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The pygmy marmoset is a small species of New World monkey native to rainforests of the western Amazon Basin in South America. Our lemur babies come hand raised, extensively socialized, dewormed, vet checked and each will come with all hand feeding supplies and food samples necessary. Each Pet Comes With: The moat should have an upward slope facing the land. Ring-Tailed LemurThis is the best-known and most popular Lemur species from Madagascar. An indoor enclosure, which can be small at first but, should be changed to larger as an adult. The ring-tailed lemur is the most commonly known and studied species. Being an endangered species, all lemurs are protected by federal law and CANNOT be sold over state lines.

Lemurs of any kind cannot travel outside of Texas. Fruits should include bananas, apples, oranges and grapes that are relatively available all year round.

Frazier Farms Exotics offers both red species fox kits and polar arctic kits for sale. Lemurs do need some vitamin D from the sun. We have lemurs for sale in Houston TX and can arrange transportation for out of state homes! A second appointed competent handler should be available just in case of owner absenteeism or incapacitation. They are medium-sized growing to about 70 cm tall at adulthood, with tails almost equal in length with the body. Diet selectivity and obesity may result from chronic overfeeding. I'm not sure of the sex until I catch them. Do not call me or ask to purchase my Lemurs if you do not live in Texas. Do not know the sex, until they are pulled., Regular fecal check-ups for worm egg floats and frequent de-worming treatment for various worm infestations, Tests for blood sugar levels to check for obesity due to weight gain, and iron levels to test for haematochromatosis, Frequent checks for microchips and whether they are still in the location of administration. They are able to learn patterns and even learn to use tools and many other things. She is well socialized with people, dogs, and our lemurs. A double macaw parrot cage makes a nice bedroom for your Lemur. Fresh water availability is necessary. Kinkajou, A small rainforest little creature some call the honey bear. All rights reserved. Baby lemur is just a part of the so many species of lemur that currently have about five different families. A second appointed competent handler should be available just in case of owner absenteeism or incapacitation. Often the best toy for a Lemur is YOU! Ideally, these temperatures should be between 65° F – 85° F (18 and 29° C).

Strepsirrhine primates process their own distinctive vitamin C, thus don't need to get it from their eating regimens.

Frazier Farms Exotics offers a variety of exotic animals for purchase.

Must remain in the state of AL. They do all they can to identify each other, to warn of dangers, and to keep harmony in the group. Lemur Overview. All rights reserved. The main thing to do is spay or neuter you pet. We have 2 baby ringtail lemurs that will be available soon. We use Mazuri brand foods but, there are others on the market. (prices can vary a lot) Fresh foods on average about $10-20 per week depending on choices and market prices Enrichment toys: $1.00+ Blankets and hammocks: $5-25 each Sex: Male & Female, Characteristics: Our  lemur babies come hand raised, extensively socialized, dewormed, vet checked and each will come with all hand feeding supplies and food samples necessary. Not usually, there are certain common sense things you can do to avoid aggression with most animals.

Fresh water availability is necessary. Your email address will not be published. - Fennec Fox, Male intact, 3yrs.

Native to Madagascar, all species of lemurs are endangered species and are protected by special laws. Blankets and hammocks: $5-25 each They are only found around the Island of Madagascar. Dermatophytosis and Herpes Virus infection/cold sores from human subjects should also be kept in check. Lemurs are not known to be aggressive with other animals, it’s more likely to be killed or injured by another animal. They have overlapped and interbred in many locations. By law a USDA exhibitor’s license is needed to do public exhibits of any kind. Texas exotics animals for sale, Your email address will not be published. You don't find baby ringtails this time of year very often so they won't last long. Texts preferred. Check for and remove snails or slugs as they present the risk of Rat lungworm infection. It has a distinctively ringed tail and a body that is uniquely different from the others. Contact us Today. I have two Black and white ruffed Lemurs, one Red Lemur and one Tri colored Ruffed lemur for sale. Indri Lemur is one of the biggest Lemurs in the world. Their existence has so much to do with their physical characteristics in one way or the other. When it comes to human children, they are your children and you will be the best judge of that.Regardless of age it takes a certain maturity level to interact with any animal. In captivity, Lemurs will eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Keeping lemurs in captivity may involve restricting them behind cage enclosures, open enclosures and Island enclosures. Well known Species and subspecies of Lemurs include: Gray Mouse LemurThe gray house Lemur resembles a rodent in appearance and also name but is very much a primate. Asking 1500.00 each .Call or text for pictures. Lemurs For Sale. We have lemurs for sale, these are nocturnal creatures that hail from Madagascar. Lemurs are strepsirrhine Primates, identified by their soggy nose or rhinarium. For an enclosure for a baby is around $100+.

Consequently, many classify it as a primate. We do offer ground transportation for a fee, please contact us for more information. They are very vocal and can be heard for long distances making sounds. Select options. This effectively restricts aggression and crowding around feeding zones. If handled properly they are very sweet and good natured. Age: 2 Months Old We have 2 baby ringtail lemurs that will be available soon. Required fields are marked *. For adult Lemurs, outside enclosure can be $200+ depending on choices Island enclosures on the other hand have a 3.0 m moat width as a minimum, with 0.5 m as the minimal height of the perimeter moat wall. We have her on 3 bottles a day to keep the bond and allow the new owner to easily bond with her, but she eats solid food well too. It resembles numerous small species of monkeys. It is advisable that keepers have a good knowledge of handling and husbandry techniques of the species. We often use Apples, carrots, bananas, melons and sweet potatoes. You don't find baby ringtails this time of year very often so they won't last long. Will be started on formula and go with a new baby kit. The perimeter moat wall's water should have a minimum depth of 0.9 meters. The ring-tailed lemur for example, requires a cage enclosure of 2.5mm wire diameter and 25mm*25mm maximum dimension of the mesh.

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