Please Note: This is not a definitive diagnosis of Asperger's symptoms and professional opinion should always be given prior importance before arriving at a conclusion, Note: Lower score denotes lesser chances of being diagnosed with Asperger's. There is an entire post on the various ways to try to get a diagnosis along with some advice on how to approach whoever you initially end up see (GP, psychologist, etc). . Fortunately, the hunting questions don’t seem to impact the accuracy of the results and some of them can be tied to recognized aspie traits (though they have nothing to do with hunting in that context).

Hi there! As a kid I would just set up th houses. Rdos has also written about how the Aspie Quiz compares to the Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ) test, which has high validity as a diagnostic instrument. It’s good that you kept looking for an explanation that fit you. No worries about the length of your comment. (2016).

Also, if it doesn’t describe me/a situation completely, but it’s similar, I get confused. All of your responses are confidential and you will be provided with instant results. , That’s fantastic news!

And honestly, my scores do not surprise me, not even one bit.

I’m going to kick it off with my favorite online Asperger’s test, The Aspie Quiz, but first a few words about online tests in general. And now. Before that I just told myself that everyone must score high, because obviously so many of the statements were true. I speak four languages and have a basic understanding of two more (in my experience, if you know the basics you can figure out a lot). As such it’s full of questions that relate to theories about how neanderthals hunted and formed social bonds, much of which seems to be misconstruing sensory issues like oversensitive hearing, visual stimming (flowing water), proprioceptive stimming (toe walking) and motor clumsiness/dyspraxia as evidence of hunting like a neanderthal rather than a homo sapian. They say I have ADHD but this seems more appropriate. It’s fun to see which areas we have our strengths in.

So yes, overactivity is a good way of putting it and there are constellations of traits that could (and sometimes are) alternatively be diagnosed as dyspraxia or ADHD or SPD, etc.. But I’m biased. The result is a test with 117 scoring items and four control items.It gives participants a neurodiverse and a neurotypical score, indicating that the participant is neurodiverse, neurotypical, or mixed. . Getting a diagnosis as an adult can be a long and somewhat difficult process but it can also be a huge relief. thank you! Thank you!! Also, while it’s good that they’ve broadened the inclusiveness of the results, it may cause more confusion than it clears up for people who aren’t familiar with the term. I have known for a very long time that I am different in some ways. My score was 158/200 for neurodiverse (aspie) score and 68/200 NT.

That’s more related to Aspie Quiz having been a neurodiverse test for a long time (but with highest reliability for ASD), and finally taking the consequences of this and changing the wording.

You’re adding a lot to the conversation and it’s great for people to have the links and data you’ve mentioned to further research on their own. My high scores fall almost exclusively on the aspie (right) side of the web and my NT family members’ are weighted toward the NT (left) side of the web, with some moderate scores on the aspie side as well. I did the AQ test and scored 33, just above the cutoff at 32.

Taking the Aspie Quiz – The Aspie Quiz is made up of 150 questions that fall into six domains. I have a DX of Bipolar, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, PTSD, OCD. The neurotypical score tells you how high you scored on items that describe common non-autistic (neurotypical) traits. Your social habits, and the circle you mingle with, have a strong influence on the presence or absence of Asperger’s in Adults. If you are not comfortable answering any of these questions, just select “Prefer not to answer” and move on to the following section. I haven’t ever written anything about this that I can recall but it’s an interesting topic to think about. . full paper:, I will stop now to submit comment after comment here. }. It definitely seems that certain people comment on certain types of topics and that’s most welcome. But I do sing at awkward moments, there is no denying that. Spectrum. My score was 134 for aspie and 61 for nt. (Eh, holy crud, I have an account here?? The first 2 questions are optional. The question I like the most is I think the talent questions are around things like pattern recognition and cataloging information.

Finally, many people choose not to seek a diagnosis for various good reasons. The same will be true of aspies having some qualities that are more commonly associated with NTs. More than once I’ve wondered if we aspies are more qualified to diagnosis ourselves than the experts are to render an opinion on us. Some answer choices are very similar to each other. Learn more about how we develop our psychological tests. Never have. I also scored a 42/50 in the AQ Test. Be patient with yourself. But I just hate social occasions, they are, to me, pointless and stupid. I have Aspergers, my ex doesn’t, and we both got in that range. Just the thought of it fills me with relief, of knowing why I’m such an oddball at last. The Aspie hunting group was merged with Aspie communication, the NT hunting group was merged with NT talents. Since I organize the entire children’s ministry that is a great way to excuse myself on sundays … funny though that I can really connect with little kids, mostly. It sounds like you’re pretty okay with where you are, regardless of how the test results came out, etc.

You are very likely neurodiverse (Aspie)

COMPUTER ADAPTIVE ASPERGER'S TEST FOR ADULTS (16+ YEARS) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This checklist based Asperger's Test for Adults has been developed keeping in mind the evaluation criteria set by Autism Research Center and should be used only for indicative purposes.. I would like to add that depending on your country and the type of evaluation, you might not get a diagnosis unless you have a problem in your day-to-day life that is related to autism.

So yes, aspie is included in the broader term neurodiverse. I took this for fun today. It came up when I google searched quizzes. In school, the principal and teachers thought I was retarded, because I didn’t really look at anyone, I fiddled with my hands, I became distracted easily, etc. So glad to hear that the blog has been helpful to you! I started thinking properly last night that I might be aspie (had been vaguely mentioned to me I think after the split with my ex-wife a while back). and looking in the vague direction of peoples eyes etc. Plus its kind of nice that other people don’t know where to put their arms…and the kissing question caught me off guard as most times tongue kissing is full of stuff I don’t enjoy yet other times I am fine with it…but it was kind of nice to know it was a popular enough subject to put it on the test.

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