There is so much connected to it and God does nothing without it. Carol Stream, Illinois, I will share this story very briefly to set a background. To better serve your needs and offer you the best price, please place your order by calling 800.289.3300 or emailing us at [email protected] . "We have been blessed, and we have seen many Christians blessed in their own lives as a result of our Disciple Training School. It was at this point that I googled, “The voice of God,” and found Christian Leadership University on the Internet.

Your people can be earning accredited degrees, while becoming Spirit-anointed leaders. As a single mom, working full time and involved in church, Bible studies etc. Only 600 copies produced, so order while supplies last! You might wonder why the Lord does not give you all you need in a moment of time, and why He does not just place the necessary qualities within you, so that you could pull them out whenever you needed them. Your congregation needs ongoing in-depth training to nurture their passion and growth in the Lord.

It forced me to look at my life, and I didn't even recognize the person I had become. It is to re-write our book Prayers That Heal the Heart so it is much more user friendly. I would lose the weight, only to gain it back again. I've never had so much revelation and direction related to praying and understanding truly what intercession is until I took that course. How-To Blogs for Spirit-Anointed Living by Dr. Mark Virkler. God Himself had to tell me before I could really believe it. I was no longer tied to a classroom setting AND I was not tied to a rigid timeframe for completing courses. For the first time EVER! Working together with my spiritual advisors during this course has forged friendships and trust. We believe this is so precious and valuable, it should be distributed as widely as possible to all people, colleges, Bible schools and Schools of Ministry with the goal of getting as many schools and churches and home groups as possible teaching this course on how to hear God’s voice. He instructed me about six months after first starting this course to read back over the journals I had been doing for nearly a year. I want to know where I am seeking to go, and a good path to get there. Discover 7 reasons to receive our monthly email newsletter! He will use everything that I've gone through to perfect His plans for my future. I feel like I've just started on a journey that will be the best part of my life! Dana Point, California If you want college credit for this, you may enroll in our REN103 Communion with God course which comes complete with an instructor, tests, a final grade and college credits. Maybe I'm as hardheaded as the teenager who can only learn from the school of hard knocks.

It comes with DVDs and workbooks but no course syllabi. This course has reassured me that there is victory in a multitude of counselors. You get all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks. What an opportunity to be trained in excellence of service to our Lord and King. To order some curriculum material, please place your order by calling 800.289.3300 or emailing us at [email protected] Have you ever wished you could just sit down and have a long talk with the Lord? During the hard moments of my journey, it has always helped to share my thoughts and feelings with someone. Detroit, Michigan. 2111 N. Main St., Suite C Joplin, MO 64801. That is the greatest gift anyone could ever have! It is free! Son, I’m authoring faith. I truly am grateful for the anointed teaching and the selections of courses that CLU has to offer. While I had never heard of a university dedicated to hearing the voice of God, I was certainly intrigued. As a result of taking this course, not only did I begin to hear God's voice, but He began nearly immediately to speak to me about what He had called and created me to do.

The inerrancy of the Bible and the anointing of the Holy Spirit permeate each and every course. This top seller for 30 years from Bridge Logos provides a narrative, right-brain presentation of the principles of how to hear God's voice. Start your own online Bible Institute or College with our non-denominational courses. "The textbook and course Communion With God has been one of the most popular and life-changing courses we have offered. A college-level course syllabus is a several-page description of the requirements of the course, including what books must be read, what assignments completed and handed in, and what tests and papers must be done. Today I not only know, but also feel, that I am loved and cared for by my Heavenly Father! I got started on it right away. Once you've made your purchase, we'll follow up with you when the next curriculum is available for sale. I was beginning to feel the Lord’s direction in this area, so I took this as a confirmation that I should create a course entitled, “How to Pray like Jesus.” Each of the course syllabi on this CD-ROM is lamad in its requirements of the students. It includes 95% of the content of How to Hear God's Voice but is reorganized so it fits perfectly with the 10 DVDs on this subject by Mark Virkler. Senior Pastor It puts the Kingdom of God first which will then add all those things that are outstanding for success and victory in our daily lives. My major is Christian Counseling, and so far I have taken two courses - "Communion with God" and "Counseled by God". If I can identify and define these steps, I can pursue them. I have been a Christian for nearly six years and had recently been involved in a Bible study with "Spirit Filled" people, unbeknownst to me. Each license allows for different usage permissions and periods of time. But shortly after being introduced to them, I began to hear and learn truth.

More information about this CD-ROM and utilizing the Lamad Curriculum used by Christian Leadership University is available here or by calling 1 800 466 6961 or 716 681 4896. When I retired five years ago, I expected to focus on my hobbies of abstract painting and learning to play the guitar. The biggest change, by far, has been a revelation of God's love. Discover more revelation-based bloggers here. But I will share this, once the floodgates opened it has been revelation after revelation since then. in counseling, and along with my seminary credits and other work was able to transfer a significant number of credits toward a D.C.C. Have you ever wished you could just sit down and have a long talk with the Lord?

We have no desire for recognition ourselves. 2 . Prior to CWG, I was not submitted to authorities and was a 'lone ranger'. I was stirred to study further after being in the ministry for 20 years. As a left brained person, it was hard to begin to discern His voice initially. These courses are created around the writings, CDs and DVDs of nationally- and internationally-respected Spirit-anointed leaders. Only He could move an idea from my head down into my heart. It is a smaller work load for the learner, less expensive for everyone, and easier to administrate. In His `Great Commission,’ Jesus commands the Church to make disciples, and CLU can be of enormous potential to you in accomplishing that command.

We provide this service for a tiny fraction of that cost. To doubt was much easier. All samples below are previews of the material available for sale. Our upper division course curriculum includes an array of courses from which you may create many different programs tailored to various ministries.

I wanted to learn how to hear God's voice but didn't know where to begin. I am amazed at how loving, patient, gracious, merciful, protective Lord Jesus is! Each course is presented in an outline format (with plenty of “meat” attached), and includes study questions and recommended assignments. In addition, it gets you started using the four keys earlier in the book and gives you more journaling samples and exercises. I did everything that the study guide told me to do and nothing seemed to work. You do not serve us.

CLU offers supporting structure by maintaining a large number of national leaders/mentors with proven expertise in a variety of ministry areas. When things don't seem to be going your way and your prayers aren't answered the way you had hoped, wouldn't it be great to hear Him tell you where He is in the midst of it, and what He is working out in your life? Wouldn't it be wonderful to move beyond having a theology that states that God loves you to actually hearing Him whisper words of love into your heart? He said he did nothing on his own initiative, but only did what he saw his Father doing, and only used words he heard his Father speaking. Additionally receive for 1 year, any coursework updates we may make. I’ve messed up my life so badly only God could turn things around.

200 - 300 churches have utilized this curriculum package. These courses are all practical, relevant, life-changing, biblically sound and Spirit-anointed. A college-level course syllabus is a several-page description of the requirements of the course, including what books must be read, what assignments completed and handed in, and what tests and papers must be done. This program allows your church to establish a true discipleship program that can also financially bless your church as well.

I am 68 years old and feel the energy of God pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished for Him in retirement. 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice (hard cover), 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice Audio CD Package, subscribing to our daily devotional digest.

The more I read about the CLU courses by going through some of the abbreviated descriptions of the courses and how they would affect me, CLU started to grow on me.

Since we have removed the large margins, it is a smaller and less expensive book. Jesus is fighting for you! I Feel Like God Has Given Me the Greatest Possible Gift. CLU is giving me the means of fulfilling my dream of hearing the voice of God. Southtowns Christian Center My first course was Communion with God, and my life became powerfully enriched as this course taught me more about God’s voice--how to cultivate it and to live fully out of it. In every course, I heard God’s voice since He does not want me to live out of the tree of reasoning, but instead out of His voice.

By only living in the natural, we miss out on half of what life is really all about. Intercession is not what most people think. Praise Fellowship Church Another praise report – I'm dreaming again! For a more complete description of the core pack, and for a discounted price on the items above, please go here. So you know you are getting the very best test base possible for each course. It's what makes life worthwhile. But after going back to the CLU website many months after starting, I realized that what God had called me to do was to have a degree path with CLU!!!! I’m giving you authority to be released. ", Warmly,

You can explore this option here. If you want to hear the Truth in how to be successful in life through God’s Word, then CLU is the place through which you ought to study. "CLU provides all the support you can use or need in establishing and maintaining your own Bible school, while allowing you to escape the problems of attempting it independently. If they do return to work in your church, they will bring another's spirit, another's attitudes and another's theology. This includes the Joomla main site, that describes what you offer, and the Moodle education site, that contains all the courses you've purchased. When I finished teaching the Revelation class, a godly lady asked if I had thought of creating a course on prayer.

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