Nearly 400 military personnel were killed. The Union forces failed to break through the Confederate defenses despite the success of the mine. The explosion caused a tsunami with broken ice.

A crater 100 ft deep was left where the plant stood. Letters of support were sent from around the world, including one telegram from Adolf Hitler. Finally, during the confused night actions in the early hours of 1 June, the German pre-dreadnought SMS Pommern was hit by one, or possibly two, torpedoes from the British destroyer HMS Onslaught, which detonated one of Pommern's 17-centimetre (6.7 in) gun magazines. A shell made a chance hit on the medieval castle, within the star fortress, which was being used as the powder magazine. 73 people died and hundreds were injured. The explosions destroyed 1 square mile (2.6 km2), killed 130, and left 600 homeless. Approximately 3–4 minutes after the initial blast, there was a second explosion from 12 oil cars. 5 Of The Biggest Explosions Caught On Video Featured 10/07/2017 in wow Five of the most shocking and terrifying explosions ever caught on camera

On 20 December 2016, a fireworks explosion occurred at the San Pablito Market in the city of Tultepec, north of Mexico City. At least 51 people were killed, over 100 injured, and twenty buildings flattened.

On 14 January 2020, an ethylene oxide tank exploded at the IQOXE (Chemical Industries of Ethylene Oxide) plant in Tarragona (Spain). An unambiguous ranking in order of severity is not possible; a 1994 study by historian Jay White of 130 large explosions suggested that they need to be ranked by an overall effect of power, quantity, radius, loss of life and property destruction, but concluded that such rankings are difficult to assess.[1]. [65][66] The accident was caught on video by a broadcast engineer servicing a transmitter on Black Mountain, between Henderson and Las Vegas.[67].

The largest explosion was estimated to be equivalent to 0.25 kilotons of TNT (1.0 TJ).

At least 575 people died and more than 800 were injured. Perhaps the most impactful man-made explosion of all time, the United States’ decision to drop the atomic bomb Little Boy on the Japanese city of Hiroshima remains one of the most controversial decisions in recent history. 217 people were killed and 200 more severely burned. To this day, these have been the only atomic weapons ever used in war. The wreck has been located in three pieces, suggesting additional detonation of a forward magazine.

On 4 October 1918, an ammunition plant — operated by the T. A. Gillespie Company and located in the Morgan area of Sayreville in Middlesex County, New Jersey — exploded and triggered a fire. Four more LSTs, ten tugs, and a net tender were damaged. The detonation could be heard at 124 miles (200 km) distance. On 17 July 1944, in Port Chicago, California, SS E. A. Bryan exploded while loading ammunition bound for the Pacific, with an estimated 4,606 short tons (4,178 t) of high explosive (HE), incendiary bombs, depth charges, and other ammunition. A large number of buildings around were destroyed or badly damaged.

[50], On 15 July 1949 in the German town of Prüm, an underground bunker inside the hill of Kalvarienberg and used previously by the German army to store ammunition, but now filled with French army munitions, caught fire.

A DuPont spokesman was reported on as being perplexed by the coverage of the blast, quoted as saying "explosions occur every day in steel mills, flouring mills and grain elevators with hardly a line in the paper. On 7 April 1945, after six hours of battle, Japanese battleship Yamato's magazine exploded as she sank, resulting in a mushroom cloud rising six kilometres (3.7 mi) above the wreck, and which could be seen from Kyushu, 160 kilometres (99 mi) away. Officials later blamed the failure on an "unexpected gust of wind" although video shows this is not the case. Five people were killed and 11 injured in the sparsely-populated area.

"Natural gas storage tanks burn at Cosmo oil refinery in Ichihara city".

[3] No distinction is made as to whether it is a deflagration with subsonic propagation or a detonation with supersonic propagation.

This is generally considered the worst industrial accident in United States history. The medieval castle was razed to the ground and sections of the defences were damaged. Large conventional explosions have been conducted for nuclear testing purposes. The explosion killed 278 Confederate soldiers of the 18th and 22nd South Carolina regiments [15] and created a crater 170 feet (52 m) long, 100 to 120 feet (30 to 37 m) wide, and at least 30 feet (9 m) deep. Union forces suffered 3798 casualties (killed, wounded, or captured) vs 1491 total losses for the Confederates. German eyewitness reports and the testimony of modern divers suggest all her magazines exploded. [61], On 27 May 1983, an explosion at an illegal fireworks factory near Benton, Tennessee, killed eleven, injured one, and caused damage within a radius of several miles. The mine created a crater 300 ft (90 m) across and 90 ft (30 m) deep, with a lip 15 ft (5 m) high. Wreckage was thrown up to 20 miles (30 km), a collier ship one-half mile (800 m) away had its crane blown off and a crew member killed by a fragment weighing 70 pounds (30 kg). 15 of the Japanese Imperial Army's Kinya ammunition dump in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, suffered a catastrophic explosion, the sound of which could be heard throughout the Keihan area. The Messines mines detonation killed more people than any other non-nuclear man-made explosion in history. This explosion caused a significant strengthening of safety regulations for chemical plants in the United Kingdom. 21 March 2011. The ship transported 3,313 tonnes of ammonal and TNT for the mining industry.

This test, called Minor Scale, used 4,744 short tons (4,304 t) of ANFO, with a yield of about 4 kt (3,900 long tons; 4,400 short tons). On 28 March 1943, in the port of Naples, a fire broke out on Caterina Costa, an 8,060-ton motor ship with arms and supplies (1,000 tons of gas, 900 tons of explosives, tanks and others); the fire became uncontrollable, causing a devastating explosion.

590 people were killed, and between 500 and 2,000 were injured. [73], A train exploded in North Korea on 22 April 2004. Another 9,000 people were injured. A small tsunami arose in the river, the ground shook for kilometres around and a large, dark cloud covered the area. On 14 April 1967, the dam was reinforced by an explosion of 3,900 tonnes of ammonium nitrate-based explosive. Volume 4 of Battles and Leaders of the Civil War series p,649 for a larger view of this site, T. Bedford, P. H. A. J. M. van Gelder, 2003, "Safety and reliability: proceedings of the ESREL 2003 European safety and reliability conference", p.1688. The disaster killed 151 people and destroyed over 200 buildings in the town.

A series of tests, Operation Sailor Hat, was performed off Kaho'olawe Island, Hawaii in 1965, using conventional explosives to simulate the shock effects of nuclear blasts on naval vessels.

A 35-mile high mushroom cloud could be seen from hundreds of miles away, and buildings and structures were inadvertently damaged because of the test. On 6 April 1941, SS Clan Fraser was moored in Piraeus harbour, Greece. Unable to reply to the French cannonade without gunpowder, Cox was forced to capitulate the following day with the survivors of the blast and 100 cannon. This rocket was launched from an uncrewed ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so there were no casualties; the launch platform was damaged and the NSS-8 satellite was destroyed.

Great damage was caused.

On 4 August 2020, a warehouse containing 2,750 tonnes (3,030 short tons) of ammonium nitrate exploded following a fire in the Port of Beirut, Lebanon. [19][20], On 19 February 1896, an explosives train at Braamfontein station in Johannesburg, loaded with between 56 and 60 tons of blasting gelatine for the gold mines of the Witwatersrand and having been standing for three and a half days in searing heat, was struck by a shunting train. [18] Rubble from the detonation was used in 1890 to fill the gap between Great Mill Rock and Little Mill Rock, merging the two into a single island, Mill Rock.

On 4 April 1585, during the Spanish siege of Antwerp, a fortified bridge named "Puente Farnesio"[a] had been built by the Spanish on the River Scheldt. At 16:02 HMS Indefatigable was cut in two by deflagration of the forward magazine and sank immediately with all but two of her crew of 1,019. [23], On 9 March 1911, the village of Pleasant Prairie and neighboring town of Bristol, 4 miles away, were leveled by the explosion of five magazines holding 300 tons of dynamite, 105,000 kegs of black blasting powder, and five railroad cars filled with dynamite housed at a 190-acre DuPont blasting powder plant.

On 20 October 1944, a liquefied natural gas storage tank in Cleveland, Ohio, split and leaked its contents, which spread, caught fire, and exploded. The disaster killed twenty and destroyed forty buildings. The largest explosion was estimated to be equivalent to 0.25 kilotons of TNT (1.0 TJ). Japanese officials reported that 94 people died, 604 were injured, and 821 houses were damaged, with 4,425 households in all suffering the effects of the explosions.[34][35]. [38], On the night of 3 November 1942, torpedoes detonated the ammunition cargo of the 6,690-ton British freighter Hatimura. This ignited and the resulting fuel-air explosion destroyed the plant, killing 28 people and injuring 36 more. [17], On 3 November 1893, in Santander, Spain, the steamship Cabo Machichaco caught fire when she was docked. Other smaller tests include Air Vent I and Flat Top I-III series of 20 tons TNT at Nevada Test Site in 1963–64, Pre Mine Throw and Mine Throw in 1970–1974, Mixed Company 1 & 2 of 20 tons TNT, Middle Gust I-V series of 20 or 100 tons TNT in the early 1970s, Pre Dice Throw and Pre Dice Throw II in 1975, Pre-Direct Course in 1982, SHIST in 1994, and the series Dipole Might in the 1990s and 2000s. On 4 January 1966, an LPG spill occurred near Lyon, France and resulted in a cloud of propane vapour which persisted until it was ignited by a bypassing car. As the rear section capsized it also exploded. In 1769, the Bastion of San Nazaro in Brescia, Italy was struck by lightning.

The crater was 91 metres (299 ft) deep and covered 5 hectares. The MOAB contains 18,700 lb (8.5 t) of the H6 explosive, which is 1.35 times as powerful as TNT, giving the bomb an approximate yield of 11 t TNT. On 10 November 1944, USS Mount Hood exploded in Seeadler Harbor at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, with an estimated 3,800 tons of ordnance material on board.

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