The Situational Judgment & Reading Comprehension Subtests have replaced the aforementioned subtests. The AFOQT exam is a required test for anyone who wants to become an entry-level officer in the US Air Force. Your AFOQT Pilot Score is based on how well you do in the arithmetic reasoning, math knowledge, instrument comprehension, table reading, and aviation information sections of the AFOQT.

Quantitative Composite: 10 Instrument Comprehension Check out the Air Force ROTC Reddit thread for a ‘best & worst’ AFOQT score pulse check (do keep in mind you’re reading information posted by unknown people from the internet). The AFOQT is a big test with a lot of information to remember. I technically passed but slightly concerned for them being low (applying for OTS). If you want to become a Navigator, you will need to score a minimum of 10 in these sections. Competitive average scores are often much higher and vary according to your selection cohort. These two scores will depend if you can become an officer in the Air Force. The following disclaimer is provided in no uncertain terms via the Air Force Personnel Center TBAS Info webpage: ‘It is very important that you do not discuss the contents of the test with anyone other than the test administrator. Arithmetic Reasoning (25 problems in 29 minutes) (about 1 problem per minute) All other officer candidates will need to take the test. According to Air Force Personnel Command’s PCSM website, Form S scores converted to Form T are one percentile point lower than the original scores, on average. You will also be disqualified from consideration for Air Force pilot training.’. Second, you track an airplane moving in two dimensions. Learn more For those who are interested, within, or newly commissioned in AFROTC. In this example we averaged the scores (in each category) for the individuals who were selected to pilot … Okay, you get the idea. Answers must be bubbled in on a paper Scantron sheet using a pencil. Accumulating flight hours will not improve your Air Force Officer Qualifying Test score. The minimum score for this section is 10. Study guides for Form S are still very useful, but be sure that you don’t spend any time on the Rotated Blocks or Hidden Figures sections, and don’t bother with brushing up on any non-physical science.

Opposite of anhedral angle. 3. The silhouette changes direction when it ‘bumps’ the edge of the screen and/or is targeted successfully for several seconds.

It. The remaining 310 questions are divided unevenly amongst 11 subtests: Verbal Analogies (25 questions | 8 minutes) The Instrument Comprehension section has also been updated with higher quality graphics. Also utilize the information for the TBAS located on the PCSM website. They didn't have much on the aviation sections. Math Knowledge The General Science Subtest has also been switched out in favor of the Physical Science Subtest. These subtests are not on the ‘Form T’ version of the AFOQT. My local library had the Peterson’s book available for checkout electronically, and it was both helpful and free! It incorporates your AFOQT Pilot score, the results from your TBAS test, and your flying hours. At BogiDope our goal is to help you make educated and informed decisions about your aviation career. Press J to jump to the feed. Press J to jump to the feed. Answer Every Question For those who are interested, within, or newly commissioned in AFROTC. Math Knowledge (25 questions | 22 minutes) There are 550 questions on the AFOQT exam. You can take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test twice. Is there a really good online resource besides AFOQTguide? Navigator candidates must achieve a minimum score of 10 (Pilot), 25 (Navigator) and cumulative 50 (Pilot + Navigator). You will want to focus your study on those sections. The Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM) score is comprised of your AFOQT Pilot Composite score, TBAS score and the number of flight hours you have logged to date.

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