Sailors aren’t required, but are nice to have. The navigation for the quest “Blooming Death” will now lead you to the entrance of Khuruto Cave. Changed the sound of the Beginner Flute in the Compose & Play content to be more natural. Sorry for not responding, but you didn't quote or tag me. Completing both main and general quests in the region will provide an even faster leveling experience. 56–57 character. rafts, fishing boats, rowboats, Epheria Cog) taken out at the Velia Wharf will now be pointed in a direction easier to sail away from the wharf by default. You can only harpoon off of a Fishing Boat. Can someone post a screen shot to the entrance? [Repeat] Bacho Ladericcio’s Magical Armor, You can still obtain Roaring Magical Armor by completing the Mediah main quest “[Boss] Illezra’s Servant.”, [Repeat] Becker and the Magical Sub-weapon, Changed the quest “Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I” to only appear if you have a Dim Magical Sub-weapon in your possession and removed its prerequisite quest “Cleansing the Lava Cave.”.

You can now use Heating in the Processing window (L) on certain items to get Beginner Black Stones. *Gulp! Fixed the issue where certain skill add-ons appeared as learnable on the Skill (K) window when they shouldn’t have been. Epheria Frigate is better at manuverability and battle. If you decide to flag up for PVP, and destroy another player’s ship, even a Raft, Rowboat, etc. For details on the newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click <. Do I need workers for an Epheria or a Guild Ship?

in forced PvP mode, your Karma will decrease by 200,000.

Added PRI “Tuvala” awakening weapons as rewards for completing Awakening/Talent/Ascension quests.

This is the technique I use and it usually works. It will leave Fishing Boats alone and only stops higher tier ships like the Galley/Epheria Ships. Nexxis. Depending on what percentage of your max HP remains, the effect will increase up to Damage Reduction +50%. there is a hole to jump in near the valencia caste its like off in the desert to the northeast of valencia just walk around it youll see the hole. Because “magical” armor (e.g. If you have already started one of the below adventure logs, you will be able to proceed as normal.

The more distance you get from the mainland, the more current and wind you have to fight against. You cannot destroy other players ships, if they are not nearby. I can't seem to find the first special something, anyone got any tips?. As a season character, defeating 250 monsters in one of these monster zones will reward you a certain amount of EXP and Time-filled Black Stone x20. Fixed the awkward alignment of lengthy skill names in the Skill (K) window. But to craft a ship in a shipyard, you will want many regular city workers. (This just means that the boat automatically aims and fires the cannon, after you click RMB or LMB.) Please click < Here > to see the event results!

The following types of mounts will now stop auto-navigation after being stuck in the same place for a certain amount of time. You automatically have a cannon, but you can purchase a green grade one at the vendor, and can craft a blue grade cannon in a workshop. In fact, you’ll only need 3 for trying to enhance from TET to PEN! Added 3 new hairstyles for the female classes. Renamed the quest “[Co-op] Exposing the Serendia Shrine Gang” to “[Daily] Cleaning Up Serendia Shrine.”.

Changed the objectives of the following quests. Cannon attacks will no longer hit other ships when fighting Vell, the Heart of the Ocean. Fixed the issue where a notification about Caphras Enhancement popped up after successfully enhancing an accessory to PEN (V). Fixed the explanation on how to gain knowledge of Queekity Thumpity Moon Village and Berdao. You can only enhance Naru accessories (i.e. A low tier ship can only take 1 or 2 hits from hostile sea monsters, and it’s not easy to outrun a Nineshark in a slow boat.

We hope these new hairstyles and the ones we added last week inspires you to try out new customizations for your characters! Changed the location of the Feather Wolf mobs that were attacking adventurers who were auto-navigating through Caduil Forest Path in Kamasylvia. BDOD is a Database for the MMORPG Black Desert Online. There's multiple different cave entrances to get the giant underground chamber beneath valencia castle, you don't need to go into the castle. There is a cannon reload timer, specific to each ship.

We also have new hairstyles for females classes, and new rewards for certain Serendia and Calpheon main quests. Fixed the issue where the landing motion after falling from a certain height was slower compared to that of other classes. Go to the Settings window to reset this hotkey to your desire. Increased the Combat EXP reward of the following Calpheon main quests. Once your HP is less than 50% of your max HP, this new effect will decrease the amount of damage you receive by at least 10%. Aloha ,are all objects on the "ground Floor ? Do i have to buy more than one cannon for the Epheria ships? Can confirm that the gate locks/closes.

Hekaru (big purple whale) and Ocean Stalker (green sea snake) are friendly unless attacked. Hi,i have a problem with this quest.To complet i need to enter into Valencia Castle but the gate is locked.I have try to wait in the hope that would open. 56. You can loot this item by defeating monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan. Tapu of the Golden Troupe has left items for you to exchange for at Velia, because he felt some adventurers recently had trouble exchanging their Golden Troupe Coins. 56, for the following content. Fixed the issue where certain graphical effects sometimes flickered.

Look around the desert and stones, not inside castle.

However, Pirate ships and every other sea monster will be hostile. Fixed the location of the stamp that appears after completing a season challenge. Changed the warning notification that appears when enhancing gear to PRI (I) or higher to only appear when your enhancement chance is 30% or lower and failstack is +0.

Added tooltips for the Black Spirit Pass and Black Spirit’s Safe icons that appear in the Inventory (I) window of season characters. You can exchange [Season] Ouk Pill of Rift for the following bundles containing Time-filled Black Stone, Tuvala Ore, or Refined Magical Black Stone. Added a 3-minute Footsteps of Wind buff to the quest “The Story of the Hero Borne Upon the Winds” to aid travel from Keplan to Calpheon City. I have the triangle, sphere, dohnut and ancient somethings. Fixed the graphical issue with the branches of trees at Rhua Tree Stub. Changed the graphical effect that appears when using Item Collection Increase Scroll items and when purchasing a [Camp] Adventurer’s Luck. PvP between characters (including forced PvP) will be free from all penalties in this server. Enjoy! About ten times bigger than humans, ancient giants aimlessly wander the desert without attacking or defending. World and field bosses will not appear in this server. You can now enter Cokro Chamber via an alternative cave entrance even when Valencia Castle’s gates are closed. just change channels.

Season Special Attendance Rewards: Available until July 15 (23:59 UTC), Event 3: Get Refined Magical Black Stones. Canon awakening weapons will still be given out as well, for completing the quests. For player controlled cannons, you can’t move the ship and fire cannons at the same time. Click on the option to “Buy Supplies” at the .

Fixed the issue where skills with long names or descriptions overlapping in the Skill (K) window.

As usual, you can read the details of these new changes and additions below. Cog ship has fast speed and even feels faster than an Epheria ship, when the current and wind is at 0. As your HP recovers, the Damage Reduction effect will adjust accordingly.

The Ram boat skill is solo friendly, but it has a heavy cost in ship Durability.

Went in it taking screenshots the night before (sometime after 1am since the sun was coming up). To avoid confusion for adventurers who have already completed quests around Cokro Chamber, these new quests will not show up in the Quest (O) window if the Cokro Chamber related quests have already been completed. Aventurières, aventuriers, votre attention s'il vous plaît, il est grand temps de déménager. Went in it taking screenshots the night before (sometime after 1am since the sun was coming up).

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