 ultralight aircraft the Backyard Flyer during the E.A.A.’s Airventure convention.

With proper clothing it can be flown year round even in colder climates. The Aerolite uses a control yoke rather than a stick which sets it apart from most other ultralights. These include three axis control aircraft, weight shift control aircraft, more commonly known as trikes, powered parachutes, helicopters, gyrocopters and powered para-gliders that meet the light sport or ultralight aircraft definition.Airshows and aircraft expositions that we cover include, the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase, U.S. It will lift a heavy pilot into the sky with ease. HIRTH 2702 (40hp) (High Output Low RPM) HIRTH F23 (50hp) (The most popular choice) Specifications. Dan Johnson talks to Alaina Lewis and Gene Smith from Culver Props about their 50 HP, Hirth F23 powered legal part 103 ultralight aircraft the Backyard Flyer during the E.A.A.’s Airventure convention. Created for free using WordPress and. While it is a very fuel efficient and reliable engine it is also heavy.

© 2020 Aerolite 103 Sales. Since it is a legal ultralight, it is delivered fully assembled, ready to fly. Assembly. One company, Valley Engineering and their Backyard Flyer series brings several very agreeably priced aircraft to the market. With it's large wing area and light weight the Backyard Flyer ultralight gets off the ground in less than 100 feet. All Factory Built Ready-To-Fly Aerolites include all of the above, plus Engine (see engine choices below), Reduction Drive, Electric Start, Lightweight Lithium Starter Battery, 2 Blade Culver Prop Propeller, Instrument Panel with flight and engine instrument (airspeed, altimeter, slip indicator, tachometer, EGT, CHT). As the Aerolite took flight and was perfected, it was very well received in the industry, winning Grand Champion Ultralight at Oshkosh in 1997, and several other awards after that.

The Aerolite is very  easy to enter and exit, even for people with physical difficulties. Complete airframe, featuring your choice of sail color(s), Nose Fairing & Windscreen, Electric Flaps, Shock Absorbing Main Gear, Steerable Nose Wheel with Suspension, Four-point Restraint System, 5 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank, Visual Fuel Quantity Gauge, Dacron Covering, Aluminum Wheels, Tubeless 13 x 5 x 6 Carlisle 4 Ply Tires, Hydraulic Brakes, and a Fully Anodized Airframe.

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