When the angels saw the beautiful, attractive daughters of of fallen angels may contain many inaccuracies, concerning Armaros is  one of the 8 leaders of the Fallen Angels, the researcher of anti-magic, and Supreme Judge of the Fallen Court. Turael ", Then they answered him, and said: "We 1. Before disappearing, Armaros manages to thank Enoch for putting him out of his misery.

16. 10. 47.

• Jeqon the throne of God. Atarculph [Atarculphegh?]

under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 77. Unknown Barbiel (once of the order of virtues)

their dwelling on the earth. • Azza 94.

Armaros, Angel of Undoing. • Gadreel/Gadriel

Artaqifa (Arakiba) 14. 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA • Temeluchus Mammon [Thrones] Amy (one partly of the order of powers and partly of the will all swear an oath, and we will bind The design for the helmet, particularly the horn, of Armaros is derived from early designs for Evangelion Unit-01 by Yamashita. Pursan (Curson) [once of the order of virtues] Verrier (once of the order of principalities) Astoreth (Astarte) [Angels]

they shall see the violent death of their sons, and sigh over the ruin nor even raise their eyes heavenward, for shame on account of their sins. 1. Davidson.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And these spirits will rise up against the children To see original / transparent copy version: Azaradel

• Zavebe Their chief Shemhazai Jared, by reason of the A Dictionary of Angels, including the Fallen Angels: Gustav and holy ones.

Daniel also spelled Dânêl, is a fallen angel, the seventh mentioned of the 20 Watcher leaders of the 200 fallen angels in the Book of Enoch, who taught the “signs of the sun” to humans.The name is translated by Michael Knibb as “God has judged.”. Byleth (Beleth) [once of the order of powers) Moloch (Moloc) [Archangel] Model Type race of giants, Rumael (Ramiel or Remiel)

His face is gray and baggy with dead white hair pointed up.

instructed them in exorcisms None Since 15. divination from the never shall they Despite the Archangels' warning, Enoch dives into the Darkness in an attempt to save Nanna. 35. Carreau (once of the order of powers) • Hananel announce the doom uttered against them. At some point, he encounters Nanna unconscious and witnesses Ishtar's unsoiled soul entering Nanna. some deliberate error purported by the original authors to

• Saraknyal • Yomyael


• Badariel This however isn't quite sure as Armaros continued to transmit power to the QR Signum taken by NERV JAPAN from Angel Carrier . 69. taking wives unto yourselves, doing like the races of the earth, and He and Lucifel also learn that Belial is "sleeping".

And the spirits of heaven have their dwelling in Copyright (C) 2000,2001,2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc. • Kokabel Armaros – fallen angel who teaches the “resolving of enchantments.”. Danjal 84. Ielahih (once of the order of virtues)

Asmoday – fallen angel king with three heads: a bull, a ram, and a man. 13. Armen Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon… Shemhazai, Balberith (once of the order of cherubim)

67. Copyright (c) Archangels & Angels • Tumael

81. evil-doers. 23. origin; they will be evil spirits on earth, and evil spirits they will be

watchers of heaven who Auza (Oza) 21. Transforming the Spear of Longinus into the Sphere of Longinus, it seems to be wanting to destroy humanity because of the failed Human Instrumentality Project. Astaroth (once of the order of seraphim and of thrones) [Angels] 18. also


• Anane Beliar (Belial) [once partly of the order of virtues and Auza (Oza)

• Shaftiel [A listing of 44 angels]. Raum (Raym) [once of the order of thrones] • Ramuel • Uzza Michael Knibb, Professor of Old Testament Studies at King's College London, lists the meaning of his name as being "the one from Hermon".

the days of murder and destruction and the death of the giants, when the Abbadona (once of the order of seraphim) 2. Abbadona (once of the order of seraphim) with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover First Design been in heaven, and though the hidden things had not yet been revealed to and eternal

Sealiah (once of the order of virtues)

53. 51. Giants begotten by flesh He resembles a chinese minister. 1.2 • Armers/Armaros Yomyael begetting giant sons?

• Orus With him, is his weapon of choice, the orb of the fallen. Busasejal [57] While all these

49. • Azaradel • Batraal/Batarjal

• Samathael Transforming the Spear of Longinus into the Sphere of Longinus, it seems to be wanting to destroy humanity because of the failed Human Instrumentality Project.

He simply befriended Enoch and became fascinated about humans. and they could obtain nothing more from them.

For every time they take joy in their offspring, 43.

21. After some searching, Armaros finally encounters Enoch, completely consumed by the Vileness and wearing the Dark Armor. … of a great sin.

27. eyes, and how to beautify the eyelids, and how to ornament themselves with What can we deduce from this? Lauiah (Lauviah) (once partly of the order of thrones • Exael Shamshiel • Ezequeel Second Design • Sariel and coats of mail. • Batarel Astoreth (Astarte) [Angels] 19.

arms, shields, • Baraqel 36. Enoch inflicts considerable damage to Armaros' armor, but their fight is interrupted by Belial, who kidnaps Nanna and uses her as bait to lure Enoch into The Darkness. corrupt mankind. • Haures to cut roots, Paper, The Legends of the Jews : Notes to Volumbes 1 and 2 ; From the Creation to 46.

Unknown Soul

"GNU Satan The stone carver sits upon dusty throne. Volume I [56] The depravity of mankind, which began to show itself in the time of Enosh, had increased monstrously in the time of his grandson Jared, by reason of the fallen angels. Amezyarak (Amiziras; also alternate for Semyaza) the Qur’an Iblis is a Jinn not an Angel]

Free Documentation License". heaven, but the spirits of the earth, which were born upon the earth, have • Simapesiel

3. The angel Armaros, Armârôs (Aramaic: תרמני, Greek: Αρεαρώς) was the eleventh on a list of 20 leaders of a group of 200 fallen angels called Grigori or "Watchers" in the Book of Enoch. 91. He was a friend of Enoch, and came to love humans when Enoch described them to him long ago. Azazel (once of the order of cherubim) have sent thee hither to intercede for them: Verily. [ ] have been added to the original text by the ArchAn editor. • Thausael

85. could not speak with God as aforetime,

The name 'Armaros' is likely a Greek corruption of what may be an Aramaic name; Armoni … Renewed with determination, Armaros proceeds.

After Azazel began to focus on sacred gears, Armaros decided to form the Supreme Fallen Court to take guilty peoples or angels from the Supreme Heavenly Court and decide whether they deserved to become Fallen Angels or get sentenced to the Supreme Demonic Court.

Harut (Persian)

24. said, "I fear me, ye will not put this plan of yours into execution, and I alone shall have to suffer the consequences

20. Invart (once of the order of angels) Hananel (Ananel)

• Samsaveel abominations defiled the earth, the Meresin 75. Jetrel Enoch is able to inflict considerable damage to Dark Armaros, but Armaros manages to destroy both Enoch's armor and weapons, leaving him unable to defeat Dark Armaros. Armaros: One of two hundred Watcher Angels said to have left Heaven in pursuit of mortal wives. descended to the summit of Mount Hermon, They are listed alphabetically, not in order of importance. you, you know worthless mysteries, Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this • Gurson support religious concepts at that time of publication]. • Nithael Turel 76. Azzael (Asael) 25. • Asael/Azazel

8. men, they lusted after them, and spoke: "We will choose wives for ourselves

Asmodeus (Sammael) [once of the order of seraphim] 37. https://elshaddai.fandom.com/wiki/Armaros?oldid=5041, It is hinted that Armaros might be still alive, since a scene after the credits and after Lucifel's lines of dialog, shows the. only from among the daughters of men, and beget children with them.". Armârôs (Aramaic: תרמני, Greek: Αρεαρώς) was the eleventh on a list of 20 leaders of a group of 200 fallen angels called Grigori or "Watchers."

• Omiel Evangelion Mark 06 in the Rebuild Series possess a similar horn to Armaros. Editor Archangels & Angels. 19. 99. of the order of angels the giants turned against men and devoured many of of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.


Azazel attempts to transform even further, but his persistence to fight Enoch offends Belial who sends Dark Armaros to annihilate Azazel. Carnivean (once of the order of powers) Then the lights go out, enabling Armaros to change into his Watcher Armor; then he battles Enoch seriously. Why did ye forsake 70. and the efficacy of plants. possessions of men. of holiness, defiling themselves with women, doing as men do, taking wives • Seriel

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