And notably, research shows that university-age students may be especially susceptible to the power of repetition compared to older adults.4 That’s just one example of why Christian youth need connections with older adult mentors—not despite the fact that older adults may think differently than students, but precisely because of it. Logic is the process of drawing a conclusion from one or more premises. Thanks to their fallibility, heuristics may give rise to faulty thinking patterns known as cognitive biases. Has anyone ever claimed otherwise? Change ), 10 commonly mispronounce words in English!! This is not to say, however, that there is never a valid case for denouncing something resembling an actual slippery slope. Including, of course, the Big Lie that pro-choice individuals are “pro-abortion” — that they consider abortion a good thing and have no interest in trying to prevent it. Nearly everyone, however, would excuse killing in self-defense. ( Log Out /  Furthermore, he draws the conclusion that the only difference between an aborted fetus and a delivered baby is that the latter was allowed to live.

Therefore, the ad is an example of logic abused to manipulate people to think that Bush is a hero of America. As you can see, the premises may be correct, but the conclusion does not necessarily follow. The following pages describe others. 2nd para of 12. seems to need different sentence structure/punctuation at it’s start.

“life process is sacred and which is no one’s right to end. Sometimes the “pro-lifers” express this by saying that “the only difference between a fetus and a premature baby is a matter of location”. Even if we consider abortion to be killing, it still isn’t wrong if it’s necessary — and it often is a necessary procedure, at least if we want to save the life of the pregnant female. Fear is a technique used when a propagandist warns their audience that a bad or horrifying result will occur if they do not follow a particular procedure or plan. Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Rather, conception, like gestation, is a process , a continuum, rather than a singular observable event like birth — which is far more definitive and determinate. ( Log Out /  The difference is that propagandists deliberately manipulate logic in order to promote their cause. ... (Or Not) – The Propaganda Professor says: … This is one of the most interesting and most bizarre contradictions among those who claim to be “pro-life” for religious reasons. “But look at this rape victim who bore her baby and accepted it.”.

One way of testing the logic of an argument like this is to translate the basic terms and see if the conclusion still makes sense. What’s the point of being selfish to pantene?

And it definitely doesn’t mean we should demand the same of everyone. For instance, we use the follow the majority heuristic when making decisions based on what other people are doing, following the rule of thumb that the majority’s decision is probably best. Author: Aaron Delwiche, Anti-American Propaganda from Afghanistan. Yet, in many cases, parents have agreed to help their daughters care for their babies and sometimes even the state of being impregnated involves men accepting responsibility for making their girlfriends pregnant and contributing to the costs of raising their children. None the less the far right is betting it all on a black and white moral issue that contains many unverified claims—so why not let them be satisfied by rejecting various forms of birth control, including the pill, so they won’t need to face the possibility of aborting a child. There are many logical fallacies in tv commercials, let me share a few with you. Obama is trying to empower the government, while Hitler also tried to make the empower the central government. But they are pro-choice anyway because they don’t want the government telling them what to do with their own bodies!

But dishonesty isn’t their only problem; they also make arguments that are based on faulty logic. Premise 1: Senator Booker supports gun-control legislation. Another mental shortcut called the fluency heuristic refers to our tendency to make snap decisions based on how quickly our brain can process the relevant information. In this commercial also, it is comparing the perfect pair of their love to the datu puti soy sause and vinegar. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. To find out, let’s dive into the psychology of how persuasion works in the brain. The conclusion reached on the bottom of the ad is an example of abused logic, or a logical fallacy. Premise 1: All Christians believe in God. In fact, they also often claim to be fans of a Judeo-Christian deity who, according to that very Bible they thump, condoned wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women and children, as well as — note carefully — ripping fetuses from wombs. Until at least the 26th week or so, there is not even a real nervous system. I think this is a logical fallacy because the girl happens to sent the message to his father which is suppose to be for his boyfriend, and she felt better when she had eaten the pinipig. Dumb Trumpsters? To do so, propaganda taps into decision-making shortcuts the brain often uses, called heuristics (rhymes with “few mystics”). It’s always easier to be smug from a safe distance. In this tv commercial of DirectTv it says that when you get angry because of the poor signal, you’ll be overblowned and when you’re overblowned you’ll get an eye patch, when you get an eye patch people will sat you’re tough, and people will make sure your tough and get into a fight, and when you would get into a fight you will wake up under the railway. The (Republican, of course) legislator who introduced it admitted that he hadn’t even bothered with looking into whether what he was proposing was medically feasible. That movement can exist even if you have those cells in a dish in a laboratory. But these slippery slope warnings ignore that there are many intermediate steps between A and Z; and in most such scenarios, those intervening steps are insurmountable blocks to the absurd Z situation ever coming to pass. If a premature baby has survived the process of birth, then it was a viable fetus. When the picture states ‘just like Hitler’ it is bad logic.

Next will be the logical fallacy of “Slippery Slope” which occurs when an increasingly superficial and unacceptable  consequences are drawn. 12. However, just because Hitler and Obama had the same viewpoint on a strong centralized …

Logic is drawing a conclusion from one or more premises. ( Log Out /  So, as useful as heuristics are, they can also mislead. Given the truth of God’s Word, affirmed through internal consistency and external reality, we can be confident that messages which oppose Scripture are not completely true.

Why do faulty lines of logic sometimes sound persuasive, even if we know they’re false? Indeed, there are specifically scenarios approximating slippery slopes with regard to abortion. It may not be often that you find so many grotesquely contorted propositions in one little clump, but many other “pro-lifers” give him a run for his money with arguments that are illogical, ignorant, and sometimes downright silly.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 11. But by his reasoning, if a fetus has value, that makes it a person. When Obama quotes And I would guess that many religious people feel the same. The common use of “mother” to designate an abortion patient is a powerful framing device that very much slants the field of public perception in favor of the anti-abortion mob. And we can’t ask the question too many times: if you really and truly believe that you are on the side of moral rectitude, why do you feel the need to lie so brazenly and consistently?

Conclusion: Hillary Clinton is a fascist. The next heuristic is a bit of an emotional subject. This bear brand commercial is a bandwagon because it makes everyone join the dance to let everyone accomadate the product. Date Modified: August 8, 2018 This is where things stand in Twenty-First Century America, not only in regard to abortion but in regard to many things. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In the following advertisement, the propagandist is promoting President George W. Bush. Probably, although that’s certainly not guaranteed. Don’t wake up under the railway. And that makes all the difference in the world. With flawless eloquence, he wove accounts of ape-like humans walking upright, developing language, and inventing religions.1 Did everyone else in the class agree? On the contrary, research indicates that years after the fact, very few women express regrets about the decision; nearly all consider it the right thing to have done under the circumstances. Don’t believe it? But once an unwanted pregnancy occurs, all the philosophizing, lecturing and shaming in the world will not undo it. 8. Calling a fetus a “pre-born baby” is like calling yourself a “pre-dead corpse”. Premise 2: All fascist regimes of the twentieth century have limited access to guns. 14. Once again: every abortion, and every unwanted pregnancy, is a unique story.

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