@aurorus86 so you didn’t have any troubles setting up your first device? It was successful, I set the proxy up and unpaired the globe and re-paired and they came straight up in terminal window. So I don't know whether that might make a difference to your bulbs or not. def: { So i’m also testing some Arlec bulbs (not RGB, but dimmable and has temperature gradients).

Details are below per your device support page, including schema, signatures, descriptions and product websites. [2019-11-16 15:36:29] Registering platform 'homebridge-tuya-lan.TuyaLan' It seems to be a time out sort of error when you give up and turn off the proxy settings.

Just gave it a go then but no luck, still the same issue. @AMoo-Miki is this something you might be able to take a look at? You have multiple network interfaces:, Just tried it now and I am back to the ‘EPIPE’ error again. Error: EPIPE { Error: write EPIPE You said you only have have a powerboard and no Arlec bulbs? I ran tuya find directly on the pi and didn’t ssh, when following the set up guide. Learn why we do what we do and what is next. . Error: EPIPE { Error: write EPIPE All (1713) Featured. at WriteWrap.afterWrite [as oncomplete] (net.js:844:14) errno: 'EPIPE', code: 'EPIPE', syscall: 'write' }

. If that finds a new IP address for me, do I punch that in as Tuya-lan-find —ip or do I use it in my proxy setup? [2019-11-16 15:36:28] --- Proxy IP: at WriteWrap.afterWrite [as oncomplete] (net.js:844:14) errno: 'EPIPE', code: 'EPIPE', syscall: 'write' } Error: EPIPE { Error: write EPIPE

I haven’t had time to update plug in yet. [2019-11-16 15:36:32] [TuyaLan] Connected to arlecswitch privacy statement. I wonder if I have it set the right light type, as from a Homebridge log point of view it looks to be working (no errors and issuing commands). Error: EPIPE { Error: write EPIPE Device Support Request [2019-11-16 15:36:28] Loaded plugin: homebridge-raspberrypi-temperature I think I explained this above.

I’ve never tried running home bridge on raspberry pi as I use an old windows pc that I also use as a media server, so I dont have experience using ssh so I would recommend you just try connecting the raspberry pi to a screen or alternatively try running Tuya-lan-find on another device and see wether that works. [TuyaAccessory] Heard back from arlecswitch with command 8. It seems that when I used rc-12 and followed the same process I was before (the setup instructions), it worked flawlessly. I now have my ID and key.

. i) Ready to handle Arlec White Light (SimpleLight:3.3) with signature {"20":false} [NOTE: this should be Arlec's white bulb - GLD115HA-7c3e] at Socket.emit (events.js:180:13) I did update to the latest version, but didn’t reinstall a new certificate after doing that. sys log. Confirming that I can obtain a key.

at WriteWrap.afterWrite [as oncomplete] (net.js:844:14) errno: 'EPIPE', code: 'EPIPE', syscall: 'write' }

at WriteWrap.afterWrite [as oncomplete] (net.js:844:14) errno: 'EPIPE', code: 'EPIPE', syscall: 'write' } [2019-11-16 15:36:29] --- Error: EPIPE { Error: write EPIPE at WriteWrap.afterWrite [as oncomplete] (net.js:844:14) errno: 'EPIPE', code: 'EPIPE', syscall: 'write' } You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. Learn more. have the lights turn on when the sun sets and you are home? [2019-11-16 15:36:29] [Tp] homebridge-tplink-smarthome v4.0.1, node v9.9.0, homebridge v0.4.50

Have you tried connecting your raspberry pi into a monitor or tv instead of using ssh. Integrations Support for these integrations is provided by the Home Assistant community. I did have a look in my router settings but was only looking for the two addresses I stated before, I will look for a name of that form and see if I have any luck. [TuyaDiscovery] Discovery started on port 6667. Might move to Home Assistant if this set up is difficult to configure as I add more devices. And if it was one of the older ones what was the exact command you used to install it (in case I installed the wrong one)? dim the lights when you start watching a movie on your Chromecast? [2019-11-16 15:36:29] [TuyaLan] Starting discovery... [2019-11-16 15:36:28] Registering accessory 'homebridge-people.PeopleAllAccessory' ^, Error: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line at WriteWrap.afterWrite [as oncomplete] (net.js:844:14) errno: 'EPIPE', code: 'EPIPE', syscall: 'write' }

iii) as above. The id and key appear about 5 seconds after the weather information appeared at the top of the screen in the TuyaSmart App. Version of tuya-lan I'm using is 1.5.0-rc.12, which was the same version before I ran an NPM update - i think. at WriteWrap.afterWrite [as oncomplete] (net.js:844:14) errno: 'EPIPE', code: 'EPIPE', syscall: 'write' } Error: EPIPE { Error: write EPIPE Initially showing as unresponsive in red in the home app. You can also check the logs to see what is happening. Error: EPIPE { Error: write EPIPE Wearing a HA t-shirt is okay. Proxy Port: 8080. So I assume I must have missed a step in the set up? id: 'xxx', Hi, great to see i’m not the only Aussie interested! LEARN MORE. Homebridge Tuya-Lan [2019-11-16 15:36:28] Registering platform 'homebridge-people.People'

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