He stood 5 ft 10 1⁄2 in (1.79 m) tall with blue eyes and a tan complexion.

( Log Out /  An autopsy confirmed that he had terminal prostate cancer, numerous bone tumours, and had suffered previous heart attacks. However there are still numerous questions outstanding regarding his death. He was described as having a thick German accent. Bergmann stood at 5’10” and was of slender build.

Extensive dental work, including a gold tooth at the back of his mouth which would have been noticeable. There is no such street as Ainstettersn in Wien, which is to say Vienna. What is certain is that the man wanted to remain unknown and he pre-emptively planned his moves so that he could not be identified.[3].

On Friday, 12 June, the unknown man was first spotted at the Ulster Bus Depot in Derry between the time of 14:30 and 16:00. He was wearing purple striped Speedo-type swimming trunks, with his underpants over the top and a navy T-shirt tucked into them. Theories I think it is obvious that Bergmann killed himself, most likely in response to his impending death from terminal cancer. 55-60 On leaving the hotel he had three bags with him; the two bags he had on arrival and the purple bag he was seen with on CCTV. He left with a black shoulder bag, a purple plastic bag, and a different black luggage bag. Authorities were unable to identify what he threw away in the public rubbish bins, as the man used the blind spots of the surveillance cameras to his advantage. It was discovered that the body belonged to a man who had been staying at the Sligo City Hotel under the name ‘Peter Bergmann’. On Saturday, 16th June, Bergmann was seen leaving the hotel to purchase eight 82 cent stamps and airmail stickers from the General Post Office. [1], The mystery is often compared to the Tamam Shud case of Australia, in which an unidentified man was found dead on a beach shortly after World War II, though the Bergmann case has not achieved nearly the same amount of notoriety or international coverage. His heart showed signs of previous heart attacks and he possessed only one kidney, the other having been removed. [9], In 2015, the French newspaper Le Monde reported that they had contacted the Austrian police about the case, and that the Austrian police commented that the Gardaí had never contacted them. Peter Bergmann was the alias used by a man found dead at a beach in Ireland in 2009.

Did his family and friends know of his plan to take his own life and did he write to them to let them know where he would end up? Notably for a man who had serious health conditions, the toxicology report stated that he had no medication of any sort in his system.

He was neatly groomed; his face was shaven and his hair was clean and combed.

It was also found that he had terminal prostate cancer which has spread to his bones, chest and lungs and would have left in considerable pain. This case remains obscure to the public, and the official investigation has not extended to outside of Ireland. He arrived with no accommodation booked and the two locations he was brought to by taxi were within walking distance of the bus station. [2], The case received renewed attention in the 2010s. The man's movements were captured on CCTV throughout the town; however, the details of his actions and intentions remain unknown. However, when he returned from his long walk he was no longer carrying the bag. He was wearing a pair of swimming trunks under his underpants with a navy t-shirt tucked into them. While checking in, he gave the false name of Peter Bergmann and an address that was later reported as "Ainstettersn 15, 4472, Vienna, Austria." He then mounted a bus that departed at 14:20 for Rosses Point. There’s also the question as to why he picked Ireland as his final destination. From the man's appearance it was assumed he was a professional worker. Although he was captured leaving the hotel with items multiple times, he was never once seen actually disposing of anything. [5], On Monday, 15 June, the man checked out of the hotel at 13:06 and handed in his room key. He also greeted numerous people while walking on Rosses Point the evening before he died. Change ).

The post mortem showed that he had advanced stages of prostate cancer and bone tumours. During this investigation they discovered that Bergmann left the Sligo City Hotel multiple times with a purple plastic bag which looked to be full of something. The next day he caught a taxi and asked for recommendations for a quiet beach where he could swim. June 16, 2009 [3] The following day, the man left the Sligo City Hotel between 11:00 and 11:30 and asked a taxi driver recommendations for a nice quiet beach where he could swim. The police have never been able to locate this bag or its contents, and they believe he was disposing of his personal items throughout the town. [6] The man's teeth were in good condition and showed signs of frequent dental work in his life. The taxi driver stated that Rosses Point would be the best place and proceeded to drive the unknown man to the beach. Unresolved murders, disapperances and crimes from Ireland. Was this intentional to ensure people remembered him or did he think that he concealed his identity enough that he had nothing to lose?

He had bridging, root canals, crowns and had a full gold tooth on the upper back right side of his mouth and a small silver filling along the gum of a tooth on the left side of the lower jaw.

Male According to the post mortem report, the body of the man was found on Rosses Point beach with most of his clothes left behind on the shore, with no wallet, money or form of identification. He was a frequent smoker and several surveillance videos show him smoking outside often. When he left the hotel, he was carrying two black bags, which he had been seen carrying when he checked into the hotel, however when he arrived, one of the bags had disappeared from view.

[4] During his stay at the hotel, the man was seen on security camera footage leaving the building with a purple plastic bag full of items or personal effects.

The first hotel the man tried was full—it was a Friday night at the peak of the summer tourist season—but he had more luck at the Sligo City Hotel on Quay Street… He checked in using the name Peter Bergmann and listed an address of Ainstettersn 15, 4472, Vienna, Austria. Despite his well-groomed and dressed exterior, the man was in very poor health. While checking in, he gave the false name of "Peter Bergmann" and listed his address as Ainstettersn 15, 4472, Vienna, Austria.

[6] Even though the man had been washed up on the beach, Sligo medical examiner Clive Kilgallen found no evidence of "classical salt water drowning", but also no signs of foul play that would give reason to believe the man's death was a homicide. Cause of death Hours

His clothes were from C&A, a popular fashion retail store in Europe with most of its stores in Germany and Austria. He had blue eyes and appeared to be in his late 50s or 60s. He walked to the bus station via Quay Street, Wine Street and stopped at Quayside Shopping Centre and awkwardly waited in the doorway for a number of minutes. On June 12, 2009, the decedent boarded a bus at the Ulster Bus Depot in Londonderry, Ireland and traveled to nearby Sligo, arriving at 6:28 PM. He also asked for recommendations for quiet beaches as if he had done no research in advance. CCTV first captured Bergmann on Friday, 12th June boarding a bus travelling from the Ulster Bus Depot in Derry to the Sligo bus station two hours away. He checked in using the name Peter Bergmann and listed an address of Ainstettersn 15, 4472, Vienna, Austria. He had a meal of a ham and cheese toasted sandwich and a cappuccino in the station cafe, and on CCTV footage, he is seen looking at a small piece of paper, and constantly folding it and opening it, before tearing it up and throwing it in the trash bin.

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