It was not designed for those purposes. Open minds and positive attitudes would lead to several more industry firsts over the course of the next several years. Benchmade 15017-1 Hidden Canyon Hunter - S90V Blade / Richlite & G10 Handle $195.50 $230.00. Benchmade 5700 Presidio II AUTO Folding Knives. Benchmade 133 INFIDEL BOOT KNIFE, Dolch 284,50 € * In den Warenkorb . Defined by speed, style and versatility, the 3400 Autocrat is Benchmade's first OTF to use composite G10 handles. A contemporary styled building complete with all of the modern equipment and amenities necessary to manufacture what has become recognized as a higher standard of specialty cutlery. Top selling series. Easily operated and carried on either side, the speed and function of AXIS Assist, and the convenience of a flipper. Repair or replacement as provided under this Warranty is the exclusive remedy of the consumer. But it's more than just having modern equipment, for Benchmade, it's having a workforce of dedicated and professionally skilled people knowing how to make it all work together. Benchmade 580 / 581 / 583 / 585 / 586 Barrage AXIS-Assist. This knife has only one use, as a cutting tool. It’s the best of everything in a slim, lightweight, every day carry. Zero Tolerance 0450CF; Folding Knife with 3.25” DLC-Coated S35VN Stainless Steel Blade, All-Black Carbon Fiber and Titanium Handle Scales, KVT Ball-Bearing Opening, Frame Lock, Pocketclip; 2.45 OZ. Benchmade 860 / 8600 Bedlam Folding Knives. ft. facility. Lift off caps with ease using this full sized bottle opener with a great stonewashed finish.

Benchmade Out-The-Front Automatic Knives (Autos) have powerful springs coupled with precisely machined lock mechanisms, offering the industry's most reliable OTF automatic systems. MAIL TO The Mediator takes the appealing look of the 940 Osborne and translates it to a tactical blade that will become a mainstay in your EDC rotation. The Benchmade manufacturing arsenal contains ultra-modern laser cutters and machining centers dialed in for spot-on tolerances of 0.0005' on command.

Powered by Shopify, 11 Benchmade 940 / 943 Osborne Folding Knives. No exceptions will be made. It means taking an often times custom design concept and unique designer personality, and then translating it into computer renderings and programs for a multitude of individual manufacturing processes. They feature 4.43" S30V blades with G10 handles. This was only the beginning of Benchmade's breaking of new ground in the manufactured knife markets by using non-traditional materials and modern manufacturing methods in not only building knives better but, inevitably building better knives.

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