What team did Larry Bird coach at the start of the 1997 NBA season? Basketball, one of the most famous sports in history. Which NBA player was arrested twice in April of 2014?

Who holds the record for the most rebounds in a single NBA game? Note: RED=Team Red,  WHITE=Team White,  P1=Player 1, P2=Player 2, …. A comprehensive database of more than 146 basketball quizzes online, test your knowledge with basketball quiz questions. Any fan taller than Toronto center George Nostrand was granted free admission. He also played in for the Washington Tapers (ABA: 1961–1962), New York Knicks (NBA: 1962–1964) and the Hartford Capitols (Eastern Professional Basketball League: 1966–1968). I will say the best current player for national basketball association is LeBron J, In all a situation, it depends on the type of foul committed in basketball and there is different penalty for them.

The current NBA  summer league consists of three separate leagues: Who is the only professional athlete to play for three teams in the same city?

Quiz Index Back to Sport Quizzes Basketball Quiz Questions How many players are What do you know about shooting hoops? ls the official correct?

from panels of leather stitched together with a rubber bladder inside, The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands (never with the fist), When a team shoots the ball into the basket, A teacher at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. Brandon Knight played which position during his rookie NBA season? An alley-oop occurs when the ball-handler throws the ball to

For 22 years, Meadowlark Lemon was known as the "Clown Prince" of the Harlem Globetrotters. Congratulations! They are followed by the Toronto Raptors (1995) and the Memphis Grizzlies (1995). Basketball trivia questions if a great fun and you will be able to know a lot from it. Time to brush up on your sports trivia. Welcome, all for today’s quiz on basketball, one of the world’s most popular team sports which pits two teams of five up against each other with the goal of scoring more points than the opposition by getting the ball... Basketball is an amazing sport that sees two teams of five attempt to place a ball into the opposing team’s hoop. Who knocked the Celtics out of the 2018 NBA Playoffs? He was a four-time all-star (1954, 1955, 1959 (first game), 1959 (second game)) and a member of the 1957 World Series Champion Milwaukee Braves. Your email address will not be published. In that year the Pittsburgh Ironmen drafted Clifton McNeely out of Texas Wesleyan. Massachusetts High School Basketball Rules!

True or false? Basketball is an extremely exciting sport, and a welcoming one too! Now, there is this thing called potential energy where you get a boost in physical and mental fitness while playing that sport. How many of these Basketball Trivia quiz questions can you answer. cambridgenews.

As of Nov 02 20. It doesn't matter if you can play the game or not, but this quiz shall declare you a champion only if you have enough knowledge of the... Everyone in high school is always encouraged to find a sport that they would love and do it to their best abilities. In 2012, NBA superstar Kevin Durant appeared as himself in what children's film? Who’s your favorite team? Basketball quiz - an awesome basketball quiz for kids with questions on slam dunks, zone defense, Michael Jordan, and the Harlem Globetrotters. Awesome 30 questions on the NBA, Michael Jordan, the Boston Celtics, Lakers, FIBA and other basketball triva. Name the former UA guard who transferred to Cal State-Fullerton after his freshman year and was later taken by the Philadelphia 76ers with the 10th pick in the first round. Take these 35 Basketball Quiz Questions and Answers to see if you are a true fan of the esteemed sport. Individual players do 1 lap per question missed. What was the first year the Miami Heat made it to the NBA finals?

Joe Dumars of the Detroit Pistons was the first winner of the award in 1996. Which Italian player was selected in the first round of the 2008 NBA draft? Let’s bring it up to date with this head-scratching round of more contemporary basketball trivia, a round of quiz In which country is basketball a major sport? Today we’ll be looking at the Georgetown Hoyas, a basketball team based out of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. who play in the National Collegiate... Basketball is a sport that pits two teams of five individuals up against one another with the aim of making plays in order to secure points by getting a ball in the opposing team’s hoop.

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