3) The Royal Australian Air Force.

From 29 November 2013, Defence changed its policy in regards to filing of mental health documentation. Some records are held by agencies other than Defence such as the National Archives of Australia (NAA) and the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). our suggestion: take the time to do a search and learn about the proud Australian Army / Military past and present. Department of Defence

The second digit was always the number seven or eight (for example 3793130) to distinguish National Servicemen from members of the CMF who were also allocated seven digit numbers from the same blocks. Today there are approximately 30,000 soldiers in the Australian army, and together with almost 17,000 Australian Regular Army male personnel had five- or six-digit service numbers. performed, the countries they served, where they were captured or whether they get to escape the paucities of this sad fate. CP4-7-008

The Personal Numbering System of the Australian Army by 2151240i The first thing a soldier generally learns, on the very first day of enlistment, is his or her personal number.

Men recruited during the Vietnam War under the National Service (NS) Scheme were issued a seven-digit number.

using the Aust Army records archive can also be achieved in some cases, even if one has already

As a result of changes to the procedures for issuing army numbers, servicemen and servicewomen could have been issued with several different numbers. Military Records. For ARMY: CARO (Central Army Records Office) Soldier Career Management Agency - Australian Army GPO Box 393D Melbourne VIC 3001.

See the table below for information on how to access records.

Usually containing the dates of enrolment, the service records are able to provide a timeline to that relative’s life.

Additional prefixes were introduced as the war progressed. Fax: (02) 6266 2388, As of 01 May 2017, all Army RTO enquiries are to be forwarded to the DCAM Customer Service Network. Phone: 02 6266 5962 Fax: 02 6266 5851.

If you are seeking access to your ADF training records or seeking civil accreditation of your courses that you undertook while serving, please contact the relevant Service below: Navy RTO Section Training Centre If you have any questions or queries about careers in the ADF, just get in touch by phone, by form, or in person.

Revealing information about your ancestors' past can be a very valuable to a family member who wasn't previously familiar with Use this login for Shop items, and image, film, sound reproductions, Royal Australian Air Force service numbers, throughout Australia. For more information please see the request for service records form.

Australian soldiers and the Australian Infantry Force ambulance at Australian headquarters, London 1915, nla.obj-133844527 Military service records are held at the National Archives of Australia . Military service records are held at the National Archives of Australia.You can find information about these through their fact sheets on defence and war service records.. As a gift to the nation, World War 1 service records have been digitised and are freely available online.

3/107). We pay our respects to elders past and present. Numbering for each district started at 1 and was prefixed with the district number followed by an oblique stroke (e.g.

Start your research into WWI Australian servicemen and women by exploring our collection of records. The requirement to take reasonable steps applies in two circumstances. Any mental health documentation completed prior to 29 November 2013 will be retained as psychology records. Ex-ADF members can request access to their service records held by Defence Archives by completing the request for service records form. If you are an ex-serving member seeking access to your Military Compensation file and it is post 1999, please contact the Department of Veteran's Affairs. Members of the Royal Australian Air Force were issued with official numbers, also known as personal numbers. How you access your service records will depend on the type and age of the records. The use of service numbers to identify individual members of Australia’s armed forces was progressively phased out in 2000 and 2001. The information found For most of the servicemen and servicewomen, this will be their only official documentation, so it really is a vital piece of information. We are glad to be of assistance in your family search, start your search today.

Lines are open 8am - 9:30pm weekdays and 9am - 5pm on Saturdays EST. They can hold information that may have been just out of reach but it fits all the pieces of the puzzle together, or, it can hold just a fact that you didn’t know about your relatives.

10 am to 5 pm daily (except Christmas Day), Get your ticket to visit: awm.gov.au/visit.

Your generous donation will be used to ensure the memory of our Defence Forces and what they have done for us, and what they continue to do for our freedom remains – today and into the future. Royal Australian Navy officers were not assigned official numbers until the introduction of an electronic personnel data management system in 1965, although they were issued with a pay number for administrative purposes. PMF soldiers’ numbers also included a “P” to indicate they were serving with the permanent force (for example VP3596).

Lieutenant Colonel Kathleen Annie Louise Best, founding Director of the Australian Women's Army Corps, was issued with five different numbers throughout her service (V148401, VX102728, NFX12617, VFX700147, and F3/91).

Start Your Army Personnel Records Search Now: The Australian army service records database is an excellent place to start with, when trying to search Please enter a reason for request in the reason and urgency of request field on the request for service records form. Archival Series AWM4, and to be able to read what happened on almost any given day going back 115 years. Army numbers for CMF and PMF personnel used the same district prefixes.

Men who enlisted to serve with the Australian forces during the Korean War (the Korean Force) were issued numbers starting from 400,000. Call us on 13 19 01. for army records and/or war records for those who served as soldiers in the Australian forces, and

*Each nation is assessed on individual and collective values processed through an in-house formula to generate a 'PwrIndx' score.

Australian Regular Army male personnel had five- or six-digit service numbers. World War II, Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation, Vietnam War, War in Somalia, East Timor, Regional

Each soldier has an Army file located in the Army database, and today, when people are talking about accessing the The first digit for all service numbers continued to indicate the state of enlistment, using the same prefixes as during the Korean War. 2) The Royal Australian Navy. Lines are open 8am - 9:30pm weekdays and 9am - 5pm on Saturdays EST.

One of DVA's key roles is acknowledging and commemorating the service and sacrifice of all those who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations through commemorations, memorials, war graves and research.

Defence Archives provides access to records electronically on CD or via email. Army World War I.

Email: [email protected]

1800 333 362. It contains only the basics of what you would need to know about your relative. The number was prefixed with an index letter for the district and an “X” to indicate enlistment in the Second AIF (for example VX12843). The personal numbering system of the Australian army, South Australian Mounted Rifles Association website. If you are an ex-serving member seeking access to your Military Compensation file and it is pre 1999, please send request to the relevant Service area below. Find out more. Australian Army Social Security Number (SSN). Permanent Naval Force ratings were assigned official numbers without any prefixes. CP3-7-094 If you are looking for extra information, then the personal military service records are not the documents you should be looking at. Please note that in some cases you may only require access to particular documents in your records depending on the purpose of your request.

back starting the year of 1901.

The Australian War Memorial was voted the number one landmark in Australia by travellers in the 2016 Trip Advisor awards. Officers and nurses were not issued with a number.

As one part of this commemoration, DVA … Even though we might not realize it at the moment, but even today it can help us to be who we are and change our daily life from The Defence Acts 1903–1904: regulations and standing orders (provisional) for the military forces of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1905, Robt S. Brain, Government Press, Melbourne, 1905, standing orders 192–95. active reserve, and approximately with another 12,500 soldiers which are in a standby reserve status,

Phone: 03 9282 6235 Fax: 03 9282 5434 E-mail: [email protected] Army numbers issued to members of the Citizen Military Forces (CMF) were prefixed by either two numbers or the letters “VE” followed by an oblique stroke. Director Mental Health & Rehabilitation Programs and Evaluation

Lists of Army personnel from the Australian Military Force and Second Australian Imperial Force 1940-45 (Series A828).

The navy, army, and air force each used different combinations of numbers and letters, and these were changed over time.

We welcome you to take our 20 second survey and help us improve the site. Defence National Switchboard Canberra 1300 333 362 +61 2 6144 9190 (international) Defence Service Centre.

the country's citizens, you can be sure that access to this kind of information is offered on the With reference to Australian Imperial Force Orders No.2, paragraph 3 (iv), regimental numbers of Army Medical Corps units will be allotted as follows:- Light Horse Field Ambulance 2ndMilitary District, 1-55.

The Auditor-General, Management of the Personnel Management Key Solution (PMKeyS) Implementation Project, Australian National Audit Office, Canberra, 2005. 5–15, Military Board, Military Order 524, 19 November 1921, Military Board Instruction 59, 18 October 1939, 10 am to 5 pm daily (except Christmas Day), Get your ticket to visit: awm.gov.au/visit. Your generous donation will be used to ensure the memory of our Defence Forces and what they have done for us, and what they continue to do for our freedom remains – today and into the future.

Williams, Medals to Australia, with valuations, 3rd edition, Pocket Book, Dubbo, New South Wales, 1990.

The Australian army took part in a number of conflicts, throughout history, including: Second Boer War, World War I, Defence Force Recruiting Centres are located in every major city across Australia.

military service records Telephone: 02 6266 3285

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