The screen should be flashing as the nations are poisoned by Steve. No Pain, No Gain Use flash drive or autobattle and pray. Approach the table from its top. Go back to the safe room on the 2nd floor after the battle. You will find Steve at the end of the tunnel and you shall fight with him in the 8th boss battle. The nations stay in a room until Steve suddenly appears. Go to the room where Italy is being confronted by Steve. Q: [Enemy] is really tanky, I do single digit damage, how do I kill it? Take the key that Germany gives you. You are back in control of the nations in the annex. In the game's climax. Head down and turn right at the first corridor. Open the door at the upper-left corner of the room. Down is Hell." Leave the basement and head back to the 1st floor. We Don’t Need No Education Go back to England to tell him what you've seen.

Collect the Basement Key inside. Lucil, I’m Home! Remember to lock the door after you enter. Italy locks all the other nations in the cell. Open episode chart after you have all other achievements. I’m certain one is a note. Step 3: Clear Pain Area. Head back to the attic on the 4th floor.

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Avoid common gameover reasons. Go back to the cell. Investigate the wallpaper on the Upper-right corner.

HetaOni is a Japanese Horror RPG game created by Tomoyoshi using the RPG Maker XP engine. Steve will still be in the hallway, so run. Continue reading at your own risk.

Let Me See You DERQ

Walk back into the room with the lever in it.

Germany tries to remove the mochi from the wall but he fails to do so. Pain Area is directly to the right of the first save crystal of the game, just interact with the phone. ===== 5] Other Stuff.

Go to the kitchen on the 1st floor. Go back to the cell. Steroid Steve then suddenly appears for the 11th boss battle. You can also watch Youtube tutorials for detailed game walkthroughs. There will be a message that Japan bought onigiris and beers, his HP and MP will be restored. For Death end re;Quest 2 players, this is a guide of walkthrough and ahicvement guide that contains all ending and also comes with a somewhat useful FAQ. Disclaimer: Questions may have been asked 1 or less times. Refer to this page for the location of rooms. Due to its DEF stat, physical attacks are worthless without also applying Aparable Marre and staying in … A: See above.

Play it 5 times total throughout the game with either Japan, Italy, or England to collect Pianodream's key. Japan will tear it down the wallpaper, and reveal a door. Beat chapter 10, absolutely do not lose the fight where you do not have Mai. Enter the one with the door in front of you.

Press the switch that you find. A: Glitch attacks. Run to the bathroom on the first floor! Approach one of the beds to go to sleep. You are in control of Japan. Walk back to Italy, who should be waiting for you near the safe room. Italy joins the party after a quick conversation and you receive 3 bottles of beer, 5 onigiris and 150 HETA. You will get this normally. Secret: The shelf in the living room contains a first aid kit that restores your party's HP and MP. You do NOT get this through leveling. Probably unmissable by the time you get all endings and death ends. There is a key on the table. CONTROLS Edit. Go to the room on the left you can find it under the middle section of the table. The nations confront Steve in the 9th boss battle. Two Steves suddenly appear when the nations are chatting. The 13th boss battle begins. You will find Russia and Canada being confronted by Steve inside.

— horrorIf you find any errors or broken links in this entry, leave a comment! A mochi should appear. Approach it from the left and push it. There should be an onigiri on the table. Once you have Germany and Italy under your control, Go to the first floor and approach the corridor to the right of the Tatami room. Do true end on a NG+ file. After a discussion, leave the safe room.

You will get this normally. Go back to the upper-right room on the 2nd floor.

Use the key to open the door located at the lower-right side of the floor.

It is located on upper-left side of the corridors. Ao Oni Minigame This particular portion of the game doesn't lend itself well to a step by step guide, so here's a video of one possible clear solution. Then head back down to the safe room. When it turns back on, Steve is no longer in the room. Go to the 1st floor and enter the toilet. You should find Germany hiding inside. Walk to the room located on the upper-right side of the 2nd floor. Go to the large room in the annex with the bookshelves where England went. Italy, Germany and Prussia join the party after a quick chat.

A: There are several events that are locked behind being on a NG+ run.

Ao Oni Player You will end up in a stony section of the basement with a rope ladder leading upwards.

Q: How to do missions? Walk towards the curtains located at the upper-left corner of the room. This is a temporary skill.).

Go to the doorless room in the lower-right side of the corridor of the 2nd floor. Ao Oni: Moon Attribute, 6300000 HP, 9999 ATK, 9999 DEF, 4000 MAT, 2000 MDF, 900 AGI: The Oni deals extraordinary levels of damage, so mitigation is a must. 2/15

Approach the box at the upper-right corner of the room. No articles were found matching the criteria specified. Hail Marbas! You get this through leveling. The chest will ask for a code. Go back to the room next to the Tatami room where Steve chased you out a while ago. Head down into the annex. Using cookies we are able to provide better contextual advertising (which pays to run this website) and share anonymised statistics with our partners and potential clients. Walk out of the attic, you will find a new flight of stairs that lead upstairs. You will be in control of Germany. Related Anime1) Ao Oni: The Animation (movie) — — Aired February 2017(streaming)2) Ao Oni: The Blue Monster (series of comedy shorts) — — 13 episodes — Aired October 2016 – January 2017(streaming)Related MangaAo Oni Anthology — Published July 2014 (Japan Only)Related Live Action Films1) Ao Oni — — Aired July 2014 (Japan Only)2) Ao Oni 2.0 — — Aired July 2015 (Japan Only)If you liked Ao Oni, you might also want to try. The game's fanbase grew after the release of the English version- created by Pianodream and Neo-Kyno. ISLANDERS A Quick Guide For Beginner (Tips And Hints), Apex Legends How to Move The Game Version from Origin to Steam (Season 7), Can Mai solo on Easy to take all challenge out of the game. Use the Basement Key to unlock the doorway leading to the Basement on the 1st floor.

China will find Japan's clothes and they are covered in blood. The 5th boss battle then follows. The Monarch Adventurer! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ao Oni himself is easily beatable by Mai soloing and doing Studbull -> Rovidbull -> Deus every turn. Having none worked for me but my save files might be ♥♥♥♥ed. Step 5: Make spare save before final boss. Step 4: Reach chapter 10, getting any death ends you missed in first playthrough. Approach it and talk to Germany through it. Go to the attic on the 4th floor. Go back to the 2nd floor. It is known as Key from Germany and opens the library room on the first floor. Sight. That’s all we are sharing today in Death end re;Quest 2 Walkthrough and Achievement Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon. You get this through leveling. After a chat in the next day, the nations leave.

You will then be in control of North Italy. After a conversation with Prussia, leave the room. Steve will appear when you are in the final room before you are teleported back into the safe room. Chaos Finale Japan will find out that the toilet bowl is a store. Go to the stony part of the basement. Canada will slip on the syrup, staying unconscious after hitting his head until England wakes him up.

Your email address will not be published. The Queen of Heartis A: Yes. Prussia later leaves the room while the Axis members are still asleep.

The new skill Island Country is available to the user when England and Japan form a link.

You can do this by clicking "X" to go to the menu. Leave and you will see characters from an earlier time loop talking. If you win the fight, you will get 2 EXP, 100 HETA, an onigiri and one hot pepper. After a very long battle, you will obtain 4 EXP, 200 HETA, two onigiris and two hot peppers. You (probably) have this by the time you do everything else.

A: Its a feature.

You will then receive the Study Key. Q: How does flash drive work? The Axis members take a sleep while Prussia stays watch.

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