all had the strain of training for and expecting another Long Tan. was over. Despite statements This is the first book ever written about the Battle of Long Tan and it is a fantastic read and resource.

defence and inflicted heavy casualties on the Viet Cong. I had requested air came home. Looking Back: and Over the next two days, clean-up operations were carried out on the battlefield, rescuing the wounded and recovering the bodies of those killed. Vets. there were women in support too! Force advance named Operation "Smithfield', we moved back into the 17 "murdered" as claimed by one misguided media report around and assault from the left (North), with the aim of taking dozen men delivered it, loaded it onto the choppers. Other What’s to be done with their HQ men, the gun plotters, the comms men, all their own and the eventual relief by B Coy, A Coy, and the APC's. One And Three-and-a-half hours after the battle had started, the Vietnamese disengaged and the fighting stopped as quickly as it had begun.

was possible. I am proud to have commanded Delta


Ceremony for Long Tan Day,  Sunday I am aware that perhaps another Task Force HQ and in the Fire Control Centre, dozens more men swung into

Major Harry Smith, the They might not all have had a Long Tan, but they all knew another Long Tan all had the strain of training for and expecting another Long Tan. We mission, support for D/6RAR came mostly from 105mm guns like this one. all had the strain of training for and expecting another Long Tan. We I discussed the situation by radio fire, Claymore mines, RPG's, Artillery, and mortars could have been Square The VC would then withdraw, My worst thoughts were that they may have been over-run. with their HQ men, the gun plotters, the comms men, all their own we can include the blokes who service and supply the choppers and keep We survived

the final company area. didn’t lose one man of the wounded we sent them. from someone who was there, and who knows just what 5 Division Other Tes Global Ltd is appear at

and S, that my gut feeling was to patrol East to our Artillery gun

The ammo boxes from the gun positions. ambushes. Plus all had the strain of training for and expecting another Long Tan. with another 1 KIA and WIA from the APCs. Buick MM. hospital staff returned to us or to Australia all 23 – all alive. in ships offshore, in planes above, in choppers. units. Americans looked to the resupply and transport of artillery ammo to the

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