Head to the marker located in Park Row. Toss a Freeze Blast onto the pipe on either side of the corridor to stop the steam.

One it puts the gel on the node for destruction and two it works as an evade move to avoid damage. Cross over via a wire and grapple up higher. Once inside hack the security console in the room to the right. Be sure to counter these attacks then defeat the enemies while avoiding Ra's dashes. Return to the blocked exit. Cross the frozen pond to the other side and grapple up to this platform. Batman takes him out and Penguin reenters the fight. Well that is no access point for anyone but Batman. Not really, simply enter the trap door below and go into the adjacent room. Continue to slice the smaller versions and use the freezing weapon at will until the health bar for Clayface is depleted. The Arkham Knight version of the Batmobile is playable in all of the challenge maps. Batman thinks he can scan some of the nearby guardians to reveal an alternate method of entry. Move through the next door to enter the Torture Chamber. The informants are mainly inside the area you need to find something or outside a landmark. Use the right stick to look around and find the ACE sign. A: Exit the Museum and move to the north side of the building to find the alternate entrance. Electrification - While Freeze's suit provides protection against most forms of liquid, if that liquid is electrified this will temporarily leave him stunned. Batman can break through the boards and free the 2nd hostage. The only way to remove the shield from their hands is with an aerial attack (circle -> X, X). Open a couple of gates by providing a Remote Electric Charge. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Moreover, its top level gets destroyed after completing Climb the observation deck to stop Protocol 10, but luckily there aren't any secrets hidden there so you won't miss anything. Once this upgrade is obtained use it to hack a TYGER CCTV Relay Hub to reveal the location of the cameras.

While we're at it, it's also worth to mention the elevator found in the Wonder Tower Foundation, taking passengers onto the upper levels of the Tower (screen above). The information should also be compatible with the Xbox 360 version of the game. However, you're going to need them, as this is the ultimate challenge, with no counter icons, tough new enemy configurations, and faster, better armed enemies right from the start.

Move through the hole in the wall and slide under the pipes. Take a drink from the cup to continue the trial. Ignore Ivy and focus on defeating the attacking thugs. Take them out then use the Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the door. Enter the Loading Bay. When close be ready to grapple (R1) toward the ledge. It is very possible to get a quick hit in when the blade carrying enemy is about to attack. Head north east to locate Catwoman's apartment. Once she stops running be ready to counter her attack. The thug with the hostage on the right side can be taken out by gliding to the scaffolding and using a silent takedown.

All DLC (sans Joker) is part of the GOTY edition. Eliminate them how you see fit. The guards outside are about to open fire on the elevator doors.

He attacks with his fists and has no other means of protection. A trio of Joker thugs have the next door well guarded.

Thugs are trying yet again to get in the GCPD. Scan this point to locate the bullets point of origin. Open it and they will blast Batman with their guns.

Batman needs to take this guy out without being seen. Batman just made a new toy. After the scene, Batman is transported to the sight of his flight in chase of Ra's. There is a group of 6 thugs in a room just ahead. It is used remotely to disable custom designed Freeze Gun weaponry. With all the enemies down move through the now open path and hack the console to release Mr.

Follow the trail and try to avoid hitting the metal beams while flying through. Take them out and pick up the suitcases. Enter the tower again and hack the TYGER console. Two-Face appearance and we get a cutscene setting up the story. Take out the three TYGER agents below then watch Hugo Strange on the monitor. This guys should be taken out first so that we can easily keep track of the remaining enemies. Hack the security console to the left then take out the enemies. Once the surprise is gone, throw a Batarang at the rope holding the raft. Redirects are basically an evade move towards an enemy (left stick + X, X). The tracker can only be placed if Batman gets close to his prey. Enter Detective Mode and highlight the gun. There are three enemies on the ground and two snipers in the room where Joker and Harley were staying. The axe attack should be evaded and comes in twos. Fight them off then when at 100% of scans Batman recreates a video of an alternate entrance. Most of the Challenge Maps have a single player and a respective default character that can be changed by the player, while some involve Dual Play between two specific, immutable characters. The TYGER guards are now aware of an intruder, so let the claws come out if need be. This will cause them to drop the weapon and Batman can continue as normal.

As Joker ends his portion of the conversation evade out of the building to avoid the blast. Once the gate opens counter the attacks and help Ryder by striking his attacker. The keys are to let go of L1 after the toss so it can be used to brake and to realize the red dot on the screen acts as a sight to guide where you are directing the Batarang. This will slow Batman down and allow you to aim a second shot to get to the next ledge around the corner to the left. The password should be GOTHAM SAVIOR. Follow his signal to the Sionis Steel Mill and enter through the main chimney. Using the tools available the targets in the streets should be no real trouble for Batman. October 2015: Added free character selection and difficulty selection for the character Combat maps. Drop down to a lower platform then use the Line Launcher to cross over. Quickly and stealthily (if thats a word) take out the shooters. Two are armed and 1 has body armor. Look around for some Riddler Trophies and examine Mr. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to enter the headquarters. This time we are on the ground and have a fight on our hands.

Step into a box to end up behind the would be trap. Grapple to the gargoyle behind the grouped enemies and drop down. Grapple to the top and fight of the thugs protecting the Jammer. Industrial Electromagnet - can be powered up using a Remote Electrical Charge, warping and overwhelming any metallic objects within their magnetic field. The next room houses several enemies including some wearing thermal imaging goggles. Use Square to attack and Triangle to counter. A counter is warranted when white lightning symbols appear over an enemy's head. If you delay use the magnet in the room to zap the weapons from the enemies to make them easier to defeat. Drop onto the ice and walk forward in a crouched position so as to not shatter the ice below Batman. The game is over.

Zap the device again to get the hook to pull the door out and grapple up. Look for vantage points, vents, floor trap doors, weak walls, ledges... Any of these (plus more) can be used to approach an enemy and take him out without alerting the others nearby. After theflames take the first right and end up with the doctor right in front of you. They can only be seen in Detective Mode. Jammer Gadget - Freeze's weapons use a constantly changing encryption key. Once free the goal is the same destroy the three nodes with electric gel. With the fight over be sure to give Joker a couple more hits to initiate the next cinematic. Climb over the wall and move to the scene with Harley tossing the doctor off the platform. The simplicity is that there is only one primary attack button. Watch the cinematic as Joker has Talia hostage. A list of Challenge Maps found in all four Arkham games. How do I get it?

The Riddler's Secrets Map for Arkham City. Welcome to this Batman: Arkham City guide. Once the room has been cleared, silently works best, go to the vault and enter. With the key card in hand leap back up to the ceiling. Once the gunman are gone swoop in to save Ms. Vale. This is the normal run of the mill enemy. The assassin attacks. Defeat the remaining thugs and Harley exits to talk. As DLC maps are always available even before starting the story, they can be a great way to gain a head start on Story Mode. Grapple above the closed gate to find Harley Quinn, gagged and restrained.

Enter the building. November 2015: Added free character selection for the character Predator maps, and two challenge maps from. Use the quick fire explosive gel (L1 + Square) to destroy the three nodes on the floor. The analysis will determine if the codes are on board. As there numbers dwindle one of them will take a hostage. There is a trap door in the floor, several ceiling platforms, and wall vents that Batman can use to traverse the area. Walk around the corner and out onto another pipe. Continue for one more fight before exiting the subway into the Bowery. IMPORTANT: New Game Plus is a separate mode accessed from the Main Menu and does NOT affect the progress of your original game. Exit to the Assembly Line. Once close beat the crap out of the little nuisance. September 2015: 2008 Tumbler Batmobile DLC, and. Glide into the next vortex. Tap R1 when necessary to grapple to another point. At the top perform a silent takedown (triangle) to eliminate the thug with the gun. This is the Smelting Chamber where we first encountered Dr. Baker. Stay on the ceiling and jump to the end of the hall. The path gets unlocked for the first time during Gain access to Wonder Tower. This guard has a needed keycard. Examine the area to get a count on the number of enemies most of which are armed. Move through the open gate. Access to the Wonder City is unfortunately highly limited. A cinematic takes over. If successful we have to fight several of the Penguin's thugs. Now that we have the necessary equipment we need to find Ivy. Drop over the ledge and use the Freeze Blast to freeze a portion of the water. At the end of the path bust through the boards. Once inside the Mill, take out the three thugs around the corner.

Enter Ivy's lair. Catwoman retrieves a new gadgets Caltrops are an anti-personnel device that leaves a trap for enemies. Guide it through the electric field ahead and around to the fuse box. Strike and counter until each is defeated.

Climb the ladder. The site should be easy to recognize due to the large amount of plant overgrowth bursting from the building. At the end of the hall will be a trio of smart mouth Penguin thugs (one in body armor). The best way to work this situation out is to prevent it. After the questioning, Batman learns that Freeze is being held by Penguin at the Museum. Q: Why have you not listed the location of TYGER Cameras? This makes it much more difficult for Batman to hide in the rafters. Windows - Analysis of Freeze's scanning systems reveals he is unable to track low targets crouched behind windows or walls.

Use the Bat Claw on the distant shutoff valve to release some water to cool the steam. A: Most likely there is a gadget you need before getting the trophy. There are a couple of enemies to take out in the Trophy Room then a huge group in the Gladiator Pit. Arkham City, at its base, uses the same stealth-free flow combat system used in Arkham Asylum. Walk across the wire positioning Batman above the enemies around Catwoman.

With the enemies defeated move to the apartment and press X to enter.

At the top Batman is knocked down and encounters another fight. Move to the breakable wall on the right and ready the Explosive Gel.

Fire a Remote Electric Charge to open the gate at the end of the hall. Use the Line Launcher to cross the gap and exit through the door. She will occasionally fire a ranged attack with the flowers that are near here. Once a thug with a blade attacks he will do so at twice more in quick succession. Defeat the minions of Ra's while trying to avoid his dash attacks. Once Two-Face declares court in session move to the right and climb the ladder.

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