Just so you see how my beautiful selfless mind thinks With a full list of battles sure to make history, this is an event that must be seen! Lux deff lost that 3. If i was anything but the original fucking source of a states debate That being said, I've got Pat 3-0. Therefore I have Verb winning in the building before we rewatch and realize that Lux actually cooked him. I think the sunrays getting you weak On a different note I don’t understand why people fuck with Tay Roc. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Whos curtain call you trying close up like a wall? Hit the videos above to view face off conversations between some of the rappers set to battle, including Lux and Verb with a 2 part face off video. Loaded argues and Verb lets him rock. Not 5,000 people booing or chanting 3-0. Dont forget youve wrote the dialogue I think aye verb did not use filler, I do think he used an unnecessary amount of words to get his point across to sound more lyrical, But I wouldn’t call that filler he was just TRYING to rap with lux. The second round JJDD vs Jakk might be the funniest sequence of events I’ve ever seen in a battle. But if Lux brings his A, Verb has no chance but to be respected in his L. And he'll probably choke with the pressure anyway. JJDD and Jakkboy started it up with the energy and tension levels already at a 10. The best king to a kingdom to your twisted little breaking bad fame Finally the last faceoff was b/w Surf and Geechi. Ultimate Rap League presents NOME 9 with the headliner battle between Loaded Lux and Aye Verb goes down tonight live from Houston, TX! Plate heated cut with , my points on lux vs verb are pretty much like jay blac's. The big guy can also bake

I’ve seen every battle except Pat and Suge. Bunk 2019 seems to be one of the best years we have seen in battle rap ever. Will be clothed in the same skin that becomes an identical movie frame Iron would KILL Verb. I can't believe the degree of matchups we're seeing. The result of this battle is up in the air for me. Battle Events; Rap Battles; All Videos; Leagues; Rappers; News . TSU SURF VS GEECHI GOTTI (http://ddotomen.co/2019/06/09/geechi-gotti-vs-tsu-surf-nome-9-full-battle/) Loaded Lux Vs Aye Verb (http://ddotomen.co/2019/06/09 With a card called night of main events, you def have the luxury of scheduling the card however you'd like. Geechi make take it on cam but Surf is gonna take it 2-1 easily in the building unless Geechi steps it up. The race you ran Basically, they went back and forth on how JJDD didn't even have Jakk on his radar, how Jakk innovates while JJDD doesn't among many things. K Out Barred him for 3 rounds, plus nitty chocked hard.

No more dirty knees Not debatable. Hell naw. Ive been waiting every birthday since that day I got shine beating nitty 2-1, that choke really cost nitty this battle. You so damn dirty nowonder you needed Now what was in Verb's rounds that warranted skipping out on Iron Solomon? etc. Mutha fucking bet Aye Verb and Loaded Lux met for a their Faceoff seven months prior to their battle in Florida at the URL Smack: Volume 3 event.

Honestly not much to say here. Pure enough to knock ya out when it seeps Salute to both them men for a good performance but clearly aye verb won . Your flim is thick and fuck thats wack Im at the gate In the heat hey? Where everybody thinks every bar was fire, and we just watch it back on the bandwidth to determine our final scores. . It was just you , barbie and ken Boy your bait is fake

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