Alexandrian covens do a good deal of work with ceremonial magic, and they meet during new moons, full moons, and for the eight Wiccan Sabbats. The training is then a blend of two distinct but equally essential branches which makes it unique. They were the ones who published the Alexandrian “Book of Shadows”. O Lost Seeker, Return to us again, Come at our call and show thyself to thy kin, Wanderer upon the wild hills way Come to thy flock Beltane – Apr. It’s principal proponents are Janet and Stewart Fararr whose books set forth most, if not all, of the Alexandrian tradition.

It is not unusual to find that earlier initiates did not receive the same books as later ones although they obtained all the information in dictated form, Sander's preferred mode of teaching. This diversity gives us a thriving and dynamic tradition with our feet solidly grounded in Traditional Wicca and our eyes looking to the future.

Nevertheless, Alex and Maxine successfully initiated many people into their Craft, Janet and Stewart Farrar being their most famous initiates. Refira-se às páginas individuais de cada coven, se deseja candidatar-se a fazer parte dos mesmos.

That said, we are fully responsible for our choices in life. After some time studying each book, I performed a self-dedication ritual, my first act of magick. An individual may be creating his or her own tradition of beliefs and practices, and because this system can’t be defined as something else, it can be defined as eclectic. In addition, the Alexandrian Wiccan tradition holds that all participants are priests and priestesses; everyone is able to commune with the Divine, therefore there is no laity. 2) Put Out The Call The second step is to let the Universe know that you're looking for other Witches, or to find a coven. This exposes the candidate to the tradition and to the close family bond which is at the heart of a coven.

The Priesthood is not for thrill seekers or glory hogs, and an initiatory path is certainly not wise for mentally, spiritually, or emotionally unbalanced individuals. Alexandrian Wicca is the creation of Alex Sanders (with his then wife Maxine) who claimed to have been initiated by his grandmother in 1933. I began researching traditions of Wicca, seeking training into priesthood. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~, Imbolc – August 1st You get most of your spiritual wisdom about the cycles of nature from Bill Dance bass fishing shows. A group could be an offshoot of an established tradition of Wicca, such as Gardnerian or Alexandrian, but with modifications to their practice that make them no longer that original tradition. CITY: Eldersburg. She is often approached by those in the Craft who are not too proud to test the strength of the shoulders of those who have gone before. A coven or individual may use the term “eclectic” for a variety of reasons. A candidate will be of adult age and able to demonstrate self-care, personal integrity and commitment. Providence Coven is a properly lineaged Alexandrian coven offering training in Rhode Island. ELDERSBURG .

There are branches of BTW covens located in the United States and other countries — again, the key is the lineage, teachings and practice of the group, not the location. To be initiated into Wicca as a Priest or Priestess one must first be a “proper person.” The Elders of a coven determine this with input from those already in the group.

The Coven has two different roots; the Du Bandia Grasail Line of Alexandrian Witchcraft from Boston (Boston Line) and London with Maxine Sanders. We do not claim to have the secrets to the universe. Some Alexandrians are strongly oriented towards ceremonial magic while others are more oriented towards folk magic. Thanks this is the most I ever read about them but have heard about them in my pagan studies..Blessed Be! Wicca is very different from other religions in that it has no laity. The 3º is sometimes reserved for coven leaders. The High Priestess is considered “first amongst equals” and holds the final word in all coven matters. Find out what Eclectic Wicca is, and who practices it. Heavily influenced by Gardner and his tradition, Alexandrian Wicca uses a degree system and has ties to ceremonial magic systems. Biography of Gerald Gardner and the Gardnerian Wiccan Tradition. He played the press at every opportunity, much to the dismay of more conservative Wiccan Elders of the time. I am thankful for all Wicca has taught me and for all the blessings the Lord and Lady have bestowed upon me and mine. Formed by Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine, Alexandrian Wicca is very similar to the Gardnerian tradition. [5] The process through which an individual is made a witch is called "initiation".

Stewart and Janet Farrar wrote together books about Wicca in a spirit of the Alexandrian tradition, which had enormous influence on a direction that the modern Craft has taken and attracted a lot of people. She has encouraged, enabled and inspired students of the Priesthood to take on the conscious mantle of their spiritual potential.

The only herb you use has to be planted in the middle of nowhere. [4] Tool use and deity and elemental names also differ from the Gardnerian tradition.

I have been truly blessed by the divine powers of the universe and for that I am thankful, for I have felt the Love of the Lord and Lady and it is beautiful. Some would say that only those lineaged covens are permitted to call themselves Wiccan, and that anyone who claims to be eclectic is, by definition, not Wiccan but Neowiccan.

Some Alexandrians have instituted a preliminary rank called "neophyte" or "dedicant." Licentia has been introduced to Wicca at a young age, when she was adopted by a loving Wiccan family. I was struggling with roles presented by society and the supposed morals of the Christian religion I thought were missing within me. Alex Sanders was initiated into Wicca in the early 1960s and was also well known as a Ceremonial Magician. According to the accounts given by his former wife, Maxine Sanders, he was a member of at least two covens prior to marrying Maxine and founding the Alexandrian “London Coven” from which many modern Alexandrians descend. Back then I was sure it was all pretend, but now I know these qualities and aspects are what lead me to Wicca.

When Gerald Gardner founded Wicca in the 1950s, he set the wheels turning for countless other traditions to form.

It also allows both the candidate and the Coven Elders to decide if the vocational calling and the necessary interpersonal dynamics are present.

In Britain, the BTW label is sometimes used to apply to traditions which claim to predate Gerald Gardner and the New Forest covens. We aim for a personal connection with and understanding of deity, ancestors and the rhythms and tides of nature. While Alexandrian ritual tool use and the names of the deities differ from Gardnerian tradition, Maxine Sanders has been famously quoted as saying, “If it works, use it.” Alexandrian covens do a good deal of work with ceremonial magic, and they meet during new moons, full moons, and for the eight Wiccan Sabbats. Formed by Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine, Alexandrian Wicca is very similar to the Gardnerian tradition. From here I will continue to grow and study, to apply my spirituality into my every day and to be able to help others find their way in the Craft as well. Samhain – Oct. 31

Alexandrian Wicca, in similarity with other traditional Wiccan practices, emphasises gender polarity. You think “The Reclaiming Collective” is a great name for a used automobile parts business. While there are collections of Alexandrian information available to the general public - both in print and online - these are not the full tradition, and were generally designed as training materials for new initiates.

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