Either your beardie is over hydrated and has eaten high fiber foods or (if the poop smells bad) it could be a sign of a parasite or intestinal infection. He only seems to poop about every 1 1/2 - 2 week. The white part is urate. Before going into the body of the article, let’s look at what the reptile waste looks like: The anatomy of a reptile is different from that of a mammal. As I mentioned in the open of this post bearded dragon droppings are like a computer printout of your dragons overall health. ★ Bearded Dragons - The Essential Guide ★ Get It Now. 1cc Oral Syringes - It's typically better to avoid recontamination by using a fresh syringe for each dose of medication. This article is aimed at beginners, if you’ve owned a dragon for some time chances are you’ve experienced the stress of your dragon not pooping or seeing anomalies, for beginners this article will give you more confidence should any problems arise. The Poop Story! Urates can be very firm to very runny, typically this depends on the length of time since they last went. Feed the bearded dragon a proper diet and avoid feeding lettuce. Here are 5 common types of bearded dragon poop you should get familiar with and what they mean. Certain processed foods, such as Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Bites will make it a bright neon green. If the entire poop is runny including the urate, then this could be a sign of two things.

So again, keep an eye on this and if it occurs, perhaps steer clear of mealworms for a short period of time. Again, continue monitoring the situation, and where there is no change, consult your vet with any concerns. If it is constipation (or even impaction) look for things like: This could very well mean that there is a blockage inside the intestines and needs to be dealt with quickly either by using the warm bath method. Or, if you feed your beardie with a few extra greens then expect the poop to be a more green color.

Disinfectant - You need to disinfect your entire cage daily to ensure that you kill off all parasites and don't reinfect. Gently massage and stroke their belly in a downward motion towards the vent, do this for 10 minutes. It is recommended that the food pieces you feed your beardie should be no larger than the gap between your beardie’s eyes.

If the food is the cause, this is not a concern. All Rights Reserved, Top 5 Bearded Dragon Egg Incubator Reviews, Risks And Cures For A Dehydrated Bearded Dragon. But if the poop doesn’t return to normal or if it stinks, or is runny, it can be a sign of intestinal parasites in which case you must take a sample to the vet. This has been going on for few months now. Get your beardie into a warm bath twice per day and feeding them natural laxatives work very well.

This can be due to one of two reasons, either the food you are feeding your beardie is too large for it to be digested or the food is too hard and tough to be digested. Take a sample just in case you need to take him to the vet. Additionally, some insects have a hard outer shell called ‘chitin’, and whilst beardies are able to generally break this down, a build-up of this can cause the digestive system to become irritated. I see it i clean it lol. If your bearded dragon only poops once in 3-4 weeks, it can be normal in only some cases. Here are a couple of tips to help your dragon re-hydrate: If your dragon’s poop is all white or even runny it most likely means that your dragon is overly-hydrated and is no real concern for alarm as it is just urine. Different problems can cause blood to appear in the bearded dragon poop, some are relatively harmless whilst others indicate a significant health risk. The longer it's been, the bigger and harder the urate can be. This typically means that your dragon is not well hydrated or that it has too much calcium in the diet. Just like all other plants,…. This could be during the brumation when bearded dragon’s body slows down. Click on the links! If your dragons poop looks like a pile of mush, if it smells horrid (now lets be honest, dragon poop smells terrible anyways, however anything stronger than usual), then it's time for a check up at the vet. If not feed him either through an eyedropper or dab around his mouth for him to lick off. Generic Panacur - For treatment of Gastrointestinal Parasites The early sign of this is the shells making their way down into the poop. What if it has no form? If the puddle is mostly clear looking and the rest of the poop looks normal then have no fear! You have a perfectly hydrated dragon that is just expelling the extra liquid that he does not need. If the urate part of the poop is yellow then this can be a sign that your beardie is getting too much calcium, if you are using calcium supplements then this could be an indication that you are using too much. Yes, each dragon will have their own “rhythm” when it comes to this sort of thing, some dragons will sit way outside of these numbers but you will get used to your dragons schedule. So, what is a healthy poop supposed to look like anyways? Dragons don't act different in the early stages of parasite infections, typically the lethargy will come after some time. If there is no smell and you realize that you have fed your beardie high fiber foods or it has consumed very wet food, then this is likely to be just a result of the diet. Aside from seeing blood in the stool, try not to be alarmed by one instance of an abnormal stool, wait to see another 2 or 3 to see if the pattern changes. There is also a white part, within the poop and this is usually a combination of uric acid and urea. During this period of around 3 months (this time frame can vary wildly) your beardie won’t really be interested in much at all which catches a lot of new beardie owners off-guard. Bearded Dragon's bodies have evolved to use water much more efficiently than ours so instead of urinating, they excrete the solid waste and retain the fluid. There is a brown part of the feces and that is produced by the same basic process as mammals. If you’ve recently purchased a new bearded dragon it’s quite normal to not see any poop from them for a couple of weeks we call this relocation stress. For example, if you feed a lizard with more carrots than normal, its feces may turn yellow the next day. Both situations can cause blockages in your beardie’s internal digestive system which can lead to impaction. I was just 15 years of age when I first met a bearded dragon. To cure the dehydration you will want to do one of a few things. Toltrazuril - For treatment of Coccidia Also, are the tank temperatures in the ideal ranges?

Pull back on the calcium supplementation and see how it looks. This can come from orange or red fruits or vegetables which shows itself in the stool but it could also mean that your beardie is getting too much calcium. It will help you to determine if your beardie is sick or not. For example, soft stools with a bad odor can be caused by a bacterial infection, parasites, contaminated food, or various types of internal disease. There are a few factors that have an impact on the frequency of deposits, for example: It’s very important that there is enough heat and UVB inside the enclosure as the UVB helps with the digestion of food among other important functions. If you do see blood then it still may be worth waiting an extra day or two to see if it improves otherwise take your beardie straight to the vet. Blood inside your dragon’s poop could be due to internal bleeding (stomach or intestinal) or constipation. There are also times when an unhealthy bearded dragon may start showing signs or symptoms of a condition without you really knowing it. Provide proper UV lighting for your bearded dragon.

This is usually a sign of dehydration and occurs because your bearded dragon’s body is forced to save water. Loose stool can be a sign of intestinal parasites such as pinworms or coccidia which cause physical damage to the intestinal cells. If it’s been a week and still no joy, then take them to your vet to see if there is something else at the heart of the problem. On the other hand, they can also indicate a very serious health problem. What if it smells? The tip of my beardies urate is yellow, i only noticed today and i dunno if its normal. Down to the dirty. Different problems can cause blood to appear in the bearded dragon poop, some are relatively harmless whilst others indicate a significant health risk. Another sign of dehydration is sunken in eyes thick saliva if you’re feeding your dragon and you see that their saliva stringy then it’s time to give them a drink. Most vets will avoid treating parasites because the treatment wipes out the entire gut flora which are made up of good (and bad) micro-organisms that help fight illness, help digest food among other things which is incredibly important to any animal not just beardies. Juvenile (Sub adult) bearded dragons (3 – 18 months) should be going every other day. I normally dont pay attention to the poo.. However, if coccidia (or another parasite) is the cause then it needs to be addressed since diarrhea can severely dehydrate and deplete resources in the body. If you can spot the remnants of insect body parts, or plant matter in the poop, this is a sign of undigested food.

Butternut squash, carrots or other bright vegetables will add some color to it and make it moist, the same as it went in. I was just 15 years of age when I first met a bearded dragon. These are common in the Bearded Dragon world and are fairly easy to treat with some patience, persistance and a little OCD. Pet Trade Accounts & Rescue Groups Policy. He only seems to poop about every 1 12 2 week. Your bearded dragon might have swallowed a sharp substrate or could be suffering from internal parasites or pathogenic bacteria that can damage the intestine. Here we will go over healthy poop, non healthy poop, and what you should do about it. Is it too smelly? If you’re not sure how old your bearded dragon is use this as a rough guide: Expect a healthy baby dragon (0 – 3 months) will go at least once per day (1-3+ times is normal).

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