The more immediate problem is completing the arch in an unstable political environment. The four reactors at the Chernobyl plant had no such containment. Mr. Korneyev’s job was to locate the fuel within the sarcophagus and determine radiation levels to limit the exposure of other workers. Most of Pripyat’s residents received no such warning and went on with their day, oblivious to what was by then a severe radiation hazard. Until the arch is in place, the risk of collapse remains — a point brought home last year when a section of the roof over the turbine hall, next to the destroyed reactor, collapsed, resulting in a small release of radiation. Even before the political upheaval, Mr. Novak said, there were concerns about having to ask donors to contribute more. At Unit 4 itself, the dull gray sarcophagus has been shored up in recent years. 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The costs are enormous — the Chernobyl arch alone will end up costing about $1.5 billion, financed largely by the United States and about 30 other nations. Artur Korneyev, the worker in header photo, is miraculously still alive. But there were pieces of solid fuel in the rubble as well, and when necessary, Mr. Korneyev said, he and members of his team moved them, despite the dangers of exposure. “What’s been the biggest challenge? Korneyev has visited Chernobyl more than anyone else, and in doing so has been exposed to more radiation than almost anyone in history. Officially, several dozen people were killed, and many others became sick. 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From this huge, insane lump of Corium we truly see some of the devastating effects of radioactive material at its prime. But Mr. Glukhov felt he had to keep helping at the plant; halfway to Kiev, he said goodbye to his family and hitched a ride back to Chernobyl. Ukraine also must build a repository for all the high-level waste it recovers. We were always on the front edge,” a 65-year-old Korneyev said in 2014, speaking to The New York Times in a rare interview. It leaked almost from the day it was completed, and a small army of workers is still employed to maintain it and work in other areas of the sprawling plant. It is unclear where the money for that work will come from — especially now with the country in turmoil. The blast was followed by a fire that sent even more contaminants into the atmosphere that were then carried by winds across the region and into Western Europe.

So the design goes to great lengths to eliminate the risk. Telling his family to stay indoors, he left to offer help.

“Chernobyl and the exclusion zone remain calm, and our contractors continue their work,” Mr. Novak said, although Western experts were evacuated for a week in March. By continuing to use our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. But that was only one aspect of their flawed design.

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