Side by Side hammerless sidelock shotgun. Chopper-lump barrels are more difficult and more expensive to make, because each barrel tube has to be forged with its own lump rather than just having tubes fitted into the separate lumped monoblock.

Our No. $7995 with SST (varies depending on importer, currency exchange rate and specific configuration).

2 and have a quality, hand-made shotgun. Both share AyA's sidelock action, which is a copy of a classic Holland & Holland design. It operate on an over centre principle and is commonly paired with both Holland & Holland style sidelocks and Anson and Deeley boxlocks (although early Westley Richards guns have a box ejector mechanism incorporating small V springs).

The No. by NRA Staff - Before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, which basically tore Spain apart between July 1936 and April 1939, AYA primarily made receivers and parts for other gun companies. Imanol Aranzabal purchased the remaining AYA parts from the wreckage of DIARM. But some good Spanish makers remain, because there is always a demand for quality.

The company has been making this gun for more than 50 years, and many feel that it is the best balance of affordability and quality. It’s no wonder that these AyA No. All the AyA sidelock side-by-sides use a copy of the Holland & Holland seven-pin action, a design copied by many gunmakers. The action itself, and as noted, is of square pattern.

AYA builds No.

It must be experienced to be believed. The barrels are of chopper lump construction that begins as separate forgings of the tube and the unshaped “lump” that are soldered to the opposite barrel’s lump and then machined and shaped to the hook and bolting recess.

The Fascist dictator Franco (whose forces were victorious in the Spanish Civil War against the Anarchists/Communists) died in 1975 and Spain transitioned into a constitutional monarchy. It is significantly smaller than it once was (as is all the Spanish trade - although there is more of it left than in the UK). AyA offers numerous fancier No.

It is proven beyond any doubt and is less complicated to make than the Purdey/Beesley action. As mentioned, AYA will build a No.

Its formation followed a visit to Spain during which the King brothers were looking for a gunmaker who might build in the British style. The inside of each sideplate holds the hammer, sear, bridle and mainspring. This is the favourite of the London Gun Trade as well, of course, and called chopper because the tube and lump which form each barrel look like a chopper in their raw state). The test AyA has an English style straight hand stock as discussed and an equally traditional splinter forend.

2 has rounded bottom edges on the receiver and uses a simple screw bolt in place of the lever.

Alongside the European CIP proof marks on the barrel flats were the steel-proof fleur-de-lis symbols, so modern steel shells would be fine in this gun. 2 guns to standardized specifications, chiefly as upland game guns. There are traditional leaf springs to power the tumblers, intercepting safety sears, disc set strikers (which may be removed from the action face to allow for easy replacement of the striker and return spring), and a nicely shaped top-lever. Mechanically, the Nº 2 is identical to the Nº 1. AYA - BOXLOCK EXTRACTOR SXS 16 GAUGE. The AYA Nº 2 is the pre-eminent "affordable" sidelock double gun, and the most famous model in the AYA line.

Side by Side hammerless sidelock shotgun.

Functionally, there is no real difference, but the seven-pin always has been considered a step up.

Normally the comb of a side-by-side is slightly higher to offset flex, otherwise the point of impact can fall below the point of hold. However, as always in gun making and especially Spanish gun making, they did not last. They lock up to the action with a double Purdey-style underbolt. Thanks to the prestige and reputation which we have gained over the years, AYA guns are now available in all corners of the globe.

Founders Miguel Aguirre and Nicolas Aranzabal joined forces to found Aguirre y Aranzabal (AYA) in Eibar in 1915. This gun is on … We parked ourselves on the flush stand and had a lot of fun. 2 can travel in any company and the top of the line guns (AYA Imperial, Grulla Royal, etc.) Available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 bore with frames scaled to match.

There’s a reason for this. The price increases have been partly due to Spain’s adoption of the Euro in 2002 and also to gunmakers’ general dependence on more expensive handwork than on computerized manufacturing. Ravished and exhausted from the just concluded Civil War, Spain stayed neutral, despite close ties to Italy and Germany. 2. It’s so nicely balanced that few would not find it light between the hands. Everything fit properly and looked it. AYA shotguns, made in the Basque country of Spain, have been around longer than any of us can remember. 2 are pure Holland & Holland. 2 photo courtesy of Aguirre y Aranzabal S.A. [email protected]. It is stocked with standard walnut and engraved in a simpler pattern. We took our AYA test gun to the Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsman's Club for a bout of Five Stand sporting clays. is the largest shooting resource and review based website, using the resources of Britain's biggest and most comprehensive magazines - Gun Mart, Shooting Sports and What Gun.

Forcing cones are quite short (as still seems to be the Spanish norm on side by sides). Action lockup is by the virtually universal Purdey-style double underbolt. All rights reserved.

It feels especially secure and aids good recoil and muzzle control. As a field gun, our AyA had an automatic safety, but your gunsmith can easily switch it to manual or you can order it that way, if you prefer.

Production now concentrates on higher grade guns, the Cosmos, Yeoman and Matador, which are fond memories of my youth, are long gone. We would call it Fancy (AA grade) wood. New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd. specializes in top quality gunmaking, gunsmithing and firearm restoration services to the sporting arms community, as well as high quality long arms, optics and gun components. The Round Action No. The locks have traditional leaf or “V” springs.

Two years later, the disastrous result for Spanish gun making was the formation of DIARM, a government sponsored and subsidized consortium of some 20 Basque firms into a single, modern, factory with a unionized labor force.

The action itself, and as noted, is of square pattern. In keeping with tradition, the No. Aya No 2 - 12 Gauge Description: We are offering a very nice Aya No 2 sidelock in 12 gauge, serial number 150956.

It weighs 6 pounds 9.3 ounces on our digital scale and the overall length is 44-1/4 inches. Unlike the other Spanish best gun makers, which typically were small shops that maybe built a couple of hundred guns a year, by the 1960s and 1970s, AYA had grown into a major industrial concern with hundreds of employees producing up to 20,000 guns a year in a wide variety of grades and prices. It is equipped with a beavertail fore end and a pistol grip butt stock that terminates in a thin, but functional, rubber recoil pad. There is also a No. Finish: Engraved color case-hardened receiver, blued barrels, Chokes: Fixed, Improved Cylinder & Modified. 1 and Imperial.

4 boxlock, all of which are still in the line today. Length of Pull: 14 15/16" Drop and Comb: 1 7/16" Drop at Heel: 2 1/4" Cast Off: @ 1/8" - 1/4" Weight: @ 6.1 pounds. Then let us know how we can be of service! With zero play or creep, they obviously had been hand-tuned. AyA makes its own barrels and also supplies barrels to the Spanish trade. The automatic ejectors are of the Southgate type usually seen on good side-by-sides.

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