, Quote from: tautech on January 05, 2016, 09:29:17 pm,, Quote from: Yansi on January 05, 2016, 09:32:44 pm,,, Quote from: Yansi on January 05, 2016, 09:48:10 pm, Taupaki Technologies Ltd. NZ Siglent Distributor. I use the same card, same name, same address the entire years I use the service. 3 days ago. tautech: Yes, it is to confirm your account details. I also needed an EU extension cable for my MacBook – which I forgot to place – so I figured now that I am registered I am going to place an order for the cable (for 8 bucks). My advice: shopping at should be cautious to avoid scams committed by certain suppliers – following the guidelines about how to find good sellers there may help you out; before doing enough research on the suppliers, items and services on AliExpress, never assume that the AliExpress scam complaints are 100% true, otherwise you may miss out really fantastic business opportunities; the best way to make sure you are trading with a reliable supplier and will get satisfactory item from the supplier, is to place a very small order to test all the details before you place a bigger order. a PROBLEM I WOULD NOT BE HAVING HAD MS. GLORIA/ALI EXPRESS GIVEN BACK MY MONEY. BUYERS BEWARE!!! Never modified or changed anything. Before you trade with any seller, do remember to check every detail of the supplier, including feedback score, membership tier, item specifications, etc. SHE IS A FRAUD AND AN OUTRIGHT THIEF!!! 7. AliExpress 24-Hour Christmas Xtravaganza Sale Has Just Started! I SENT ALI EXPRESS A DETAILED LETTER OF THIS HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY REPLY. They want me to apply for a credit card, they want me to link a bank account, gimmee gimmee gimmee. THEY DON’T CARE.

!DO NOT BUY FROM ALI EXPRESS OR MS. GLORIA OFFICIAL STORE!!! I am sure the requirement will quietly vanished, as will their customers if they in force it. 1. It would go through the whole process, send me to my credit card issuers verification page, and then on return to Aliexpress, i got the message 'payment failed system currently unavailable' This happened 4 or 5 times. Aliexpress 101 (Guides and FAQs) 1.

Instead, the webpage I was redirected to said that I should sign up for an account for better ordering experience. I have no idea how is it possible for them to exist at all.

It was my first purchase on Aliexpress. It’s very cheap for the seller, but SOOOOOOOOOO slow! Bottom line – the product took 57 days to ship and both the seller and Aliexpress (in a formal dispute) did nothing to remedy the situation. AliExpress will retain and use such personal data for the following purposes: [Better Recommendations, Customized Shopping Experience, Optimized Business Analysis]("Service and … It's just creating more problems and teaching people that it's ok to send photos of IDs is a disaster. exhausting disputes . So basically I am completely locked out of my account within 11 minutes, after I placed my first order and after my card was charged. I try to find a quite cheap price for acceptable product quality, but with wrong or incomplete description it`s quite impossible. MAYBE IF ENOUGH CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY THESE CROOKS CAN GET TOGETHER AND TAKE JOINT LEGAL ACTION, WE CAN PUT BOTH ALI EXPRESS AND MS GLORIA OFFICIAL STORE/OTHER DISHONEST MERCHANTS TOTALLY OUT OF BUSINESS!!! Not to mention the dress was absolutely nothing like the photos, I uploaded evidence showing this clear as day and I got absolutely no help from customer service. 3. Nothing is born perfect — AliExpress is still young in cross-border express wholesale business and needs time to improve itself. Mainly serving small businesses, including Chinese small suppliers and global small re-sellers. I would say IF you’re going to risk being scammed, use PayPal, so that there may be more protection. LOL thanks anyways, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But to do this, you absolutely have to give them the required ID and photos. Then I get an email telling me to confirm delivery, or do I wish to dispute. I’ve ordered lots of little things off aliexpress in the past year and I’ve only had one bad experience and that was due to shipping. Chinese sellers solled me either completely defective products, So I waited until next morning and tried again, same problem. So what happened with all the entering my address, phone number, cc number, etc…!? DON’T BUY FROM ALI EXPRESS (OR MS. GLORIA OFFICIAL STORE)!!!! THIS HAS BEEN A GREAT STRAIN ON MY HEALTH. In this case, the buyer should report the problem to AliExpress for mediation or contact the seller first to solve the problem. The dispute process is not transparent. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. AliExpress is a fraud. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Based on my knowledge about AliExpress, it is no way possible as AliExpress is only a wholesale transaction platform – it does not sell any item, not to mention ship out any item to any customer.

its been 4 months up today 5th Feb 2018 with no refund or news or decission by the Ali express. “BUYERS BEWARE!! I RATED 1 STAR ONLY BECAUSE THERE IS NO ICON TO MARK FOR ZERO. The prices compared with the products quality is mostly not really cheap. INCLUDING ANY OTHER NAME THAT THIS MS. GLORIA/OTHERS HAS GONE UNDER. If just made a mistake than sorry for, but i think you all understand what i mean and if you are really honest you`ll agree this! I mean it`s very difficult to compare the products and prices. To the world, AliExpress is a “suppliers” site. I don’t know how you can call that fresh seed or make your customers wait except that there is really nothing that we can do about it but I for one will not order any more seeds from this company ever again and once I receive them, if I ever do I will send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and maybe then you will understand how frustrating it is to be a customer waiting for their products that they paid for months ago!! Small quantity orders are extensively accepted while for some items, minimum order quantity starts from 1 piece only; 8. CUSTOMER SUPPORT!? May as well have called me a dopey prick for dealing with your company. I’ve bought about 35 items off AliExpress over the last 10 years. My credit card company got my money back somehow but it is now past 35 days and still nothing from this seller. FIXED. The first 6 numbers and last 4 numbers of your credit card (please make sure that you've used this credit card on AliExpress … Otherwise I’ve had computer cables, pens and children’s toys all show up. After I entered my info and placed the order I didn’t get neither a confirmation email nor a webpage that usually shows that my order was successfully placed, etc. In Chinese foreign trade communities, many suppliers complain that they can’t pass the censor by AliExpress and thus are not able to successfully register with the website. THIS PROBLEM HAS NOW CAUSED GREAT STRAIN BETWEEN MYSELF AND THE BANK THAT I HAD WONDERFUL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH FOR 6 YEARS. WHEN I ASKED TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR. Shipper is aliexpress, have now been threatening lawsuits. I don’t agree with your defense of Aliexpress as a recently ripped-off buyer. An author is either paid or completely retarded (probably, both, though). Posted by. July 1, 2019 at 11:12 pm And in the end i`m frequently disappointed. This is probably what OP is asking for. Funny thing, they want you to create an account to dispute, because they do not have a US phone number to call. AND ALERT THE PUBLIC OF THESE RIP OFFS! AliExpress will only release funds to the supplier after the buyer confirms satisfactory delivery of your order. What are their pros and cons? My order is 87626474172505 paid 699$ 4th Nov.2017 i received defective item immediately notify seller and agreed to return the item to get my refund, re shipped item back and reach destination since 6th Dec 2017, and it is in the custom for long time and the seller not taking action to take or clear from the their own custom. The seller actually had the nerve to say it was really my fault for not purchasing the express shipping. THE LAST ONE WAS VERY SMIRKY AND NON CHALANT/SARCASTIC SHOWING NO TRUE REGARD OR CARE IN HELPING ME TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE.

They want to keep the service as cheap as possible, but it`s on our cost in the end. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... New on Aliexpress or this sub? Read our research-based reviews and shop smart!

Your post is very inaccurate, based on many reviews that I’ve seen where many have never received their item and were charged. Also the fact they refer to you as “friend” clearly sticks in my throat. Kungshu Phan Hardware Store is a fraud. ALIEXPRESS should be renamed ALIBEAWARE.

Basically I have an $8 charge for an order that I am not able to check on because my account is locked. Is ice hot or cold? The angry buyer claimed that AliExpress sent him a wrong item he never ordered. THE AUTOMATIC SYSTEM IS A RUN A ROUND.

I had a seller who only sent me a part of my purchase and when I tried to get a refund for the missing item, their customer service had me wait months without any resolution. IF THIS IS POSSIBLE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME! In some cases they’ve shown up in as little as a week! In any event you can just buy the same tat on eBay. DESPITE MY SENDING ALI EXPRESS MORE THAN ENOUGH PROOF, THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HELP ME TO GET MY MONEY BACK. I`m bored that the most in aliexpress try to cheat. The support officer "Maryl" has also insured me that I have to do such verification. Given such misunderstandings about AliExpress, I think I should share all of my familiar facts about AliExpress, which may help you more clearly identify whether AliExpress scam is a reality or not. So I opened my browser to go to AliExpress (just for the heck of it) to check the order. After placing the order for the cable, my credit card was charged within 11 minutes! Accepting PayPal, credit card, MasterCard and bank transfer (TT payment); Cookies help us deliver our Services. It would appear that they don't trust me. Anti-spam question (required). Besides, in case any problem occurs, make sure to save a record of all communication with the supplier, which will be used as powerful evidence in the event that a dispute between you arises. Press J to jump to the feed. Domestic transactions through Taobao are required to do identity verification for years. I need to spend hours to be hopefully shure to get what i really want. Turns out the seller now says they have to make the guitar and after going back and fourth for weeks the seller said the guitar is done and he is shipping but still no tracking info. This is probably what OP is asking for. AliExpress adopts a set of strict policies to verify each supplier before they are accepted as registered members and start to list their items there. I will contact my credit card company and will dispute and cancel any charges. You’re just asking for trouble! Your comment is awaiting moderation. The one definitely to avoid is Yanwen Economic Airmail. As you can see, there are others who have been ripped off by Ali Express. Stay away from AE but if you must buy from China try GearBest is substantially better and more reliable, gwenee tiki bradley Before coming to the conclusion of the price, first, you need to understand how AliExpress works and how suppliers add products and how they benefit. I ended up … 0 Members and 2 Guests are viewing this topic. CAUSING MUCH ADDED STRESS TO MY FINANCIAL STATUS WITH MY BANK AND OTHER AFFAIRS. 7. Friends don’t rip each other off. So where is the 24/7 support!? An express wholesale channel of, which was founded in 1999;

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