Sometimes, Toothless’s eye sockets seem to sag just the tiniest bit, and he occasionally has a slightly yellow tinted white part of his feces, so I’m guessing these two tie together in that he might be a little dehydrated, so I was wondering how to keep him hydrated. When introducing a bearded dragon to a new home, give them a week or two to become accustom to the new surroundings. In late winter/ early spring they “bounce” back to normalcy. Bearded dragons are very robust creatures, but are still prone to health issues just like us humans. Mist your bearded dragon a couple times per day with clean, dechlorinated water. it takes almost a month for him to completely shed, and he has not stopped shedding in the six months I’ve had him. Healthy bearded dragons have relatively dry and clean nostrils. Normal bearded dragon urates should be soft and yellowish-white in color. How to Prepare Feeder Crickets for Feeding, Common Issues When Feeding a Bearded Dragon. Please help ASAP! It’s similar to hemorrhoids in humans. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thanks Tim and please keep us posted on your bearded dragon! Sadly he does have a lettuce fetish. Giving his weekly bath to keep him hydrated. any advice or recommendations I did read somewhere to have them eat baby food is this true like prunes? When I fed them last night and today, he has ate a lot more than before. Any information on Reptile Advisor should not be used in place of proper medical care. once again, I’m so sorry it happened.

Not to be gross, but could it be his genitals? My beardie has never gone through brumation before and he is over 10 years old now.

I have been researching and learning these little cuties for a while, only been hands on training Since May 8th, 2016. Feeder insects that are left in the terrarium can crawl on and bite the bearded dragon causing a stressful situation. If its glass. Minus the fact DRAGONS CANT EAT BREAD OR ORANGES(no citric acid or wheat products..).

I try to feed her and do not abuse her. Did you research habits of a bearded dragon? Thanks in advance if anyone answers~. My beardie has not been eating much lately and has been opening his mouth and hissing a lot.

Fingers shaking for the past few days what can this be from ? I think the author means constantly having an open mouth is a sign the habitat is too hot. He just had a major shed too but it took longer than usual.

Since her diet with her previous owners consisted of bait from a baitshop im worried she has parasites.

Respiratory infections can be caused by fungi or viruses, but most are the result of bacteria. And yes, 80% humidity is as bad as sticking him in water indefinitely. she goes to the bathroom like normal and eats like normal, but today i picked her up to feed her and i noticed that she was shaking. i’m not entirely sure what to do to help him. Also, a few days ago, he almost died more than 3 times. I have been looking online but haven’t found anything similar any information is greatly appreciated. Anyone moving to an aquarium with mesh top needs to calculate the fact that the area in the cage is now FAR GREATER than it was before. If anybody has any idea what is wrong with him is really appreciate the help thanks. You can try to increase the basking temperatures about 5 – 10 degrees and keep the lights on for 14 hours during the day with 10 hours of nighttime to see if this helps to bring them out of brumation. There are times when it shows signs of an unhealthy state that it can be remedied by simply changing its habitat or diet. Let me put a small lizard with a bigger one and hope the bigger one doesn’t get hungry… I understand ones that are same soze together as youth and some put a male and females together but… Wow.. I think throwing up the food was better than impactation due to an inability to digest food. He’s active and alert when he isn’t sleeping and he’s actually been a lot more active and sleeping less the past few days. He temp is 80 degrees during the with a heat lamp and uvb lamp.

Healthy bearded dragons have relatively dry and clean nostrils. Hahah! is he suffering from something or did he twiest his neck? When cool and inactive, dragons typically adopt their drabbest normal coloration.

Lately he has become lethargic, sleeping up against the back wall of his tank (like he always has). If your lizard is exhibiting any other signs of a respiratory illness (such as nasal discharge), it is wise to see your vet. Needs to be 90-100 on warm side and 75-80 F on cool side. Please reply soon as I don’t know if I have to take her to the vet or just change something about how I’m caring for her. Please help I’m worried sick .

Vitamin D3 assists with the absorption of calcium in the blood stream to promote good skeletal development. The vet thinks he may have gout (the tip of his tongue is white) and that his air tube is blocked with the deposits so he’s having a hard time breathing (he tried putting a tube down his throat but it wouldn’t go), which is why he continually opens his mouth and makes the noise.

But along his back, he looks really dry like he needs lotion, is that a bad thing? When my little Bond was a baby watering him was our main means of imprinting.

It has been molting slowly for a few weeks and I came home today to see it on its belly on his sand and i noticed that his right side of his belly was very green and his bottom head and neck were black if u have any information on his cause of death it would be greatly appreciated please email me back. I get bottled spring water and bought a dollar sprayer from walmart in the cosmetic section.

Healthy bearded dragon poops should be vaguely sausage-shaped, dark in color, and more-or-less firm. I don’t know exactly what is happening . I’m at my wits end and sick with worry…I’m guessing the best thing to do would be a vet trip? Fortunately, this problem is pretty easy to fix. he’s about a year old and I’ ve noticed that his eyes and under his chin are rust colored. Prescribed a de-wormer for that which she seemed to be responding well to. He may even interact with other individuals in the enclosure, via head bobs and arm-waving movements. He stays in this postition for days unless he slumps to one side or I move him. Can someone tell me please why my bearded dragon seems skiddish? 95 degrees F is not too bad, but getting a little closer to 100 degrees would be good. I fed him 3 times a day and made sure to hold him 2 times a day as well as a weekly bath because I felt he had some constipation. I hope that helps anyone scrolling through. Snout rubbing is also a possible sign of stress. ANY IDEAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED TO HELP BLACKJACK! Please help! Just use paper towels until he is older. Give it time to adjust to the new surroundings. He recommended I euthanize him. I see why the Original Poster just gave up replying… Homosapian are highly unintelligent… And to think I almost fussed at the OP for not helping more people.. I’m concerned about my bearded dragon.

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If you own a bearded dragon, it is your responsibility to protect and prevent them from diseases, such as impactions, parasitic infections, MBD, dehydration, and calcium deficiency etc. I am unsure how lomg she stayed “normal” but seems she is uncomfortable now. An Honest Look, How to Set Up a Tegu Enclosure: Step-by-Step Guide, Chameleon Shedding Process Explained: Everything You Should Know, Do Reptiles Get Lonely? I can find no nice things to even say or suggest… Do you even care about the creature who is obviously worth 1000 times more than you? I am scared. Thank you.

Now when I noticed this inside his ear I did more research and all the reading I did said to NOT help remove it due to the fact it can cause permanent damage to him. I use REPTIVITE and i dust them all everytime i feed. Your lizard just has genes that make him grow slowly.

This generally happens when a bearded dragon is kept in an enclosure that is too small for its size. Hi I got my dragon a little less then a month ago and he has been shut in a room pretty much to himself because he was a Christmas gift from Santa. (the option I went with being as electricity is expensive) You can get a piece of cardboard, a thick piece works far better than a cereal box, you want to insulate the tank so heat will stay in on the hot side.

Sunken eyes can occur for a variety of reasons, but they’re probably often caused by respiratory infections or, even more commonly, dehydration. If someone could get back to me ASAP that would be great!! He is not eating, and actually hasn’t eaten for a full 3 days. I am very sorry your daughter passed away, I know it must be hard.. By the description sounds like she may have been suffering so atleast she is free if she was. She rubs her snout a lot on her rock and she had black lines on her stomach so I can’t tell if it’s her entire belly that’s supposed to be a dark color or if she’s not fine.

You don’t want to spread any pathogens around your home, nor do you want to infect any other pets you have. He would grab drops as they rolled over his lips and eventually I think I taught him about sitting water because now I can’t get him to leave the water bowl alone. Sometimes illnesses and injury occur out-of-the-blue, but most commonly, a dragon’s failing health is the result of improper husbandry.

Last time she went we realized we needed to keep it hotter in the tank so it has been 94 degrees and within 2 hours 2 weeks ago when increase the heat she went a lot it was foul and diarrhea and then she went again the next day but she hasn’t gone since then and it’s been well over a week.she seems completely fine she’s very active she eats I’m just afraid to keep feeding her without her having a bowel movement. Lower the humidity ASAP and schedule a vet visit please, My baby beardie is about 3 months old. The most common cause of missing toes is undoubtedly hungry cagemates.

Next time it happens, look closely at the edge and you can see the new scales underneath and you can even see the space between the old scales and the new.

My beardy has been acting strange for the past few weeks. And that’s pretty accurate.

Have ended up here and trying to help where I can. He will probably die. I'm glad Rolo is going to be ok! Limbs or a tail that tend to break or fracture easily could be a sign of Metabolic Bone Disease.

Please get back to me ASAP, your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. He seems scared of me and any time I try to pick him up he runs away.

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It could also be linked to genetics.

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