She also has a nice A New Hope skin if you managed to claim that when it was available. Battleheart 2 - Release Trailer. Time will tell if this new droid hero ends up holding a spot down in the meta.

High armor stat (legendary leather or plate) makes you untouchable up to around arena level 35, clothies start getting one-shot too soon and die too easily to environmental effects at this stage. 95 3 31 72 141 Pulsing Earthstone These staves channel natural energies with ease.

I just love bloodreaver. Few can withstand a blow from these cruel implements. So Skeletons benefit from all talent and gear stats? This blade hums with subtle magical energy and light. Its lightweight, camouflaged design make it ideal for assassins.

Her blaster fires incredibly fast, meaning she can dish out a lot of damage in a short period of time. A relic from an ancient order of monks that has since vanished.

Channels the might and fury of an ancient imperial dynasty. General Grievous is an absolutely terrifying hero to run into, and with his bugs fixed, he’s truly a threat.

At the moment she has only + 10 equipment but can solo arena to 45.

Post builds, discussions, team comps, and more.

You can then couple that with his thermal charge and underrated charge ability and you’re really playing with one of the strongest heroes in the game.

I what a joke list lol. These savage blades have a nasty serrated edge. In the right hands, he can still be devastating, so just because he’s not as strong, don’t take him for granted.

Don’t get us wrong, he’s still dangerous, but out of all of the lightsaber heroes, he has to be the one you’re most relieved to run into. Most likely the former property of some ne're-do-well. These gloves provide increased punching power. Crafted from the wood of ancient, blessed groves. The blade glistens with otherwordly light and power. It's origin unknown, this artifact emits waves of peace and calm. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero Tier List: All 22 Ranked, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved.

Granted only to those who show great compassion and piety. A popular choice amongst dual-wielding barbarians. Battleheart Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

If you’re in a close-quarters fight, Lando won’t be completely useless, but he’s definitely best suited at distance. Favored amongst scryers, these staves can peer into the future.

Swords such as these are often forged by by fey spirits. When you pair this with her strong rifle, she’s an issue to go against. This staff appears to house a malevolent spirit inside. When the game launched, Maul was a force to be reckoned with, and he couldn’t even deflect blaster shots.

Every hero will have their own strengths and weaknesses, so even if you don’t manage to get your hands on a lightsaber hero, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. A symbol of the holy circle of M'ir and its high clerics. Given how much ground he’s able to cover in a short amount of time, he’s always going to be a hero you have to watch out for no matter the game mode. This page is under construction. Battleheart 2 puts you in control of four adventurers to tackle increasingly difficult battles against about a dozen different types of regular enemies and a fun variety of bosses.

Whether you’re rocking a blue or green lightsaber, you’re bound to find a lot of success with this farmboy from Tatooine. It’s even highly effective on other heroes. A lot of this comes down to BB-9E and a mixture of us not knowing how exactly to play as this droid and players not knowing how to play against it. Obi-Wan is made for defensive players, but he doesn’t really ever seem to impact the game in a major way. I'm running a Necro with Vardus, Inferno mail, Palewood twig and Black candle. Bossk hasn’t actually changed much at all since his launch, but other heroes have gotten stronger and essentially left him in the dust. Her blaster can still dish out a high amount of damage, but that’s pretty much all you can count on from her. She is more powerful than a regular trooper, so she does have that working in her favor.

Their origin unknown, these strings create unimaginable clarity. We ranked all 22 Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes, including BB-8 and BB-9E.

The problem with Obi-Wan is he has a long charge time for his special ability, which can easily be sidestepped. In fact, all of his abilities are quite strong as his choke is among one of the strongest in the game. With that said, he’s still extremely annoying to go against and hard to kill if you don’t focus directly on him. Despite being a lightsaber hero, his ranged throw can deal a lot of damage. A savage weapon made from the teeth and bones of wyverns. Blood weaver is in the god tier, not sure how that was missed. Blades such as these are said to be able to slay spirits... A relic from a lost civilization, it still holds untold power. She’s someone who will shine in team-oriented game modes since she has a good way to lead the charge into battle, such as when she’ll allow your team to see through walls, but she will struggle in 1v1s against fellow heroes. This staff bears a terrible, cursed aura. Everyday lute strings, typically made from intestine linings, ew! All are welcome to contribute to this encyclopedia of items, charcters, monsters, builds, strategies and … There’s something about Yoda that just doesn’t make him much of a threat when you run into him. Actually having a tank is overrated unless you are fighting a boss, in which case War Priest mitigates much of the environmental damage. Mostly legendary gear. Dragon's don't just make great wallets, but also lute strings?

Emperor Palpatine had to be completely removed from the game at one point because he was so broken. Helps to channel divine power with greater ease. Popular among bare-fisted fighters, such as the Monk. All weapons have 9 different Tiers: Special Note to all Players: All upgrades can be easily purchased by sending a Cleric and/or Bard into the Doomvale Arena, allowing them to die and then selling the loot at the Merchant. I have not tested the necromancer in a long time though so i need to do that again. His rifle isn’t the strongest by any means, so he’ll have to rely on other ways to get the leg up over the enemy. While most of your time in Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be spent playing one of the four different classes of soldiers, it’s worth knowing which heroes are best for when you get your hands on them. A versatile and well-made blade, widely used by Knights.

I have necro/bard/bloodweaver/frost mage. This compact bow is easy to handle and packs a punch. These staves channel natural energies with ease. This droid is actually pretty strong, but again, we can’t tell if a lot of it is coming down to players not exactly knowing how to go against him. Kylo Ren is yet another hero who has benefited from time and plenty of buffs.

Early game barb is awesome with just 3 talents: savage pounce reduce cooldown, savage pounce resets whirlwind and whirlwind radius.

Might have to go in a more tanky direction with that if true! The Supreme Leader of the First Order now finds himself as a formidable foe now.

A simple cloth that has been enchanted with elemental magics. Naked or random item rewards. Early game rogue is awesome with just 3 talents: knife stun, knife cooldown and knife charges. This is a fan-made wiki dedicated to the game: Battleheart 2, a swipe-based mobile action-RPG by MikaMobile, currently only available here on Apple IOS. The only real difference between these two setups is :Bard +Haste +SkillpowerNecro +Skillhaste +Extra crit damage. Her shield is nice but it’s a bit too situational. Typically wielded in two hands... but not if you're a hero.

A Tier = Very competitive but may require micro/stalling and good knowledge/character optimization, B Tier = Mostly useful as support/utility choices, C Tier = Struggles to contribute even when optimized, Party leveling stages (Skillpoint era.

This weapon is engraved with elven songs of war. Crafted from the bone and tissues of a fallen dragon. This staff is fashioned in the image of a serpent god. These finely crafted strings provide superior clarity and tone. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the battleheart2 community, All things Battleheart. With 100% crit she is basically a machinegun doing huge DPS and healing the party at the same time. Blood weaver tier C? 3 2 27 50 108 Vined Heartwood Staff Often confused with a simple walking stick.

This artifact is said to channel the very will of the Sun King. Less than 10 talents), Arena Level 70+ (Crystal era. A simple, unremarkable weapon used by Knights. This gives him one extra trick up his sleeve over the other heroes, and even though he’s been nerfed a few times, he’s still the best.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The only real problem for the hero is that he was bad for so long, that players might not play him a whole lot if they don’t know he’s in a much better state right now. Tier 8: Obtained from the Brightstone Arena, Tier 9: Obtained from the Brightstone Arena.

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