In our 100 general knowledge quiz questions that are perfect for schoolchildren our questions cover topics they'll be taught in school - from science and geography to history and language. Answer 41: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (or queer). 39. Answer: Beer, Trivia Question: All Chick-fil-a restaurants are closed for business on which day of the week? Answer: The Commonwealth, created to honor the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is made with 71 ingredients from all around the world, Trivia Question: Who starred as Mr. Rogers in the film It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood? Answer: Megan Markle & Prince Harry, Trivia Question: Who has the most followers on Instagram as of April, 2020?

How many players play a traditional Basketball game/ how many members in a team? 29. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. 27. Who was the first elected black president of the United States? Answer: October, Trivia Question: What soft drink began in Morison’d Drug Store in Wako, Texas in 1885?

How Do I Write Great Trivia Questions for Bar or Pub Quiz Games? order back issues and use the historic Daily Express I'm Not Saying You're Stupid Trivia Party Game, 50+ Encouraging Muhammed Ali Quotes on Life, Friendship, and Boxing, 60+ Witty Mae West Quotes On Men, Sex, and Love, If You Want To Succeed, Stop Being Afraid Of Your Own Voice, This Advice From My Therapist Helped Me Finally Get Over My Ex, 7 Things Your Relationship Should Be Able To Withstand. All quizzes have questions and answers (you just have to scroll down the page for them). Answer: Chicken, Trivia Question: Which auto brand was the first to offer seat belts? We've got an epic 100 questions and answers for you - divided into ten rounds. Whether you're a fan of broccoli or biscuits, we hope you'll enjoy tucking into these food and drink themed quiz questions. Question 36: How many hearts does an octopus have? Question 24: Who won the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2019? What professional sport did Lee Elder play? The rounds are:  Stranger Things, creatures, film, The X-Files, Game of Thrones, spaceships, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40k and, finally, mechanicals. Here we present you some free bar trivia questions to give you some fun whenever you are with your friends: Oh my goodness! Trivia Question: Who is the most decorated Olympian of all time?

The questions cover a wide range of topics from sports to games to music to tourism and partly historical milestones. 24. Answer: X-rays, Trivia Question: What is the number of Tom Brady’s SuperBowl rings + the number of John Kelly’s SuperBowl appearances? 13. Answer: Townsend Investigations, Trivia Question: What is the record for red cards given in a single soccer game?

69. Who played the role of Harry Potter in the franchise movies? Just grab the ones you like and have fun! Friends quiz questions and answers: How well do you know Friends? How many daughters does the British Queen have? Name an American army tank that is named after an American wrestler? What was Earl Monroe's nickname during his basketball career? 48. Bar Trivia quiz is every party person’s perfect night out the dream. Pub quizzes have been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, Halloween quiz questions and answers: 20 SPOOKY questions, Travel quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your home pub quiz, Catchphrase quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your quiz, Funny quiz team names: 30 hilarious pub quiz names, Pub quiz: Catch up with friends and family with a virtual pub quiz, Food and drink quiz questions and answers: 15 questions, Where am I quiz questions and answers: Test YOUR geography knowledge, 100 general knowledge quiz questions and answers: Test YOUR knowledge. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! To which country did philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Eidhi belong to? by Syd Robinson. What do Mike Garret, Ernie Davis and Billy Simms have in common? Question 40: What does He stand for on the periodic table? Want Stoke-on-Trent news emailed to you direct from our journalists? Quizzes are a lot of for and a great antidote to lockdown boredom - as well as a great excuse to get family and friends together (albeit virtually). Take the quiz to see if your symptoms may be HS—a chronic inflammatory skin condition that may be linked to the immune system.

We've come up with 100 - yes 100 - questions and answers on music to help test your music knowledge. Your email address will not be published. 37. 50 Baby Shower Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers, 120+ General Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers, 100+ Halloween Trivia Questions With Answers, 60+ Video Game Trivia Questions and Answers. Answer: Dr. Pepper, Trivia Question: Who were known as the “Fab Four”? Everest?

Question 23: How many players are there in a rugby league team? I don’t know the reason why I am unable to subscribe to it. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. What did William and Katherine name their third child born in May 2018? So the simple and easy answer is hosting a bad trivia question night. Answer: Stinger, Trivia Question: What year was McDonald’s founded? Answer: Parasite, Trivia Question: What is the most commonly transplanted organ from living donors? Here you can find too many bar trivia questions for your bar and restaurants.

Answer: 90 centimeters, Trivia Question: Finish this famous Michael Jackson lyric: “Mama always told me “Be careful what you do…” Answer: Kidney, Trivia Question: Which common breakfast item beat out Kylie Jenner for most-liked photo on Instagram with nearly 54 million likes in just 10 days? Answer: Rapper, Eminem, Trivia Question: On average, how many grapes does it take to make a bottle of wine?

Question 28: What is the capital of Westeros in Game of Thrones? Along with the 'one-letter' round it's a welcome departure from the 'usual' quiz rounds you'll be well used to by now. How many players are allowed on the field in Australian football? 11.

Name an animated toy movie that has its sequel set for release in 2019? Answer: Tom Hanks, Trivia Question: Who wore a dress made out of meat at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about page. 73. Answer: Tom, Trivia Question: What whiskey brand was advertised with two terrier dogs? After completing this quiz, please talk to your dermatologist about your answers as soon as possible. New York City was originally known by which Dutch name? 26. Question 39: Which country is brie cheese originally from?

Arm Wrestling has originated from which country? We provide the 72 questions (and the answers) to make the quiz-master's job a doddle! Should the sale of fireworks to the general public be banned? What is the national animal of Canada? Answer: Disney+, Trivia Question: Finish this famous line: “Hold me closer tiny dancer…” But remember one thing that you have to arrange the funny bar trivia questions show maximum for the two hours, however, most of the bar trivia nights are free and people spend too much money on menus.

Answer: The Amazon River, Trivia Question: What is called when a bottle of champagne is opened with a sword? 78. Answer: Nevada, Trivia Question: In China, if you order “white tea,” what do you get?

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