Believing that the spotlight belongs to the first years, Yume and Rola reject Kirara's request to let her perform in their place and instead call in as much help as they can to buy time until they arrive.

However the other idols refuse to leave and after some protesting, Elza realizes what she needs to do next. Episode 026 – 050 Sub Indo: Aikatsu Stars! But when Elza takes the stage, her radiance reaches its peak and she finally gains the Sun Dress, winning the competition. Episode 001 – 025 Sub Indo. Akari Ozora, Sumire Hikami, and Hinaki Shinjō,,!_(season_2)&oldid=981806455, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

", both by Sena, Rie, Kana and Miki - while the ending themes are "Bon Bon Voyage" by Miho from AIKATSU✩STARS and Risa, as well as "Pirouette of the Forest Light" by Sena and Ruka from AIKATSU✩STARS. They are taken to a large room, where a man takes to the stage and tosses aside a flower before he congratulates the entrants of the school. The opening themes are "STARDOM!" Hoshi no Tsubasa o Te ni Irero! Yume tells Elza she has set her sights on becoming the first star idol, to which Elza asks her to show how brightly she can shine at the Aikatsu! But on the day of the competition Kirara is given the wrong ingredients by mistake. She promises to tell Yume later on and takes off as Koharu runs inside to check on Yume. Following Kirara's performance, Yume shows her chord, which demonstrates the best parts of Rola and Kirara's efforts, before putting on a routine where both the idols and audience cheer for each other, helping Saya and her friends to get along. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again. After helping restore some flowers with her singing, Aria explains how she was approached by Hime to join her around the world. To make her feel better, Koharu points out how well Yume sings and how it always makes her feel happy even if the teacher didn't like it. Thankfully, Koharu decides to stay behind after being declared a graduate by Elza and re-enrolls in Yotsuboshi Academy with Yume and the others, although Kirara ends up missing her departure. Yume is criticized by Anna, and Laura takes her turn; which earns a compliment. When a late participant causes the tour group to miss a direct train to Suzukaze Plateau, Ako, who is working as a station attendant for the day, provides Lily with an alternate route using local trains. Among these events, she and Aria has been invited to co-star with Hime Shiratori on Hime's program. Yume is in good spirit to obtain the Sun Premium Dress. On the day of the Final tournament ballot to decide who will face who, Rei is revealed to face Yume, while Mahiru will face Elza. English Fandub Episode 1 - video dailymotion (スタートライン!) is a song that debuted in the Part 1 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! Yume and the others manage to convince her that she has her own radiance that she can shine with.

At the end of the day, Alice leaves Venus Ark with her head held high, showing Elza a glimmer that she thought had disappeared.

Yume is surprised to see how well she is performing, but is unable to understand why she can't remember any of it. Episode 076 – 100 Sub Indo: Aikatsu Stars! She changes into her coord and performs Aikatsu☆Step!. When Lily wakes up, she finds her stage lit up by the glowsticks of all of her fans, allowing her performance to go ahead. Afterwards, Elza invites Aria aboard the Venus Ark so she can see more of the world. Episode 051 – 075 Sub Indo: Aikatsu Stars! Yume is announced the winner and Elza comes to realize why she lost. Some students plan to go back to their room, while some want to start training. Rei still tries to convince Elza to reconsider closing Venus Arc but to no avail. One by one they give words of encouragement to the students, starting with Yozora of the Moon Beauty Class. Season 1. Once they finish, the cards are print out and she hands them over to the girls before they exit outside. Within canon, this episode takes place during. As Yume gets hers, she suggests that she makes sure to swing by the Dress Make Room later on to get her first coord, and Yume returns to her seat. Elza has aspired to be like her since her childhood: she was beautiful, shined as brightly as the sun, the world's top idol. 1.3 Full Ver. While Koharu wants her dresses to be impactful, Yume is worried about upsetting Berry Parfait fans by having something too different. As Yume stands on the stage, she suddenly blacks out and falls to the ground, alarming everyone.

Hime has Aria accompany Yume and observe her during a photo shoot, during which Yume learns about Aria's relationship with Hime. event, and some Starlight School girls are looking at the heart-shaped chocolate tower while Ichigo, Sakura, and Otome are presenting the event. Not sure what Kirara means, Aria goes to Four Star Academy to find Hime but ends up running into Mahiru, who is training for the same competition. She and the other newcomers are determined to discover their talent, with a choice of specializing in beauty, singing, dancing, or drama. Yotsuba is cooking pancakes for the everyone and Hinaki is admiring the tower when Kayoko arrives to hand over the brand new Premium coord -the Bubbles Mermaid Coord- as promised.

This episode marks the debut of the anime adaption of Aikatsu Stars! As the threat of Venus Ark looms over the school, Yume and Rola decide to put on a show for the first year students. As Rola begins her duties as Spice Chord's muse and works on her own Premium Rare Dress, she and Yume are invited to be part of a Venus Wave event to increase their Aikatsu Ranking.

As the ship prepares to leave, Elza says goodbye to Yume, vowing to return one day to defeat her, to which Yume replies that she'll be waiting. This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 14:38. Before she can respond with her own, Anna calls for her to reveal it as Laura. 1 Story 2 Summary 3 Characters 4 Trivia 5 … Aria learns a valuable lesson from Mahiru and both idols enter the competition. However the program appears to be too much for Lillie to handle, but Yuzu comes to her rescue. Rei decides to use the opportunity to show the Venus Arc idols she can be their shining light by winning the tournament.

Video is definitely there but it may take some time to load because of high demands to the servers. Before heading inside, Yume and Koharu comment on how the uniform looks on each other while wondering if they will get a chance to meet their beloved S4. Following the languages and math tests, Elsa shakes up the English test by having them conduct English interviews with an American film crew, with Yume and the others using hints from their lessons to make their interview a fun experience. Learning that her parents are finally getting some time off work, Mahiru returns home with Yozora and Asahi to spend some quality family time together. He rudely asks her to get off, stating she's heavy and Yume awkwardly apologizes and gets up.

When she noticed Koharu struggle, Yume revealed hers and suggests Koharu joins her in some day entering S4. Ranking, saying she needs to get serious if she wants to win. This episode marks the cameo appearance of. Ranking and make Elza notice her. As the Venus Ark returns to Japan, Aria searches around the ship with Yume and Kirara for some surprising Aikatsu. Her final test tasks her with handing out a mountain of taiyaki in a practically deserted town within an hour. The girls return to Yotsuba with the chocolate and inform him of what they heard, with Hinaki mentioning how sad the girls looked after they told the trio about his retiring shortly after debut.

S4 receive a request to produce this years Christmas festival. As Rola and Mahiru continue to misinterpret the situation, Ako runs off when Kirara blurts out her feelings for Subaru in front of everyone.

Aria and Kirara help Rei set up a special class for model training hoping to inspire the Venus Arc idols again but no one shows up.

Yume suddenly gets an idea and heads off, surprising Koharu when she realizes she left. Meanwhile, Yume, Rola, and Mahiru, whose exchange programmes aboard the Venus Ark are scheduled to end as a result, assume that they will end up having to part ways with Koharu once again, becoming worried when they can't find her aboard the ship before it departs. Upon arriving at Venus Ark, Yume, Rola, and Mahiru are greeted by Koharu, who explains how she was scouted as a designer by Elza during her studies in Italy.

Mahiru comes to realize that she was blinded by Elza's radiance and that what she really wants is to compete against Yume. After they confirm their curiosity, the girls explain how they want to bring chocolate to Yotsuba, and Hinaki asks if they are friends of his.

However, Rola announces that she won't be participating this year as she is planning on moving to England to join a music producer called Black Star. While Yozora and Asahi are called out to sudden jobs, Mahiru is visited by Yume and the others, giving them a tour of her house. Yume, Rola, Koharu, Mahiru and Ako decide to spend their final vacation together having fun before Rola leaves for England. After managing to buy enough time for Kirara to arrive, Mahiru returns home to find the entirety of her family holding her an early birthday party. Ako overhears that M4 have decided to separate after the new year so that each member can pursue their own goals. After finishing they congratulate the students and everyone applauds. Despite putting on a spectacular show, Rei loses to Yume. She apologizes for worrying her, but claims she feels fine. They join them to find a whole bunch of classmates lined up to watch the glamorous S4 prepare to take off for recording work. After the party, Koharu works up the courage to ask to help with Berry Parfait's designs, which she gladly accepts.

Elza meets her mother, Yukie Grace Forte. Mahiru performs and everyone agrees she shone more brightly than she ever had before.

After Soleil manage to win the boat race, they reveal themselves to be idols from Starlight Academy who put on a show. Back in the dorm room, Yume brings up that she got lost earlier. Meanwhile, rumors about the forbidden room start to spread further as Koharu and Juli allegedly hear a ghost coming from it. Ōpun Sesami!

Getting roped into the contest too, Yume and Koharu end up joining Soleil's team while Rola joins TriStar's team, learning all about each other. While Yume and Lily present a matcha roll cake, Elza and Kirara present a French Doll cake that holds emotional value to the company president, winning the contest. While the girls find out they received lots of chocolate from their fans, Johnny is bringing chocolate for Soleil to the Academy with three trucks.

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