"Come on sweetheart let's get dressed so Gaius can check you over.

The knights each bowed to their king and while they were distracted, Arthur took off as fast as he could without seeming rude. Means 'little fire' in the old tongue." Arthur laughed and shook Gaius' hand, thanking him before picking Merlin up and carrying him from the physician's quarters. The baby instantly began to calm in his arms. And before he knew it, Arthur had undone his neckerchief and was kissing his neck and trying to pull off Merlin's shirt and pants at the same time. Merlin said. "Is there anything I should know?" Merlin replied. But to the druids she was Emrys, the saviour of magic. She comes to Camelot to see her uncle Gaius to practice her skill, but what would happen if she fell in love with her prince, her master, Arthur? And be with me. "He's being quiet. "Yes. Their mouths moved together and Merlin thought he might come in his pants without even touching. ", "You're sorry?" Merlin thought to herself as she grit her teeth and bore down. But now he would have to deal with her. Gaius asked. I know everything. "Only Emrys has the power to stop me, but he will not." However, Uther knew that if he killed Merlin merely for being pregnant that he would become the monster that many believed him to be. Merlin had walked all that night and all the next day, only stopping to eat and rest for a little while before moving on. "You'd be hard to convince me of that!" But where is Merlin? Arthur looked up at him and shook his head, tossing another bit of wood into the fire. Gaius nodded. Gaius was looking into the fireplace sadly. For once, Arthur didn't remind Merlin that it wasn't his place to give orders; instead, he collected a canteen out of their supplies that Maleagant had left on the other side of the room. ", Before Merlin could quite see what was happening, Arthur had his sword pointed at Maleagant's throat, his other arm practically around Merlin's shoulders in a protective position. "She is gorgeous Morgana, you must be so proud. "What would you like my mouth to do to you?" Gaius watched as Merlin packed her meagre possessions and the magic book. Kilgarrah replied. "You even look at my manservant that way and I will kill you!" "Didn't know men could, uhm, but you know. Maleagant certainly cleared everything up for me. Arthur laughed and shook Gaius' hand, thanking him before picking Merlin up and carrying him from the physician's quarters. "You have," he whispered to Merlin, "the most ridiculous ears I've ever seen. Just then the doors opened and the council walked in. I was the one that pursued the beast into the cave. Then Gaius shook his head sadly. So defensive if anyone tries to get close enough to breathe on you.".

And then the fingers were gone and Arthur was rubbing his cock again in Merlin's crack. "Are you insinuating that I've never loved with that question?" Awkward and rather unexpected, but he had seen women in Ealdor feed their children, so he had hoped his limited understanding would allow the spell to take hold. He walked over to the bed and gently shook his husband awake. "Or I can stay with Leon so you can get back to Camelot. "But what? "You have no power here, Arthur Pendragon," Malegaent said, his quiet, firm voice somehow resonating over Arthur's maniacal howling. "Nothing. Her stomach had become large and the druid children were forever running over to place their small hands on it so they could feel the kicking of Merlin's child. Maleagant approached the stone altar in the middle of the room, his eyes still glowing gold, muttering and swirling the bowl as he circled the altar twice. That is, unless you're going to move into the barracks with Gwaine. "I must take what you have given no one, in order to create your son."

He didn't even bother to wave. "Was she, Merlin? He had realized they were still too far away from the knights and horses to get there that evening, and Merlin looked the worse for wear though he kept insisting that he was feeling right as rain. "Arthur I have had all of them." While he had to admit that the baby was endearing, he was loud. "Move into the quarters.

", Merlin looked shocked, then laughed at Arthur's unexpected admonition. Gaius nodded his understanding. It seemed like forever since she had come to Camelot and become Arthur's maidservant. Fem Merlin. I'm quite sure my body wasn't made for this sort of thing. Merlin being male, his pregnancy is different from any other one females have. The child she carried was surely Arthur's. Arthur still couldn't believe that after five years, he found himself shocked how much Aiden looked like Merlin.

Today is your last day of being a lazy sod. And Gwaine certainly didn't look like he minded the closeness, but to the contrary, looked as if he might enjoy it. "We had fun Merlin, but it's over. Thank you." But where is Merlin? Merlin moaned and opened his eyes and looked at a panicked Arthur.

Two of Merlin's tears dropped into the bowl; Maleagant placed it on the ground and then unsheathed his dagger. Merlin thought for a moment before looking up at Kilgarrah. Uther replied. Merlin was sure he was going to be burned to death, but in the next instant he felt he was drowning, then suffocating. She looked at Gaius as she threw her pack onto her back. ", If Gwaine was surprised or offended he didn't bother to show it. ", "If you don't mind Gaius, the sooner we found out what's wrong and how to stop this, the better for all of us, especially Arthur, just last week I told him Camelot was under attack and to sound the warning bell.

If she did, she wasn't aware of it. ", "And I say no Merlin; we will get to the bottom of this. "Sir Gwaine, I believe it's your turn to duel me. Join Merlin and Arthur on their journey of what they go through and what they are willing to go through to have more should they so wish it. He had been up all night with the baby too, and perhaps even more than Merlin. Drink up," he said, and Merlin sipped. He hissed, "Get away from him before I take your magic away forever.". and then Arthur's fingers were back inside, as Arthur continued behind to slide up and down behind him. Poor lad, he was falling asleep on Gwaine's shoulder. And Merlin, without thinking, pulled him in as tight as he could and then clenched down with every muscle in his lower body. "I'm sorry Arthur. And before, I thought I'd need to produce an heir, or that I needed to please my father, or that…" he trailed off, then leaned over and licked Merlin's lips. His hand stung and he felt as if someone (and that someone was usually Arthur when it actually happened) had punched him in the stomach. Merlin replied. ", "You ran here Merlin, telling me someone fired an arrow at you.

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